Kung Fu Dung Beetles | Narrated by David Attenborough | Operation Dung Beetle | BBC

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John Iwuji : love nature

ross stodgell : David Attenborough , the pun master

TRUEBROWNXXX Entertainment : Sound fx lol

abridgedfan100 : We Owe these Beetles a ton, I'm guessing.

Katy Lee : FINISH HIM!

Ian Prehmus : Classic kung fu movie sound effects + squeaky toy noises = funny bugs.

Shane H : Dung beetles are currently the only insect known to navigate and orient themselves using the Milky Way. 

Shane Woodbury : Lol, love the sound effects.

ProfessorBorax : Yay David Attenborough! My favourite :D

Zeitgeist TTD : I have so much admiration for this species.Great clip!

Akbar Umar : 1:40 funny kungfu

Haunted Snake : nature's very own warriors. Awesome creature.

tfu0 : Really digging the sound effects

snowman72891 : i love david attenborough

Aaron Seet : Those sound effects. Will play a game based solely on this. Dung Fighter 2 ROUND ONE FIGHT!

Albainos : 1:20: "I'ts the perfect take away".

luvperu1 : lol..have to be on the ball..Thank you David A. great sound effects !!!!!

Nevo Hyams : The sound effects...

Barbara Stepien-foad : absolutely brilliant, these little fellows are so helpful in supporting the environment, far Superior to us humans.

Mohamed Farouk : Bravo Kung Fu Dung Beetles. We don't know how terrible the planet would be without you, guys! :D

Kiriakos Vilchez : Those sound effects though! 😂👍

Janeil Nold : This isn’t Kung-fu, this is clearly Dung-fu

Carole von Aarberg : The Australian Dung Beetle Project (1965–1985), conceived and led by Dr George Bornemissza of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), was an international scientific research and biological control project with the primary goal to control the polluting effects of cattle dung.

Chirantha Busch : HAHA!

Liang Se : give up, i have the high ground

Fuzzy Green : lol nice sound effects

Terrence Head : WOW!!!! Thank you dong bettle!!!

FUGOO : wat eva 1v1 me in club penguin! 

JEEROFUKU : Splendid short film :)

Altaf al-Khattabi : soooo cooooolllll

clara babo : A Natureza está muito bem EQUILIBRADA ! .....

Zeitgeist TTD : I have so much admiration for this species. Great clip!

Binh Minh Pham : hahaha...   Thanks!

jeanne keroj : It's almost like human throw the dung beetle away for those shots.

Narendra babu Javvadi : Excellent vedio!

ephraim flores : LOL..."I love the "Judo Throw"...sound legit to call XD

SportsMan 95 : 1:48 soo colorful

dollayx8 : i doubt this insect from earth, maybe some alien accidantly drop this insect from ufo

Armored mecha : I smell Billy Mays reference in the end.

CptObvious : Master Dung Lee would be proud

utubewatchinhesk : If only humans fought like that instead of shooting one down!

BRECKIN STEPHENSON : no more curse

phat ninh : Ew

skuls z : The sound afects where funny

Infidel Atheist : The back yard perfect pet if you have dogs.

Daddy Fab : Stinky