Dog Tries VR

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Ryan M. : The most amazing thing is that he wasn’t just sitting there with the head set on He was actively looking around and looking at some sort of focus point

Lia Kriz Taehyung : I can't believe that he's sitting there calmly with that on his head, my doggo would have flipped a 1000000 times LMAO 😂

Schwatvogel : "I have no idea what I'm looking at, but I like it!"

MƏŠŐ ÃŁ-FÅĞÊĘH : i think the video would be much better if you spilitted the screen and show us what the dog see and how exactly he react

MessyRex : imagine if the dogs eyes were closed the whole time

Toasted Fan Art : A lot of people are disliking this. I'm guessing it's because they think this is "animal abuse" or something. The dog is clearly not trying to take it off and is enjoying taking in his VR surroundings, so what's the problem??

Matsimus : Good boi

Anna Does Things : Oh my god I wanted this so bad but didn't know until I found it

Xenalin : 1:33 he tried to smell something! :D

aiD ax : (Doggo removes vr headset) Doggo - Ok John I am going to write bible 2 now


PurpleVibes : Lmao my dog would flip if I put one of those on him

Gmate Gaming : Yo, I just had a crazy idea, what if we used a custom made dog VR headset and used it to train police dogs.

Kotte Animation : What would happen if show him a video with man throwing ball

IdlovemesomeGyro! : "Not Impress" "Throw me a ball"

Pafushi : Why didn't you give him know, for more immersive experience

Andy Krempski : The hater are all cat people

TheProjectUnknow : I know what's he watching... "Dog Porn"

LowQ : He’s panting with his tongue out, means he wasn’t scared.

ACHES : Why didn't you touch its tongue? It's hanging out.

JustDestiny : It’s Interesting to see how our pets are experiencing the development of future technologies right along with us.

silencieuxasmr : Make your channel solely about a dog and VR with the visual screen on and I'll watch every video

godly04 : LOOOOL Dog is like "Bruuuuuuuh"

nvmffs : Should've shown us a screen of what he was looking at

Law Moonfang : *Dog takes his VR helmet off* "Ok so I reached lvl 99 and killed the last boss in hardcore mode, what do I do next ?"

Giorgio : So cute

I'm A Robot Your Argument Is Invalid : *potential meme*

ziljin : Can dogs even understand virtual reality?

Maxime Deslauriers : Why would you not show him squirrels in a park?

- A. : I have been waiting for this video

Elijah Lucian : lol... your dog is so calm. Mine would be tearing off the headset

Sonny Vong : Doggo is confusion

Amy_ 0520 : It’s so adorable how he is keeping the headset on happily and observing his surroundings by moving his head.

Ano Nymous : Hahaha... high tech hound😂😂😂😂

Naruto Uzumaki : The vr changed his life he became addicted to it and became a professional gamer

Sumukh : What is the matter w you ? When you put a VR headset on a pup, YOU PLAY CUJO !

Tereh_12 Games : Есть рус?

Jack ass H : I love how his mouth closes confused

Thamor : And this is how the AI robot dog was invented...

Sleepy Magical : This is so cute. My dog would not be calm. My would be crazy. That's because my dog gets hyper.

succ420420 : wait is that the narrator from the stanley parable

Gaming with SUFZ : he must be watching porn

Jovhanny Feliciano : Couldn't you at least show us what the dog sees.

LastStopGaming : Why so many dislikes? Jee. This was awesome.

M0nkey : Dog: I have no idea whats going on

Balraj Singh : Showing the dogo the Galaxy

Bww Irving : *-Lol, Bois eating Cereal-* -Dogs tripping balls in Virtual Realm with a British Morgan Freeman- (everyone's happy) (or are they just High) 🤔😘😄

jakubXDyourmum ordak : i love it lol you can hear it and he's smiling

Tony Montana : 1:10 made a little bit of pee in my pants 😂

M H : That dog sure is a fan of Vietnam war movies.