Johnny Knoxville Breaks Down Every Injury of His Career | Vanity Fair

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Andrew : How is this guy still alive lmao

kkslipps : He died years ago. Death just hasn't picked a reason yet lol

SABRINAKID : and this youtubers think they are ''savages'' johnny invented the concept of savage!!

Eazy Clapz : Johny looking like a healthy crackhead 😂

Bryan Donovan : Guy has such an extreme lack of fear and tolerance for pain he could be Batman.

KazAFK : The eye popping out story was truly the most horrifying omg

Bea Ner : “I was trying to swallow my tongue” “Is butter bean alright” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

TilllDead : He doesn’t take fall damage

Paul Atréïdes : he 's lucky to not be paralysed or something .

Boris Müller : You always get footage when you film with bulls. Such wisdom.

EpicDonutDude : Blood out of peepee isnt really a thing you want

Eathos : 4:43 "Part time" rocket scientist doesn't sound too safe 5:05 Oh well..

no Way : As of this year, 2018, Johnny Knoxville is 47 years old. He is a tough guy to survive all the stunts he did, but I'm betting he wakes up every morning with a whole lot of aches and pains. He probably also has body issues like busted knees or a damaged gut.

Woken up by my Self : Now he looks like a math teacher or an eye doctor

King CreepsPasta : They should get Steve-O to do this.

Shane Clough : "Is Butterbean ok?" Still gets me to this day. Gold

Guacasabi : Johnny Knoxville reminds me so much of Deadpool!!! Anyone else?

CPO KevinPen : 20 years of injurys Johnny Knoxville 1998-

Kenny Namikaze : "Is Butterbean okay?" 😅

John Barton : Is Butter bean okay. Greatest question ever asked.

Nur La grande : MTV “Let’s do another movie” Knoxville: “ That’s not such a bad idea” He sounds like he winged his whole career😂

IbnShahid : If he was an aggressive type (don’t think he is of course) he’d probably make one fearsome frontline soldier. No fear whatsoever apparently.

Jenna A : I love how he talks about his eye popping out his socket so casually omfg lmao

Rockman : If they making gta 5 movie or tv show, you sir, is the Trevor.

Mekhi Neurell : *Cracks finger unexpectedly. Me: I broke my finger in 3 different places.

Savannah Pfierman : I’m really surprised that this guy is even still alive.

Cacob J. : "Dis is the *BUTT CHUG* "-SteveO 200something

the mighty pickle : 7:02 but nooooo.... I got blood shootin out my pee pee

Urban Grandier : No way this guy could still have kids

anonymouse : Then they say men average dies early than women...well explained this

Ali Saif Khan : Lol that laugh at the end is legendary

Equinox GM : Jesus it’s not every kind of man that can sneeze, knock his eye out of its socket, then push it back into place, johnny badass Knoxville sounds more like it

Jeff Carroll : The fact that he is alive is a miracle.

Sergio Marquez : This guys insurance.. Oml

TheGaming Rhino : White People Volume 12

PhantomSavage : I will never not love how absolutely batshit Johnny is and always has been. He's the one guy that doesn't wince or complain just before a stunt, and even when the back of his head cracks open against a concrete floor the man still has the fortitude and the piece of mind to crack jokes. What an absolute madman. I love him.

Johnny-B Racer : ....the classic laugh at the very end was worth every second i spent watching this. God bless you Johnny-K, you made Johnny-B here laugh many, many times over a few decades

Dr. Evil : Is Butterbean OK?

Shannon : Lol this is the first long video I've sat through in awhile without being bored a single second. Thank you, jackasses😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

XK4L1BUR XK4L1BUR : He emits an aura of chill chaos

Ivan Paligutan : Knoxville to me will always be the craziest SOB in the world.

Phantom 404 : *"I got blooood shooting out of my pee-pee"* Johnny Knoxville 2008

Erin : How is this only 10 minutes long?

PressA2Die : He has endured so much pain, but given a lot of joy. Jackass has made everyone I know cry with laughter at some point.

Devin Johnson : True LEGEND😂

JOOGSQUAD PPJT : Thank you Jonny Knoxville. Legend

Theo Sherman : Someone get this man a Batsuit. We've found our Batman

Pesc Goldtfisch : i saw the title as just "Johnny Knoxville Breaks." Pretty accurate actually

Orangypie : *gets head cracked open* "Is butterbean okay?" yeah.

Causti : I strongly doubt that was every injury he has experienced. 3 seasons of the show and the only thing shown was the first episode if i remember correctly. He didn't even get injured at the rocket thing. But still, this guy a legend(for his fans and hospital employees)