Hitler Finds out Chuck Norris is Coming - [Episode Four]

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TheTarrMan : "The Chuck Norris swims the Atlantic as we speak." HAHAHA!!

Capt'n Joe : Chuck Norris is visiting Israel. Everybody just surrendered.

john doe : Old Classic. lol.. Chuck Norris heard that nothing can kill him. He found nothing and killed it.

Don't tread on me : I tried using 'Chuck Norris' as my password. Facebook denied it saying it was to strong

Juan : 1:56 Santa clause WAS real, until he forgot chucks Norris's present.

Hazy Black : "If Chuck Norris gets shot today, tomorrow will be the bullet's funeral!"  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!

Thomas Stadler : Legend says Chuck Norris once killed two stones with one bird.

Phillip Martin : chuck norris burned ants with a magnifying glass at midnight

zmajooov : Chuck Norris managed to persuade his grandmother that he isn't hungry.

ATOUR ART : He does all his grocery shopping at Home Depot!!! LMFAO!!!!

Mr. Extreme : As a baby Chuck Norris was dropped on his head twice, once on Hiroshima and again on Nagasaki.

Joseph Knecht : When Chuck Norris wake up late, the sun apologize for rising too early.

Robert Martin : "The most traumatic day of my life was not when I learned Santa Claus wasn't real, it was when I learned Chuck Norris was!" - A. Hitler, 1945.

mark milina : Chuck Norris has a bear for a rug he’s not dead he’s just to scared to move 😜

Lisa Zoria : He swam across the Atlantic!? Last time he did that he hit a ship... It was called the Titanic

kyh82 : Jesus walked on water. Chuck Norris swam on land.

River Greystoke II : General: "My leader, we should test the atomic device!" Hitler: "The atomic device was modeled after Chuck Norris' barbecue. IT'S OVER!"

Derpiest : U.S. Didn't deploy chuck , chuck Norris deployed U.S.

Mai A : Trump won because Chuck Norris endorsed him.

Gewgulkan Suhckitt : Chuck Norris didn't swim across the Atlantic.  He held his breath and walked across the bottom.  A U-Boat tried to attack him on the way across.  One round-house kick later, that U-Boat became the first manned space station.

Jennifer Pruitt : Chuck Norris is so tough, Satan has a restraining order against him!

Tommy Petraglia : The atomic device was modeled after Chuck Norris's barbecue. Freaking rich. Whoever's writing this shizzzz is one funny matha fahka

john wayne : Chuck Norris leaves tomorrow to go around the world in 80 days and is due to get back yesterday.

Carl Johnson : The same spider who bited Peter Parker bited Chuck and now the spider has superhuman abilities

Joe B : Chuck Norris was in Star Wars he was the force

M4st3rM!nd : Chuck norris once threw nothing It killed 1000 people... Then exploded

SMaze17 : This is epic. Excellent writing indeed.

OtakuBlazeN : chuck swam through the atlantic that's how bermuda triangle was made

rin rinn : chuck Norris never flush the toilet, he scare the shit out of it: )

indrojit baidya : take a mouthful of water and read all the comments..... I dare you

Westley JackLone : War is afraid of Chuck Norris. WW2 ended when he was born and WW3 will start after he dies peacefully

Dave Wood : This actually happened, those are hidden cameras

Captain Orgasmo : Chuck Norris kicked the entirety of the nazi forces physical mass into such a small space he created a black hole, he proceeded to go into the black hole and kill them again.

Robin Owen : So funny when he says "You Imbecile, we stole the Kraken from Chuck Norris' aquarium"

Samovar maker : Chuck Norris once uppercutted a horse. The descendants of this horse are today known as giraffes.

GreatGrandpa : This is so damn funny!  I just about fell out of my chair laughing.  Great Job!

Fake Thumbnail : He swims the Atlantic Ocean as we speak 😂😂😂😂😂

Randal Emmert : Chuck Norris made a bet with Superman on who would win in a fight, the loser had to wear his underwear outside of his pants

Sotha Sil : Chuck Norris once went to the Virgin Islands. Now they're just called the Islands.

Random Cringey Youtuber : What about when Chuck Norris was born, he built the hospital he was born in

I Changed My Name : *Chuck Norris- Born 1940* *Nazis Surrendered- 1941* *Coincidence? I think Not!*

channy : Chuck Norris was born on 6th of May 1945. The nazis surrendered on 7th of May 1945. COINCIDENCE? I dont think so.

Jeongyeon is the New MEME : One day Bruce Banner stole a green mango in Chuck Norris's garden and ate it, now he is called the hulk

kevinrspBelieves : *The original movie is called: "Downfall" (German: Der Untergang)*

cmmadd : Chuck Norris once saw a billboard that said, "Drink Canada Dry".......so he did.

KnowJesusKnowPeace : These are so funny. Someone had a lot of fun putting this one together.

S L : Chuck Norris once allowed his body double to be beaten by Bruce Lee. After the fight, Bruce Lee sustained massive internal injuries. He died in 1973. 😂

BloodyBay : "My leader, we must release the Kraken at once!" "You imbecile, we stole the Kraken from Chuck Norris' aquarium!" I lost it right there. :-D

Rokugaming Yt : A cobra once bit chuck Norris three long days later the cobra died

93legand : hahahah "he was ment to die 5 years ago but death could musster the courage to tell him"