Dog Tries VR

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Ryan M. : The most amazing thing is that he wasn’t just sitting there with the head set on He was actively looking around and looking at some sort of focus point

Lia Kriz Taehyung : I can't believe that he's sitting there calmly with that on his head, my doggo would have flipped a 1000000 times LMAO 😂

Matsimus : Good boi

Schwatvogel : "I have no idea what I'm looking at, but I like it!"

Anna Does Things : Oh my god I wanted this so bad but didn't know until I found it

Witte Artistry : The laugh at 1:10 XD I want to see a dogs reaction to VR with cats!

Brad the Jew : He/she may not understand what the man is saying, but he/she is more than happy to lay there and watch the visuals and admire them. Amazing video, and the dog is adorable. Hope he/she got a treat for being such a good boy/girl after this :)

IdlovemesomeGyro! : "Not Impress" "Throw me a ball"

Name not found : We do not deserve dogs.

Enesettin Hüseyin : I am here waiting for Justin.Y

MessyRex : imagine if the dogs eyes were closed the whole time

godly04 : LOOOOL Dog is like "Bruuuuuuuh"

Braincube 013 : Get that PlayStation Vr.

Sumukh : What is the matter w you ? When you put a VR headset on a pup, YOU PLAY CUJO !

GoodTime : <3

Noel Beltran : He tried to smell something lmao

TJ gamer : i love how he is looking around what a good boy. you can tell he likes it.

ACHES : Why didn't you touch its tongue? It's hanging out.

Gmate Gaming : Yo, I just had a crazy idea, what if we used a custom made dog VR headset and used it to train police dogs.

Alondra Es extrañia : The dog at 1:05 was shook 😂😂

Mish E : If it showed what he was watching at the same time it would be even funnier 😋

StrangeHackerDJ ROBLOX & More : I tried VR before but it has no controllers and my phone won't have that option :(

Jack ass H : I love how his mouth closes confused

ALA'A ALAHMAD S#Y : Oh haha...

silencieuxasmr : Make your channel solely about a dog and VR with the visual screen on and I'll watch every video

I'm A Robot Your Argument Is Invalid : *potential meme*

nvmffs : Should've shown us a screen of what he was looking at

Toasted Fan Art : A lot of people are disliking this. I'm guessing it's because they think this is "animal abuse" or something. The dog is clearly not trying to take it off and is enjoying taking in his VR surroundings, so what's the problem??

Giorgio : So cute

Random guy reviewing movies : The luckiest doggo ever!!

Sonny Vong : Doggo is confusion

Livereater00 : watching doggy porn, no doubt

Xenalin : 1:33 he tried to smell something! :D

Sebastian Tinajero : Doggo takes googles off* Doggo is now able to speak in 3 languages *

Maxime Deslauriers : Why would you not show him squirrels in a park?

SometimesAriana : if u think that i actually thought this was the most adorable video i've ever watched then you'd be right

Ano Nymous : Hahaha... high tech hound😂😂😂😂

David Halpern : Lawnmower dog!

Suave Atore : *Dog takes off VR at the end* "Where are my testicles dave?"

Marco Alvarez : People thinking dog’s vision is the same, Ignorance is bliss 🤦🏻‍♂️

Himendra Negi : U cudve showed what he was watching

Top Gamer : Yo aquí aver si encuentro un comentario en español

SanBord : I will also get a dog, I'll try

Elijah Lucian : lol... your dog is so calm. Mine would be tearing off the headset

Gaming with SUFZ : he must be watching porn

golf : looks tasty


Chris Ferrero : kekekekekkee

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