how automatic mahjong table works

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Rob C : That's awesome, but it also means the players can't cheat during the shuffle.

jinsen : it's 3 am and i don't even know what mahjong is yet i'm watching this not gonna lie it looks interesting

weh sing : redstone powered automatic mahjong table with 64 pistons..

Snooby66 : "how automatic mahjong table works" ... with ZERO explanation of how it works.

YiQuan Chua : How could the machine recognize front and back of the tiles?

Joe Omark : Mahjong games and tournaments, every day at RedMahjong com!

MagicalSpooky4u Roblox Gamer : This is so cool actually I want that but I don't have enough money T H O T

Itz Asian Nick : When i went to china my mums friend had an automatic mahjong table and i played a few rounds with it then when i left to go back to new zealand i instantly forgot how to play even a bit of mahjong

lurker782 : half the fun is shuffling!!!

murasaki & Bebeby : How does it know certain and specific stuffs? Like how does it know to put every piece blue side up? And how does it know how to give each side the same amount?

Nico The Rabbit : Who built King Arthur's round table? ------------ Sir Cumference

Bethany NW : That's wild. I had no idea what an interesting game it apparently is.

jimmyfly : I don’t even play but now I need this.

Jur2225 : I need to go sleep now good night all

FluFF mallow : that's pretty dope

Imran Shahzad : Wow fantastic invention amazing.

Cheese Puffs 99 : Woh, Im not surprised. Ive seen these all over China, in fact my lil cousin got his fingers stuck in one. Be careful if you ever use one. His fingers were stuck as the machine closed in.

wilford padio : And here I thought it is only in Anime

JEBUSS1991 : I'm throwing my card at my screen. I don't even know how to play.

Buddy Salinas : that's a big Fail machine, people who like to play mahjong got the excitement from manually mixing the tiles. and throwing the dice.

Livereater00 : I don't know what I just watched... but, it was pretty cool!

John Burgess : This looks kinda cool. I wonder how much?

KuzCo : I thought this was a fictional machine that only existed in one of my favorite animes Saki.

ACT1O1 : Too bad I don't know how to play

Charley McCall : what is the name of this table?

Henrique silva : Woooooooow

No Wait : Remember not stick your hand in it. ;P

Joe Omark : Mahjong games and tournaments, every day at RedMahjong com!

jim munsw : I wonder if d table will last bcos usually gamblers will slam or smashed down mahjong tiles to call for their lucky number or " Kong "! They bound to slam hard onto this table n d 4 horizontal slots may be slammed down n jammed it's mechanism! I m just guessing here ya! 😗

Logan Stumbo : so now we know how this works...but how does mahjong work?

Ronnie Tan : Every generation gets lazier.

Trainzguy2472 : I did not know such a thing existed.

HERPY DERPEDY : If only it made food

Eve Kaufman : I think I prefer the way we've been playing for years.

Dark Mel : Does it have solitaire mode? lol

Fathur Octavian : its so cool.. how prize is it?

Tadesan : Asians...

Eric Surrena : Pretty awesome thanks

Et Malleo Semper Vicit : OK, but how the hell do you play Mahjong?

NANO-Nils : Das ist ja mal echt klasse, kein Display, sondern echte Steine, und alles futuristisch genial programmiert

Robert Hayes : What a waste of space. Is there anyone even playing that game anymore? And if so, its played on a computer nowdays.

MacRedbaron : I know how the table works, all I need to do now is find out what Mahjong is.

IntoTheFray : Mahjong is fun

Yoonsang Rhee : I hope it's not getting beyond cheating.. weight recognition, symbol recognition... using recognition software and so on. Fair must be fair even in full automation. Gamble kills people.

Lawrence Patrick : Feels a lot more like a casino slots or video poker

The ATrain : Badass

Cassandra Fong : I like shuffling the tiles the old fashioned way.  How lazy can you get?

Grandpa the Grey : King Kabua of the Marshall Islands taught me how to play Mahjonj.

Christian Cordero : That table was in Tokyo drift movie

JashQ : I think the way to play is, when you show your tiles, you say some fancy line of the hand you got and people get awed by it.