Cold Chisel - The Backroom [Studio Video]

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Benjamin Barnes : Lyrics, please!

LOVEworksofHEART Smile : The full moon's looking like a mirror ball... loveLoveLOVE

ADRIAN G : Probably the pick of the album, tough call, never enough piano solos. I love this.

ADRIAN G : I love this video format too with the 9 screens, if they don't put this song out there it'll be a crime.

SpiritualNaturism : Doing a Great Job Chisel , Charlie You are an awesome drummer Mate

Dean Cumming : Still got it? You betcha they do.

ijk240695 : This and Lost are great but far from the best tracks on the album. Title track is a ripper!

The RaviOllie : R.I.P Steve Prestwich

Max Parry : Absolute cracker of a track.

loranalary : Excellent, glad to hear that ! (o:

Mal Walker : Keeps the old pacemaker ticking over, no batteries required.

Jo Dragonfly : I love cold chisel but my dad loves it more. Except I know the lyrics to all of the songs in this album more than my dad knows. :) BTW- My dad has met Don Walker and got him to sign his book that Don wrote. Don is my dad's fav.

Mal Walker : How fk’n good is this