Billy on the Street - Death Rogen

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Ellen Coonan : "James Franco will join you whether you like it or not"

Josh A : Seth looks so unenthused

AussieTV : Seth Rogan passed away just after filming this skit. He got hit by a Uber driven by James Franco.

Haleigh P : honestly seth's lack of enthusiasm makes this even funnier


BadLactose : Speaking of awkward street run-ins with Seth Rogen. I once walked by him on the street here in Toronto. He looked familiar, and I assumed he was an acquaintance from university I used to jokingly flirt with. So I said "Hey, sweet cheeks!" The moment the words left my mouth, I realized that it wasn't my friend, but Seth Rogen. I was so embarrassed I hurried away without explaining.

Croak80 : Honestly a hell of a lot more awkward than funny.

Dan Brown : 99% sure that the guy at 2:04 has no idea who Seth Rogen is and is just going along like in Lie Witness news.

BasicallyBrentt : "He made me do this"

Diego Maria Cardona : Seth looked like he didn't wanna be there

Paul Democritou : I thought I was a cub lol

J L : 3:45 "Oh gays" really got me haha

Owls : the cringe is killing me

Lushy 1012 : I cringed when he said " SEATH ROGAN IS HERE" every time. Even seath rogan look at him

robortian : cameramen will one day use this video as evidence they are constantly overlooked in the workplace

YGT Entertainment : "Oh Gays" WTF 😂😂😂I'm dying

Kamens : 3:44 "Oh gays" DEAD

Juste Nyirimana : this whole thing was awkward AF.

josh mcgee : James Franco will join you whether you like it or not!

Alex7aj : Wow...nobody except the interviewer is excited about any of this. And Seth doesn't even want to be there. Lol epic fail.

Breded : Too energetic. Makes it alot cringey

your mom : I have a feeling that the old fella around 2:50 didn't even know who Seth Rogen is and bluffed the whole thing. Lol and in the end he says "he looks like a comedian" ??? How do you talk about some one like you know him but you don't know his main occupation :')

User100 : Seth really looks like he doesn't want to be there, at first I thought I was an act, but it's so half assed :P

Movie Man Mark : Ladies and gentlemen, Timon and Pumbaa.

Dungeon Blaster : SO awkward for Seth lol but I enjoyed it

Ldftwin : seth looks like he wanted to die

DaRealN8Doogie : Jesus Christ this is so bad...

FaRtBoMb42 : First time watching Billy on the Street and this dude has a very funny personality. He just gained a fan.

Rebecca Slaman : BILLY IS A TREASURE

Sophie Carey : Wait, is the interviewer the loud guy from parks and rec?

Kobe Bryant : Seth doesn't want to be there

Chris Coombes : 4:20 oh god almighty

BasicallyBrentt : Only billy could go up to two guys and go "oh gays" 😂😂❤️

JJ : this video wasn't as entertaining than I thought it was

King of Noland : 2:26 lol that look

mindustrial : Just proofs Seth Rogen can be replaced by any kinda-chubby dude with a beard and nobody will notice.

Psychobob : RIP in Peace in Pieces Seth Rogan.

benchod : hella cringe and something is wrong with the interviewers eyes or is it just me?

TheSpecialBrownie : This video is so cringey...

Ar Rangel : He was funny until he starting hanging out with Amy Schumer

Paradise92 : Can I hit the interviewer with a brick?

Erase. : So one camera man is filming Seth Rogen how he films the Interviewer.... okay weird af lol

MrLethalShots : Seth is like me when I'm out with my parents, I think he's just embarrassed to be seen with Eichner.

Eddy W : Seth looked so uncomfortable through this whole video. it would've been funny if he lake started confiding people or something after they heard the news and let them realise he wasn't dead

UnknownUser : Still better than The Interview, Sausage Party, and Neighbours 2.

Boss_vq : seth looks like a little kid that didnt want to be apart of this video but his mom made him

carla juana : Omg, the cringe is the best part, Idk what everyone is complaining about, Seth knows what he got himself into, he's completely out of his element and not everyone is going to know him, that's what's funny

NABBIE Media : interviewer really isnt funny

Kadeem The Dream : This host is a lot cringier than I thought...good lord. No build up, no asking if they have a second, just run at them and "Hi, Seth Rogan's dead" wtf lol

mralexandm23 : Didn't anyone notice that there was a cameraman filming another cameraman?