ZELDA using sounds from a paperclip - Gerudo Valley

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Hey folkssss, todays random nonsense features a paperclip, and Ocarina of time. Enjoy as usual, and remember to keep that belt tight.

Comments from Youtube

Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. : What instrument do you play? A paperclip.

OnePercentBetter : What

Amy Sarah Hardicre : #stoppaperclipabuse (Read the subtitles at around 1:30-1:40)

Jemzo Maclain : I love how you're just a little potato man on the floor in all your videos

Ignat Remizov : I can't believe that switch was made out of paperclips

Permamiss : *hEy sOrRy tO bArGe iN LiKe tHiS*

It's Thinzy : i was flipped?

Rainebow_Kitty : Flipperflaps. Yipperyaps. Nippynaps. When does it end?

Morgan Lemons : Flip dat switch

Winter Stahl : So much better with captions on STOP PAPER CLIP ABUSE

Mia Miractuluos : Why am I laying in the same pose as the little guy on the screen

Stubby 27 : #stoppaperclipabuse read the subtitles and you’ll understand

jennypenny : kombucha🔥

Jacky S : _ (:0 ^ ) _

Loli Traps : You should try using a ruler ✌︎('ω'✌︎ )

Journi Ponder : _ (:o < L)/_ love ur character and your music (. 3 .)

Anime Drawer and Stuff : *Turn on subtitles when he starts the *extended* paper clip song

Blackwing303 : then he hacked the switch whit the same paperclip

Pen Pie : Stop abusing those paper clips. They did nothing to you

I'm confused : Conductor : so, what instrument do you play? Him : paperclips Conductor : ....that's not an instrume- Him : YES IT IS * starts playing gerudo valley with paperclips*

Link, o Stalker : Very creative, now the paper clip will be a new item in the next TLoZ!

Big Boom787 : *Turn on Captions*

Lily Draga : “I’m gonna get some good sleep tonight” Me at 4am:

Levi Ackerman : Link you’ve had too many triforces *a few seconds later* *AAAAAAAAHHH* also, *flipperflaps*

I suck at everything : ? Wot is dis? How did it get in my recomended? *WHY DIDN'T IT APPEAR SOONER?*

Daniel Lahey : Damn man, made me actually work for that screen, Flipperflaps

The Unwitting J : I'm glad I found your channel, I'm subscribed:-)

Randomalistic : If y'all are wondering where this GORGEOUS second of footage is from (2:37) it's from the Majora's Mask SHORT FILM by EmberLab (and yes, it looks that cinematic all the way through) Go watch it RIGHT NOW, It needs so much more attention. You will NOT regret it. Come back here and tell me what you think.

Luxurious03 : That feeling when there are more dislikes than comments... Who would dislike such masterpiece?

Mike Vuchinich : Is mayonnaise an instrument

K1teenz the cat : Legend of Flicka - Flicker Valley

THE_GOLDFISH22 : I found the secret screen, (I tend to do that) but it was partially covered by orange squares. ;-;

JacquesSnacques : I think the use of flipperflaps in the song was an especially nice addition.

Vic Jang : Love the music, but I prefer if there's no talk. I understand you sometimes one to say something to your audience, but inserting a talk before the actual video turned it into a "one-time" video. Your content (the song) is worth being put on repeat, but having that talk before the video makes it unbearable. The things you said when you flip the switch is unnecessary as well. Just an idea for you.

SALVE OS MUNDOS : {\_/} (*U*) /> > PRIMOOO!!!!Não se lembra de mim?Sou eu Kaio o seu primo do Brasil !!!

ThreeFourths : Download link? Link? Get it? I didn’t even try to make a pun

EliChat :3 : C'est magnifique 😻 Je pourrais écouter cette musique toute la journée !

werewolf4925 : I actually reaaaaally enjoy when you present the sounds by themselves ;w; Really missed that part in this one.

Anonymous Beholder : *S P I C Y.* Paper clips. Spice. Spicy paper clips?

Hylian ARMY : This is the first vid I see from you and only 20s in I subbed. I love you man, please marry me

viperstudioshass : Secret screen at 3:29 Put vid to 3:28 paused, use the youtube app to slow down the video to 0.25x (slowest it will go) and continuasy playand pause until you see it, even at this speed its still super fast so it might take a few trys

Deadeye AfterSync : Legend of Zelda - Gerudo Valley (Paper Clip Remix) xd

MightyChungalofa : the perfect ringtone can never exi-

Arin : Please don't ever make a face reveal

Revel Studio : nacho cheese me preez ლ(●ↀωↀ●)ლ [captions around 3:25]

Haiku Metzger : Pre-spice: This is really nice! Post-spice: Dang, that's tasty... Peak-spice: OH MY F***.

JJOLO xx : Gerudo valley is my favorite part in the Ocarina of time. Did I spelled that right? Idc.

DeanStuff : It looks like you’re trying to play Zelda. Would you like some help? |Yes| |No| 👆🏻 ☑️ Remember to write an excuse for taking a day off work.

MIMOLETTE MONSTER : I got the freaking secret screen.