Brushy One String | Rising Up

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ForViewingOnly : What a lively, crazy, happy crowd! How can I feel down when I listen to this? Thanks for making me smile, Brushy!

Alejandro Gonzalez : I suppose this is exactly what the life means. simply to enjoy it with everybody, without distinction, no matter color, money or the place,. God bless U Brushy, it could B great having a good jamming with U man. Cool performance!!

Giorgio Simi : Daaamn, You evolution on the music is so good Keep make us happy :)

Mr Caterson : All the hapiness in this video makes me feel so good! Hugs from Brazil!

Piezano L0rd : When will he djent?

Signature Thapa : Priceless and natural vibe even the topnotch Hollywood director cannot manufacture.

Fendera : Legend

Oliver Ortiz : Tabs?

Winston Wolfe : Very uplifting. Obviously a poor neighbourhood but they have a community spirit that I almost envy... One String!

Ewan MacBeath : This song is very catchy, well done.

Fan1 : dammmmn brushy, i can't wait to hear it in Spotify

J C : This has made my day. What a great song. Never stop making your beautiful music mate. Come and do a tour in Australia.

Dario Lares : la guitarra con bandera de mi pais argentina q buen video¡¡

Dan Chapman : Love the audience 💙👌

J V : This is our generation's version of Bob Marley, awesome.

Mark Stout : Rising up the ladder straight to the top!

SWM : Happiness is how I would define this video, everything from the music to the people, it's all so pure that it puts a smile on your face immediately.

Ganjah!Man! SpliFFGong!! : love your music you are my idol a real lion I have you next to bob marley because not only do you sing well you sing with heart and that makes me happy a greeting here is Spain you have a friend even if we do not know each other blessings Rasta keeps making music with the heart

876MediaEnt : How can I get an interview with Brushy?

EABOY2600 : Nice song but the tune sounds like the temptations Just my imagination.

Savvas : Yea man! You did sing "One Bourbon" with the guy at the end of the video? He was good musician.

Andrea Ricca : Not a single applause. But a lot of beautiful hand shakes and hearty shouts!

Maxwell max : omg. this man is so amazing. i like his music. I would like sing and play the guitar like he does.

Chris Slater : Well done audition for x factor UK my breadwin 😊🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒🖒

voodebike : There are some rivers to across day after day!!

Henrique Gomes : Ola Galera tudo bem Galera veja os meus videos eu toco Rock n Roll veja e Rock Novo valeu um abraço a minha banda e Rocha Vulcanica 2018

Ken Morten G : this guy is the best. 😊

Kid Trunks : This makes me happy :)

daniel 32 : 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Putri Nila Widuriana : Real Artist!!!

Electronic is not a thing : Amici cantano e suonano in allegria

Dilipraj Krishna : Such a beautiful song of motivation and hope. Love it. Live the happy people too. Cheers.

Marcelo Vidorete : This make my day! Thanks Brushy!

Mariany Vargas : Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good 😍

alex tontini : Hello my friend

Thomas Rault : Yaaaaah I love this Man

LiuMaki : Lyrics ?

Revenant 2.0 : Woah you're a legend

Icex Vortex : first

Roderick Pritchard : That orange color is popular here

augustineliu : Dancing time,


Govanmauler : One love sir Brushy

Adam O : I like it, do something like this again in public, the working markets :D

123InDaPlaceToBe : Whoa this is great!

Luis Soto Venegas : Nobody will stop you, you has tied your string to enernity. Blessings bro ✌.

DangerousDan : Nice happy bunch of people

Nong Manusjung : lovely life ^_^

Samuel Posada : That’s is, living the music

bayu pamungkas : cool