Everything Wrong With a Cheap Craigslist Tesla

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Abdullah Al Mahmod : Thank you Rich for mentioning my problem . I think it will help people before buying Tesla . make sure if there is a service center in your country

Bad Xerge : Mexican mechanic would fix for $500, he would have the broken piece welded, and fix and paint the fender himself.

diane9247 : Why am I suddenly binge-watching Tesla rehab videos? I don't even care about Teslas! I could be watching more cat videos!!!

Matt : Test driving a car with a broken suspension link is just silly.

Drew's Power House : Idk why people buy expensive items that only the manufacturer has the right to fix. Screw Tesla, Screw John Deer, and Screw Apple for Trying.

obsolete professor : "Do you have a butter knife?" ... Rich don't need Harbor Freight.. He needs Sur le Table.

spacecowboy69 : Coworker waited 8 months for Tesla to fix his. I joked Tesla sent a car to space before fixing yours!

Joseph Letts : All your videos just put me off buying a Tesla.

Arthur Gonzales : Everything about Tesla that was appealing has gone out the window. Watching your videos and researching into the practices of Tesla makes them VERY unappealing. They've taken all of the convenience of repair services and spit on it.

89 Alpha : Wish I could say 19k was dirt cheap

Adam Mackey Smith : "I prefer to work alone, in silence and in the dark" - Rich Rebuilds

stheday1 : Elon should pay rich a few million bucks and have him start independent Tesla auto repair shops. It would be money well spent.

Lawrence L. : Don't be obsessed with cars and image. Just buy a used, older Camry and be done with your transportation needs. Focus on more primary and important things in life. For some people...cars and/or clothes and/or looks and/or social media or jewelry and vacations...encompasses a big part of who they are....I'm willing to bet most of them feel somewhat empty and insecure. Show me a successful, happy person...who also chooses to live simply and basically...they are the real deal.

G G : This is one of Kevin Harts better car reviews

Antonio Renasco : So let me get this straight, tesla will not give software rights out to allow people to work on their vehicle that they personally Own ? From what I remember OBD2 what is mandated by the government and all vehicle manufactures have a standardize diagnostic system so that private repair shops and owners can repair their vehicle. How has tesla been able to get around this?

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : Why hasn’t TESLA hired you???

GT 43 : Diry floor mats? Aww hell nah, i would have told the guy to call me back when he gets that shit cleaned up.

ansar714 : I'll pass on a Tesla..I rather have a Chevy there's service centers on every corner lol

Wayne Stewart : This is why I will NOT be buying a Tesla. EVER. But great reviews Rich. Keep up the great work.

Richard DelFranco : This video is an eye opener.

funkyzero : what could go wrong with a craigslist car? hehe

miklotube : Public Service Announcement: When jacking up a car, slide the now removed wheel/tire under the chassis of the car in the event the jack is disturbed.

Hasan Jamil : It makes no sense do buy a luxury vehicle or a Tesla in Bangladesh. With the primitive roads and traffic there literally is no point.

Shawn Pieper : Bro that's leas then a 1000 bucks to fix the mechanical issues body work on other hand a couple grand this is a steal... 👏

Flooring Fashions, LLC : You made a joke about android phones. You have the same problems getting an apple phone repaired that you will getting a tesla car fixed. Not being able to take to a third party repair center. Its BS. But i guess you like companys that like to squeeze their customers dry and make opportunity to screw them. Corporations like that do not deserve our money.

trippplefive : if you can afford a tesla model x in one of the poorest countries on the planet, you can afford to have it shipped to wherever the Tesla repair center is to get it fixed.

MrMarkmill : Im good with my 2003 avalon.. Lol yall trippin...

LovingAtlanta : 🤔I “was” thinking about buying a new Tesla. I pass by a store almost everyday at Avalon mall in Alpharetta on my way to/from the office... but nah....none for me, I want a car I can actually drive and enjoy. I’ll wait until they have Tesla repair shops on every other corner.😃

ELITE 18 : Android phones take Better photos than iPhone.

visadklline : I watched at least 4 of your videos this morning while putting my makeup on! You’re a riot!

Grandizer 45 : Haha.. there go your gas savings....

Don Dutch : 5:47 "the second you press the accelerator you are getting all 300 foot pounds of torque" pushes on rotor with foot and asks "how much pressure my foot add?" answer: 1 foot pound of torque

Term1backup : $2,000 total repair cost + $19,000 = $21,000 for a $70,000 car.... Oh better watch out!!! How dare that owner charge so much for the car! Some people think they should get gold for tin money smh

Ralph Malone : Needs to be checked on a frame rack. You cant eyeball for a bent frame. If it broke the link means it took a substantial amount of force on impact.

Marty : This guy give the REAL tesla ownership reviews. 95% of other tesla reviews are biased. This guy Rich is transparency PERSONIFIED. TESLA can really make their car & repair division better by simply hiring Rich. He's 1 of the VERY FEW Thats in the trenches LITERALLY! TESLA biggest issue for mass production is COST of ownership after the warranty. They have to solve this problem before ford 11+billion dollar electric car technology investments see mainstream action. Rich's Reviews & Vlogs should be used by tesla to make their brand better and untouchable before the competition ramps up

JD : Why do we need a car that is so ridiculously expensive to repair?

william luttrell : Poor planning on Tesla for releasing any cars without a way for them to be repaired easily this is why a company is going private and will no longer be a publicly traded company

TheSlimeyLimey : Rich shows him a severed suspension arm and two minutes later the guy asks "so like why is it not driving straight ?" That's like Jill saying "Hey Jack, theres a hole in your pale and two minutes later Jack asks "so like why won't my bucket fill up with water?"

BlackZero Rs : In serbia, i will fix that car for only $500! I dont even see this as a problem... I can build a house here for $17000! It's crazy how meny money they want to fix that!

World of Randometry : Rich didn't buy it because it was too dry. :-0

SuperVstech : Did it sell?

Mel Washington : Is it on fire 😂😂😂😂😂

killintime 24/7 : That suspension might as well be made out of go kart parts! Snap goes your cast aluminum.

downshift83 : It’s amazing how clueless this guy is (edit: not rich) about the car- horrible that it’s even driving on the road with the broken link.

Brad Campbell : hey for those broken links you can make your own using heim joints and steel tubing look into the four by four people and how they make tie rods you can easily make these links you could probably make them out of aluminum in tapping screw the heim joints into it needs a lock that you'll be able to be fully adjustable with the heim joints to

Chuck Grace : People like this make me crazy. The ad said "wrecked and needs suspension work." Meanwhile this weirdo takes the car apart and says "the suspension is in bad shape." My response would be, "no shit Sherlock. Take it or leave it, that's why it's $19k."

Indo Ty : Haha, you're wearing thongs while kicking a broken Tesla! [Thongs = flip flops in Aussieland]. Mate, get yourself some steel cap boots.

Kirby Lewis III : Me and my girlfriend were each thinking about getting Teslas. Glad I came across your channel. Didn’t think about the insurance part of it and if I might have to ship it for repairs.

Thomas Jacky : Great info?! Interesting how Tesla and its car Computer doent show any issues? I can afford a Mercedes Benz but Ican't afford a Tesla car with all the maintenance this Tesla Club of Owners have to pay out. It's also sad how Tesla Markets itself Green motorcompamy when no support for recycling damaged salvage cars are thrown away with the rest of landfill garbage. I don't see the Value or a future of this company without "AI" Salvage Mech Techs like you. Good Job

morehp1 : Stay away from Tesla wake up people these cars are not worth what people are paying. Buying a Tesla is just a fashion statement nothing else.