The Office - Dwight's Wigs

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Chuchiss : I need a ten hour version of him turning around in the meredith wig

William Foote : Dwight was this show. politically incorrect, brutally honest and insane as hell.

Connor DoubleYou : This is easily one of my absolute favourite scenes from the entire series.

Ishika A : I still lose my shit every time

Plot Twist : i'm serious, over the course of the show, Dwight ended up being funnier than Michael just xD

Kcuf elgoog : its the way the hair flicks

Thaye : Dwight is my spirit animal.

MICHELE : Omg Meredith's wig was the best one loooool

The Ram Guy : last one looks like Billy crystal

Rafael Villaça : Best scene of the entire The Office.

Elinia Tollea : This episode was my favourite. Jim always wins, but this time he got his ass dragged to the point of insanity.

saixchiro : It kills me every single time I watch it.

Sovann Chang : Last one looks like Wayne Knight.....NEWMAN!!!!!

Red Libra14 : I guess it's just Rainn Wilson being at his best.

Justin Angelo Alvarez : the Meredith and Stanley wigs are tied...I literally couldn't stop laughing for a good minute...

J D : Jim disliked this video 20 times

Sovann Chang : Last one looks like Wayne Knight.....NEWMAN!!!!!

veronica : i don’t even watch this show tf am I doing here.

Leo Cat : These are the best 10 seconds of TV ever

Kartikeya Dutta : That Stanley face killed me

michaela : This will never be not funny.

Roasted Get toasted : Wip dat hair Dwight ;w; wip it......

David Ramon : Threw up from laughter when I saw this lol

Mr Jedster : +Kaneki Ken lol.

Ivan Raimi : Dwight has receding hairline

Douglas Butcher : In terms of snubs for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, the fact that Rainn Wilson never won is just slightly below Jason Alexander for Seinfeld and slightly above Nick Offerman for Parks And Rec.


Just Some Guy with a Mustache : My god, it's uncanny. And apparently there's a guy who sells wigs like these to Dwight.

Andreas Von Maier : really funny

Galactic Jewels : I'm disappointed there was no Jim wig tbh

sxnkxnrxck : Wanted to see Angela & Phyllis' wig!!!

LooseGooseBoose22 : Dwight Stanley is best Stanley

Freckella : Good stuff

dr. Hannibal Lecter : In which episode is this?

戀。 : shoutouts to twogami

Duncan Dragonsbane : the stanley one still catches me off guard every time

Reyes Tinoco : 😂😂😂😂

La Flama Blanca : What season and episode is this?!

Doll Face : Lol the Meredith wig

Che1seabluesdrogba11 : Truuuu

Jairo Bobadilla : DWIGHT IS LIFE!

Big Stud Muffin : 😄

sKiBbEcK sKiBbLeS : :D

rdw19 : Best episode

muchamuchacha : wtf? lmao!!! i love this

warpedsavage : lmao

Noah Collin :

agonefire : that face he makes

Castiel207 : Stanley.

CJ42090 : Meredith wig for the win.