Kung Fu Dung Beetles | Operation Dung Beetle | BBC Earth

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John Iwuji : love nature

Picklechippy : these arent dung beetles. these are dung fu beetles

TRUEBROWNXXX Entertainment : Sound fx lol

ross stodgell : David Attenborough , the pun master

abridgedfan100 : We Owe these Beetles a ton, I'm guessing.

Shane H : Dung beetles are currently the only insect known to navigate and orient themselves using the Milky Way. 

Katy Lee : FINISH HIM!

noob flyboyX : Classic kung fu movie sound effects + squeaky toy noises = funny bugs.

Shane Woodbury : Lol, love the sound effects.

ProfessorBorax : Yay David Attenborough! My favourite :D

Zeitgeist TTD : I have so much admiration for this species.Great clip!

Cerrik Chin : you can almost smell the poo

Akbar Umar : 1:40 funny kungfu

Haunted Snake : nature's very own warriors. Awesome creature.

snowman72891 : i love david attenborough

Aaron Seet : Those sound effects. Will play a game based solely on this. Dung Fighter 2 ROUND ONE FIGHT!

Albainos : 1:20: "I'ts the perfect take away".

Robbie Edward Sayers : lol let's play dung fu

luvperu1 : lol..have to be on the ball..Thank you David A. great sound effects !!!!!

Nevo Hyams : The sound effects...

Barbara Stepien-foad : absolutely brilliant, these little fellows are so helpful in supporting the environment, far Superior to us humans.

Mohamed Farouk : Bravo Kung Fu Dung Beetles. We don't know how terrible the planet would be without you, guys! :D

Kiriakos Vilchez : Those sound effects though! 😂👍

Janeil Nold : This isn’t Kung-fu, this is clearly Dung-fu

Fritrot _ : Makes my butt tingle

metroidman97 : >No SUBALUWA I am disappoint

Chirantha Busch : HAHA!

Liang Se : give up, i have the high ground

Fuzzy Green : lol nice sound effects

Terrence Head : WOW!!!! Thank you dong bettle!!!

FUGOO : wat eva 1v1 me in club penguin! 

JEEROFUKU : Splendid short film :)

Altaf al-Khattabi : soooo cooooolllll

clara babo : A Natureza está muito bem EQUILIBRADA ! .....

Zeitgeist TTD : I have so much admiration for this species. Great clip!

Binh Minh Pham : hahaha...   Thanks!

jeanne keroj : It's almost like human throw the dung beetle away for those shots.

Stephen Andorful : Can you please give us the part two of these. Lol nice watch

Nolie Voydie : Those fight sounds couldnt have been anymore perfect.

Narendra babu Javvadi : Excellent vedio!

ephraim flores : LOL..."I love the "Judo Throw"...sound legit to call XD

SportsMan 95 : 1:48 soo colorful

dollayx8 : i doubt this insect from earth, maybe some alien accidantly drop this insect from ufo

Armored mecha : I smell Billy Mays reference in the end.

CptObvious : Master Dung Lee would be proud

utubewatchinhesk : If only humans fought like that instead of shooting one down!

Jester Perez : Question though does a dung beetle's "dung" any way different to regular poo?

BRECKIN STEPHENSON : no more curse

Nani Hobo : This is much better and satisfactory than watching some idiot comedy video.

phat ninh : Ew