how automatic mahjong table works
how automatic mahjong table works

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this video demonstrate how the automatic mahjong table shuffle the tiles, each table have 2 free sets of mahjong tiles.


Rob C : That's awesome, but it also means the players can't cheat during the shuffle.

weh sing : redstone powered automatic mahjong table with 64 pistons..

lurker782 : half the fun is shuffling!!!

YiQuan Chua : How could the machine recognize front and back of the tiles?

Lik Wid : When i went to china my mums friend had an automatic mahjong table and i played a few rounds with it then when i left to go back to new zealand i instantly forgot how to play even a bit of mahjong

FluFF mallow : that's pretty dope

jimmyfly : I don’t even play but now I need this.

lasdi : *Superbe création, bien organisé.*

Bethany NW : That's wild. I had no idea what an interesting game it apparently is.

Snooby66 : "how automatic mahjong table works" ... with ZERO explanation of how it works.

Nico The Rabbit : Who built King Arthur's round table? ------------ Sir Cumference

Jur2225 : I need to go sleep now good night all

Feared Beard : *_*My Aunt intensifies*_*

Stewie Griffin : Tokyo Drift brought me here , not really but I just remember that scene 😂

trebledc : Now i am not gambling with that one, it can be controlled.

Buddy Salinas : that's a big Fail machine, people who like to play mahjong got the excitement from manually mixing the tiles. and throwing the dice.

Harvy666 : Time for minefield mahjong :)

croix0bleue : Ainsi disparu le croupier.

Livereater00 : I don't know what I just watched... but, it was pretty cool!

Joe Omark : Mahjong games and tournaments, every day at RedMahjong com!

Kees Turpie : "Are you sick and tired of having to shuffle mahjong tiles. Well no more with our $10000 table"

bestamerica : ' wow that cooool device machine table with mahjong game... one thing, how about the domino game with machine table

lwatsonaddict : *I dont even play Mahjong, crazy YouTube algorithm 😂*

Linh Phùng : Would be amusing to see old timers try and use this

roygbiv330 : how the machine detect which is upper surface/bottom surface of each tile? magnetic?

LemmeTouch : Mahjong is boring asf But this? This is very interesting

KuzCo : I thought this was a fictional machine that only existed in one of my favorite animes Saki.

netmatrix75 : How does the machine know if the tiles are facing up or down?

hisc 2141 : "S0...Gaijin, when is the nextsu racesuu"~

Christian Cordero : That table was in Tokyo drift movie

Saiko : How to make clicks: filming your table doing things

garance mom : Super génial👍

JashQ : I think the way to play is, when you show your tiles, you say some fancy line of the hand you got and people get awed by it.

Michael Ou : i never learn how to play but this is cool haha

Parrot Parrot : The "shuffling" looks pretty vulnerable

wilford padio : And I thought it is only in anime and manga, (saki)

nem tudom : Thats nice, but its not organized into a shape so whatever

Steven Wrigley : Im just memorized watching it.

ericbazinga : Now if only they had a table that shuffled cards

NARP GT : mahjong reminds me of akagi 🤗🤗

Trainzguy2472 : I did not know such a thing existed.

lohphat : Seems that it uses magnets to determine which side of the tile to pick up from the mixing drum. That could be used in a software cheat to distinguish between different tiles.


Stella Bongat : Hi can you telle how to unload the tiles inside the electric mahjong table?

AUSTIN PEYTON : *yakuza 0 flashbacks*

Stavinair Caeruleum : Aww man this is sweet!

ThatWhiteGuy : I have no ure to play and have no idea how to play but I need this table.

Olivia Star : Mahjong games and tournaments, every day at RedMahjong com, join the fun!

Zoes Dada : If someone offered you alot of money to build this machine or a machine that does this, could you? I dont think i could.