Everything Wrong With a Cheap Craigslist Tesla

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Abdullah Al Mahmod : Thank you Rich for mentioning my problem . I think it will help people before buying Tesla . make sure if there is a service center in your country

obsolete professor : "Do you have a butter knife?" ... Rich don't need Harbor Freight.. He needs Sur le Table.

funkyzero : what could go wrong with a craigslist car? hehe

World of Randometry : Rich didn't buy it because it was too dry. :-0

Coolissim0 Unl1mited : Buy itttttttttttttttttttt

Adam Mackey Smith : "I prefer to work alone, in silence and in the dark" - Rich Rebuilds

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : Why hasn’t TESLA hired you???

Red Alert : Yeah, that's one thing that gets me off when it comes to Teslas. These touch screens always look like someone fried bacon on em! I kinda of a germaphobe ...

Adam T : Just cosmetic. Price just went Up 200%

David Webb : Why are you not buying it Rich?

Anton Maes : It kind of says something about used Model S prices that a 6 year old example, which has been crashed, is seen as a "crazy deal" at $20k.

Don Folders : "Do you have a butter knife...?" I wish SO BADLY the guy had one on him for some reason... Rich was so Tesla-focused he'd never have even questioned it. 😂❤️

Jeff : I think rich needs to open up his first independent tesla repair shop .

Cristian Federico : Why did you not buy it on the spot, easy fix for you!

Marty : This guy give the REAL tesla ownership reviews. 95% of other tesla reviews are biased. This guy Rich is transparency PERSONIFIED. TESLA can really make their car & repair division better by simply hiring Rich. He's 1 of the VERY FEW Thats in the trenches LITERALLY! TESLA biggest issue for mass production is COST of ownership after the warranty. They have to solve this problem before ford 11+billion dollar electric car technology investments see mainstream action. Rich's Reviews & Vlogs should be used by tesla to make their brand better and untouchable before the competition ramps up

Daniel Tamuno : Rich with rich rebuilds here…😂

Leofred : You got some balls even driving a car with with a broken suspension link

argonian bilbo : So dud you buy it? Worst case scenario is you use it as a parts car or something. I doubt it will get to that point though

trippplefive : if you can afford a tesla model x in one of the poorest countries on the planet, you can afford to have it shipped to wherever the Tesla repair center is to get it fixed.

J Rand : To all the comments on why you didn't buy it yourself: $19K and even if that is dirt cheap for a Tesla, it's still $19K, and not everybody can afford to spend that kind of money. I know I wouldn't be able to rip $19K out of my budget just like that.

SwingFish : "is it on fire?" .. haha priceless !!

Don Folders : I'm a MK2 VW guy, but love this channel- I almost want to get a Tesla now that I see "Uncle Rich" offers free parts sometimes. 😜👍💙

FFVoyager : Why didn't you offer to fix it for the owner? Do the suspension work, get the body panel and a body shop to do the metalwork - they get their car fixed for $5k or so and you get a few $$$ for yourself?

Spirit : The phrase "What Tesla will do when they find out you fixed your own car" sounds like a joke, yet it's not. That's just disappointing, and completely unacceptable. You own your car, they shouldn't be able to remotely brick it because you touched up some paint and replaced a fancy spring.

DIOSpeedDemon : IT WILL BUFF OUT.....

Ilikeboost : Wow that's cheap.

Cristian Federico : Did you buy it?????

Ingress Wizard : WTF Rich? This would have been an easy $10K flip especially since you have most of the parts on hand to fix it.

AutoMotoCha9L : Why own tesla? Unreliable and expensive to maintain.

CLP : considering what you paid for that last flood car, this thing is practically free :)

INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks Money Entertainment : If you don’t buy it I willl !! 👌

Cartoon Guy : you should buy it, fix it, and sell it.

Justin Martin : I like your safety shoes

fuzzydogdog : No damage, It just has the 3 wheel steering upgrade.

bnelson313 : So Tesla gets away with shutting down the Tesla a person owns because something on it needs repair or was repaired by a non-Tesla shop? I wouldn’t buy any car whose mfg has such control over.

Grege : i love how you easily could've mocked them or just ranted about those insurance companies at the end but rather stuck to a realistic and netural perspective throughout the entire ending with an addition of your honest opinion. this channel has come real far since i subscribed maybe a year ago by now, and i am super glad how it's turning out! btw have you ever thought about collaborating with chris fix?

MeDicen ElDos : Can I pay with kitchen knives?

G G : This is one of Kevin Harts better car reviews

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA : did he drive on the highway with that? What the actual hell. That is dangerous af. Even the testdrive shouldn't have been done.

The Flying Gasmask : Wish you and Elon could have a nice long talk about all of these problems.

Sharib Master : If rich doesn't buy it, I will unsubscribe 😆.

Archibald Tuttle : It's a problem any other car would have with that history IMHO The cost estimate is ridiculous! 68 hours work for that? Do they have blind workers without hands? Tesla really has to rework it's attitude regarding their customers!

Cristian Federico : If you can buy it now!!!!!

FamilyFirstJ : Great deal! 1. Give the man the money 2. Stop smiling like you stole it 3. Tow it to your cousins house 4. Get free parts from uncle rich 5. In a month drive your dirt cheap Tesla 6. Giggle like a school girl everyday

Валерия Карреон : 6:53 "give a little gas" on a Tesla? Give a little shock aye 😜

Sam G : If this car didn't get salvaged, it's a killer deal.

gizzymoee : I would have flipped it, especially if I had the mechanical parts on hand like you do.

NotHandMade : Can someone explain to me what is so environmental about building cars which are so easy to write off?

3593893 : I considered buying a Tesla and while owning a Tesla sounds very cool, hearing you describe the support and repair issues makes me think twice.

RoadWorthy : go buy it now! Or I will!