ZELDA using sounds from a paperclip - Gerudo Valley

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Skade 14 : the youtube home page suggestions finally delivers

Morgan Lemons : Flip dat switch

OnePercentBetter : What

Bio-error 1d10t: User unable to create name. : What instrument do you play? A paperclip.

JacquesSnacques : I think the use of flipperflaps in the song was an especially nice addition.

꧁Jacky ꧂ : _ (:0 ^ ) _

Ignat Remizov : I can't believe that switch was made out of paperclips

Machi-Ato : Jesus christ man, is there anything you can't make a song with?? Hell, I bet you could grab like 6 twigs from outside and make a perfect cover of Flight of the Bumblebee. Don't ask me how; I'm not the one who pet their cat and suddenly made Asgore.

Permamiss : *hEy sOrRy tO bArGe iN LiKe tHiS*

Amy Sarah Hardicre : #stoppaperclipabuse (Read the subtitles at around 1:30-1:40)

It's Thinzy : i was flipped?

youngninjaz : "Hey sorry to delay you watching this video but I thought you might want to see a preview of the video that you're already watching before showing you the actual video. Okay here it is.... and now here it is for real. Don't forget to subscribe." Why?

Patts : Omg the subtitles are too much for me 😂

Winter Stahl : So much better with captions on STOP PAPER CLIP ABUSE

jennypenny : kombucha🔥

Mia Miractuluos : Why am I laying in the same pose as the little guy on the screen

Jemzo Maclain : I love how you're just a little potato man on the floor in all your videos

Justin Y. : The madlad strikes again

Bobswag Man : You should try using a ruler ✌︎('ω'✌︎ )

Andyz555 : I want to befriend this Seth Hogan

The Illusionist : That was quite possibly the most epic 25 seconds of my life. PLEASE tell me you’re going to make a full version of that.

Stubby 27 : #stoppaperclipabuse read the subtitles and you’ll understand

Randomalistic : If y'all are wondering where this GORGEOUS second of footage is from (2:37) it's from the Majora's Mask SHORT FILM by EmberLab (and yes, it looks that cinematic all the way through) Go watch it RIGHT NOW, It needs so much more attention. You will NOT regret it. Come back here and tell me what you think.

Mr. Green Banana : I can now die in peace.

Aaron Araceli Abundez-Briones : 2:26

Lavender Cat : Gerudo valley is probably one of my favorite Zelda songs but dis is just way to much lol

Pen Pie / Yoylepie : Stop abusing those paper clips. They did nothing to you

Adam Coleman : Very Noice 👌

Quick Clips : Best song you have made yet!

Rayman fan 512# RaymanFanForever : *Do PvZ graze the roof please* *Whit a............plant or fruit or* *something please* *_(:3^<)_*

Burak Unutmaz : What I don't like about these is, yeah sure, hard work is involved. But you just make one sound from something and play with its pitch to make any notes possible. It's not really "playing this song with this item".. take glasses for example, changing notes with filling them water, yet still making the sound come from the glass. Thats how its supposed to be.

ToverStaf : flipperflaps

junggoo’s ankles : aw, flipperflaps

Supreme Spark : That’s one sestive mic

Elichat ! : C'est magnifique 😻 Je pourrais écouter cette musique toute la journée !

CyberGAMING : 2:30 Ok This is getting better 2:39 HOLY THIS IS EPIC!!!!

Chris Kogos : That's pretty cool 😎

YouTube User : I had always felt that the flipperflap would’ve been to ambitious to use in a single video but you proved me wrong!

UF/Fnaf Gamer_Animates! : _(:0 L <)_

Blackwing303 : then he hacked the switch whit the same paperclip

Marxus Sups : _(:O )_

GamingGrid : the perfect ringtone can never exi-

Anime Drawer and Stuff : *Turn on subtitles when he starts the *extended* paper clip song

Kattman : *FlipperClaps!* . . *NOTICE ME SENPAI!!*

The Unwitting J : I'm glad I found your channel, I'm subscribed:-)

craftyheidi : Ahhh I love flipperflaps

Lily Draga : “I’m gonna get some good sleep tonight” Me at 4am:

necka nome : flipperflaps

Potato Tank_X : Turn captions on

Daniel Lahey : Damn man, made me actually work for that screen, Flipperflaps