HOW IT WORKS: Nuclear Propulsion
HOW IT WORKS Nuclear Propulsion

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The theory, design, and operation of a nuclear propulsion engine advantages are explained verses conventional chemical rockets such as the Saturn V.


pulsar's beam : Jackass flats lol.

Garth Leach : That was America, there was nothing that we couldn't achieve. I was 13 when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon now look at us, dammed shame.

JeanLafitte : 10:10: "These rods can be operated by remote control". Like manually turning the control rods in a nuclear reactor is an option.

Fazlur Rahman Ali : America in the 60s : We are going to mars next America now : There are 50 gender pronouns

Scruffi : I love these old Vault-Tec videos.

Howard Barnett : NERVA was shut down because it wasn't a breeder reactor design, and the U.S. couldn't use the design to produce weapons grade nuclear material. It could be built and flown within 5 years, but no one has the political willpower to finance it and explain to the AEC and the American public why this needs to be done. Modern materials and techniques would cut costs and make the design even more feasible than shown here. It's how we will get to other planets, and finally colonize the Moon. I'm still pissed NERVA was cancelled, and that I'm not living on the Moon today as a direct result of that idiocy.

Nphekt : Jackass Flats, huh? โ€œHi Iโ€™m Johnny Knoxville, and this is the nuclear rocket jump!โ€

MJ Horn : This documentary is quite old but the science is still correct and no one is currently planning for nuclear propulsion within the Earth's atmosphere. Regarding your comments; I am not surprised but still saddened by the derisive and mocking tone of the majority. Many responses appear to come from a place of knee jerk emotionality without any actual knowledge to base an opinion upon. The general level of education of the average American has gradually become abysmal over the last 30 years; without regard to political leanings. It is amazing to me many do not even know that most of our planetary robots have been run by nuclear power since the sixties (of course different from this specific type.) Do not forget the vast majority of our submarine fleet and all of our super carriers are also nuclear powered. You may not be aware; you are constantly surrounded by various forms of radiation. without the use of radiation in every aspect of your lives we would still be living in the stone age. Of course this video is quite dated, but there is active research and various types of propulsion in space using various types of radiation. We certainly must do this research because other countries are doing the same research as well. There is no way that we can colonize or explore the solar system with chemical power (which dose pollute the atmosphere to depart Earth's gravity. The vast majority of the proposed propulsion systems based on nuclear power are meant to be used only in space; where the radiation produced by nuclear powered space ship would be a drop in the bucket. Those of you that enjoy science fiction books and TV shows such as Star Trek will note that none of their spaceships are powered by chemical rockets. They all use some form of nuclear, fusion or antimatter power. The assumption in all the shows is that they have learned to master the safe use those technologies.

Stadtpark90 : The end sounds like a mission worthy recreating in Kerbal Space Program...

AdiJager : They forgot to mention that each test emitted a large dose of radiation - into open air

hiuy babe : this was 1959 :O.... I wonder how much informations we are missing today...

FATBINK : This is old. I wonder if anyone is still doing research on this.

Prince Westerburg : "And remember Johnny, anyone complaining about radioactivity in the atmosphere is a communist."

Nathan Frey : Jackass flats. Love the name.

SciFi Flippa : Most of the tech we know as modern is old tech that NASA and the military outgrew.

CptnMerica : Jettison ALL the things!

Ely Powell : Its sickening to see what the nation has become since this era.

badpizzadays : Insane! What can't you do with our friend nuclear power!

DJ Distinct : Jackass Flats sounds like an old jazz singer.

forgotaboutbre : Love the design principle: Add energy to the exhaust gas by forcing the exhaust through a nuclear chain reaction! It's fucking genius and elegant. The mechanism of forcing a fluid upon a chain reaction by turbo-pump seems rather un-refined and I feel like with a novel configuration this type of rocket could deliver performance well beyond 900 Isp.

Cat Armour : The NERV atomic engine from kerbal space program

Mark Maxwell : If they build one in space they could get to mars very quickly. Very easy to build with current technology and about 1/4 again as efficient as these early prototypes. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿ˜†

None Ya : The public will never know how much plutonium has been launched into space to power satellites. Plutonium is the most toxic material known. Maybe it's why there's so much cancer in the world? Failed satellite launches and reentries?

Steve : Jackass Flats, Mercury Exit off US-95 just north of Las Vegas.

Tenpenny : _"Impregnated with the Uranium-235 fuel"_

Jerry Bot : "After deceleration through the atmosphere, the astronauts are jettisoned as they are no longer needed to guide the vehicle. At an altitude of 20,000 feet, the re-entry vehicle is jettisoned to further reduce weight. Finally, the parachute module makes the landing at a pre-determined location and is recovered safely by the ground crew, successfully concluding the space mission."

satansaysimnuts : Sure leaving a lot of garbage behind !!!!

Galih KrissVector : Me : watch video about car engine Youtube recomendation :

Stewart Bladen : I just don't understand what these rods have got to do with going fishing?

Robert Staton : That triple rocket looked a lot like the SpaceX "heavy lift" rocket.

mike Koz : You still need to develop a structure capable of withstanding such force....We can do it!!!!

Grimm Born Reaps : We have nuclear submarines. Why not space subs? As long as they are in space should be fine.. They can build a dockimg/cleaning station on the moon. Lmao

Bill Chaffee : I think that a slide rule is a useful teaching tool because it helps one to visualize mathematical concepts. It was apparently used in designing the Saturn V rocket.

Splag Yetsi : nuclear propulsion and Ion drive engines were all built in the '60s. My guess is anti-gravity engines already exist, they just won't tell us

Funky Giblets : Space is already full of radiation. So you'd be fine using nuclear engines when outside of the Earths atmosphere.

Axel Kusanagi : Man, imagine pairing this with an aerospike engine. Space cargo could go to as low as 500 bucks a kilo!

Michael Bishop : It saddens me no end that none of this came to fruition. Some time in the 80's, post-modern navel-gazing instead of big dreams became the cultural norm.

Juan Roel : sounds like fallout 5 intro

Jasonjj XXX : Did you see the robotics being used for disassembly of the nuclear engine in 1966. Imagine where we are now.

1SKEJ : Hidden secrets from general public are behind almost 100 years revealed in dosages not at once.

Christodoulos St : I always love watching the latest news in science!

bitukukuasukgremany3 : Let's do it what could go wrong with being named R MAD :D

Giampaolo Mannucci : Feels like a Fallout intro

Fred Flintstone : Got it! Now back to the garage.. .. .. ..

Mรกximo Sager : I love the videos of the 60s and 70s very much. They are beautiful.

Joseph Stalin : Nuclear engines would be a viable alternative when in low earth orbit, because radiation wouldnโ€™t be an issue.

Anthony van Hamond : jettison .... the magic word!!!!!

dream liner : I like rocket

Neil Miranda : Seriously imagine that nowadays a new design of rocket engines is being used to create hypersonic speed in cruiser missiles and even some jet fighters. Imagine this concept using the rocket engine design used to achieve hypersonic speeds, I believe this baby would be 4 up to 5 times more powerful.