ZELDA using sounds from a paperclip - Gerudo Valley

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Skade 14 : the youtube home page suggestions finally delivers

Adam Coleman : Very Noice 👌

Chris Kogos : That's pretty cool 😎

Brian Prusa : More Zelda!

Brian Prusa : Flipperflaps

werewolf4925 : I actually reaaaaally enjoy when you present the sounds by themselves ;w; Really missed that part in this one.

Babyyoshi309 : Could you like re release your songs like a week after without the commentary? Don't get me wrong, I love the commentary, keep doing it. But I want to put your songs on a loop or playlist, but I can't really do that with the commentary in the video. ;-;

Morgan Lemons : Flip dat switch

player shiningmuffin : dude the emojis you use are just soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!! XD

Andrew : The commentary in this video was really lackluster and kinda pointless. Also why preview something thats gonna play after like 20 seconds? If you need a bombastic intro just compose it in... I really love your channel both music and commentary but I feel like you need to think about the pacing and editing decisions a little more. You want this to go viral but i dont want to show this video to anyone because of the banter...

Lily Draga : “I’m gonna get some good sleep tonight” Me at 4am:

Randomalistic : If y'all are wondering where this GORGEOUS second of footage is from (2:37) it's from the Majora's Mask SHORT FILM by EmberLab (and yes, it looks that cinematic all the way through) Go watch it RIGHT NOW, It needs so much more attention. You will NOT regret it. Come back here and tell me what you think.

EmbraceTheUniverse : You let me decide? (0:56)

Sacha Scharovsky : I want Sean Hogan to make me a bedtime song using only the sound of my love for his videos

Meme Master : 1:08 To skip His talking

Eirjf Watson : Wait... has anyone ever called you Sean Hoagie? Cus I'm tempted to do just that...

Rick Fitzpatrick : Flipperflaps! why can't you tell us the secret part of deh secret message

Justin Y. : The madlad strikes again

Jimbo Rogers : *Shrubshine to Sean Hogan* (edit: HOLY GOD MY COMMENT WAS HEARTED BE SEAN HOGAN!!!!)

Arkatox : Sorry to barge in like this, but the parts where you delayed the video and talked to the viewers for no apparent reason significantly reduced the quality of the video.

Tanakaいつみ : __( :0 > )__

Ireguti 13 : I like too much this song and this video Sousa amazing

GamingGrid : the perfect ringtone can never exi-

Clay Tyner : FlipperFlaps Sounds like SimpleFlips S H O U T O U T S Anyway, awesome music, wish I could listen to it while doing homework. So chill. So Gerudo. I wish I could do that to Clippy!

LinkTheHeroofHyrule : Me likey

eboyethan8 : Luncheon kingdom with silverware?

Thestuffsofstuff : Be sure to shrubscribe before you leaf Hey don’t treet me like an insane person that makes puns. That’s really root.

a t l a s : Omg I actually love this so much! 💞

Riri Hoseki : *Link befriends a paperclip. Paperclip challenges the hero to a musical duel?!

Twinkleberrylilly : FLIPPERFLAPS i love when penguins flippers flaps

Aarhead : 'flipperflaps." I really want to know what's behind those orange squares on the secret screen. Amazing rendition by the way. Thanks for making such amazing music!

player shiningmuffin : flipperflaps

Gabriel Tremblay : Wow that was awesome gg bro

GreenSoulsGaming : I’m the 404th error page not found

[]HĒŁŁ [] KNĪGHT [] : I don't think a paperclip makes those noises

Super Sword Gaming : Why the flipperflaps am I not able to read the whole secret message??

werefox256 : It's an amazing remix/song by using an everyday object. Great work!


BazookaGoBoom : Flipperflaps my diddly darn dude

Cringe Crusader : You sir, are a genius!

Scorpion Builder : Love this video. Please do more with the spicy switch

Banana_Power_87 : Flipperflaps

Ironfire_ : bruh just use flipperflaps to slow the speed down to 0.25. makes this one part sound really cool.

Flamederman Albhis : I watch the entire thing because i'm interested in how you make, take, sometimes brake, and shake those sounds into there perfect places, to create music. You've out-done yourself once again. Stay awesome :D

Doop Pood : can i have the dubstep version without the paper clip when you flipped the switch?

Rayman fan 512# RaymanFanForever : *Do PvZ graze the roof please* *Whit a............plant or fruit or* *something please* *_(:3^<)_*

A Random tomato : Holy balls this is awesome

Kostas : Nice video, I love this song <3

Jonah Mock : Please put these songs on SoundCloud

A&B : frickin *super d u p e r*