Dog Tries VR

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Toasted Fan Art : A lot of people are disliking this. I'm guessing it's because they think this is "animal abuse" or something. The dog is clearly not trying to take it off and is enjoying taking in his VR surroundings, so what's the problem??

Versaucey : So what did you learn, Max? Max : **Woof in British**

Wizard of Doom : The dog through the entire video: ":p"

electrozap219 : Yeah , it’s all fun and games until one day the dog won’t give the vr back, and will ascend from this universe and then proceed to destroy everything in existence

Abhishek Jami : In parallel universe, A dog has put a VR on his pet human and filmed it so other dogs on internet can watch it .

Zecrid : I love how he is trying to sniff the virtual objects.

nefariosgliscor : VR narrator: "So sit back and..." Dog: " *I aM sItTiNg, SiLlY hOoMaN...* "

PhantomKiller76 : He protecc He attacc But most importantly He confused as fucc

Understandable Have a great day : "these anime tiddies are incredible thanks Frank"

Asalfin : of course he understands everything, dogs come from the fourth dimension anyway

banana ooh nana half of my heart is a banana : 1:09 sounds like Donald Duck is being abused

my cats are dumb 123 : He now understands the internet. We can make him join us on trying to destroy the tik tok furry gamers.

Sloppy Floppy : Next Up: “Dog Tries Weed”

imandy 12 : The dog is a paid actor

Ryan M. : The most amazing thing is that he wasn’t just sitting there with the head set on He was actively looking around and looking at some sort of focus point

Third Eye Based : Where are my testicles Summer?

KVN : _When you take of the VR headset_ Dog: *I now understand everything, mortal*

Daniel K : To all the sensitive ass millennials in this comments section saying this is animal abuse.....You are just falsely accusing this person having his/her dog have an experience no other dog has. Let me respond to the accusations you all have come up with in your non-existent brains and explain. "The dog is panting, that means its scared/in fear/whatever" Dude. This is a dog. They dont HYPERVENTILATE BY PANTING IN FEAR. They pant to regulate body temperature. I dont understand where the hell that idea even came from. "The VR wasnt designed for a dogs head" Your point is? Does it seem to be whining in pain? Is it trying to take it off? No. It clearly fits alright on this dogs head. "The dog cant see it well due to the frames yada yada yada" Who cares if thats true about the dogs eyes. Clearly it is not irritating the dog, clearly isnt doing any bad at all, showing some video quality, and the dog is clearly experiencing something interesting by sniffing "things". Regardless of all that nonsense i had to explain, abuse is cruelty/violence against a human/animal regularly or repeatedly. This is nothing like that. Check mate, lmfao.

atom : I like how the tongue hangs out 😂🐶


Mak Ern : Are we just going to ignore the fact that his battery is taped?

Nu Youkai : Have your dog play VRchat with people. That'd be wholesome

Justin : He seems to be responding to it pretty well. I’ve heard dogs interact with TVs and screens differently because the frame rates are better for our eyes/brain than theirs. It would be interesting to create vr content specifically for dogs.

jake matthews : You should of uploaded real time what he was looking at, next to it in a box..

JustDestiny : It’s Interesting to see how our pets are experiencing the development of future technologies right along with us.

IcantSeeReplies : Show what he sees

james tho : vr make him wiser he go to coleg get degree become smarter than the average hooman

Aditya H.V : 0:18 what's that liquidy thing on the bed did the dog fap or something?

Jason Man on a mission : I see it as trust for his human! Love for his human! For a dog to sit there and just allow his human to place a foreign object over his eyes and cover his ears! Oh yeah, that trust and love for his human!

Pafushi : Why didn't you give him know, for more immersive experience

A. L. R. : lmao what am i watching

Milly KawaiiKitty : We see a dog enjoying innocence *what dog sees* Dancing anime girls

your hav a big gay : *Dog:* Is this the real life? Or is this just fantasy?

Jai P : So did he like it ? Or he kept his eyes shut .. you never know

Elijah Lucian : lol... your dog is so calm. Mine would be tearing off the headset

Jack Skellington : "Where are my testicles, Summer?"

Uchiha Avenger : he protecc he attacc But most importantly, he sit bacc and relacc

itscold : Theoretical example of the craziness that is going on in 2018. Video: Dog gets pet without giving his verbal concent. Crazy people of 2018: how dare you abuse that poor animal he was panting more than normal which means he's stressed out, which means you are just as bad as people that beat the shit out of dogs and abuse them for fun. I'm going to dislike your video, report it to YouTube, and send it into PETA so they can harass you on their social media platform, harass your work until your fired and put you into a depression because your a piece of shit. Yea pretty much every animal video.

Aerik Bravo : *takes off headset* Max: I just survived the zombie apocalypse!..... you’re next hooman

lia Kriz Taehyung : I can't believe that he's sitting there calmly with that on his head, my doggo would have flipped a 1000000 times LMAO 😂

Tutti Frutti : A dog tries VR while other people only have a PS3 >:'(

Akashi Sejuro : You played dog porn there right??

Sorush Khalafi : Imagine how confused the dog is... He can smell his owner but not see him 😂😂😂

Cristi Neagu : Eye to eye distance is crucial. The poor dog probably can't see anything and what you think are reactions to VR video is probably just him getting bored and wanting to go somewhere else.

ziljin : Can dogs even understand virtual reality?

A Drum Tsukumogami : *+60 Intelligence Points!*

LosJulbas : They need to add smells to VR

Bill Law : Would be better if we could see what the dog is seeing.

SpyTheShadow : 0:18 nut?

Schwatvogel : "I have no idea what I'm looking at, but I like it!"