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Steve Jones : these doctors are under a tremendous amount of stress. the lady was probably pill shopping.

Quinn Shaw : The doctor's response. This video isn't representative of the whole incident.

Spunkmire : Doctors office isn't a fucking Fast FOOD Drive Thru, trashy lady. You can't expect every patient to take the same amount of time.

White Spy : She was being an asshole fuck her

Brad Bellicose : stupid entitled women, you think you're more important than all of his other patients?? fuck outta here.

Glen Porteous : He asked her to leave from private property so she should have. He's probably had to deal with ingrown toe nails to life & death decisions & could have told a patient they have terminal cancer & make the most of the Christmas because you're not seeing another one. Then she does this to him. Wake up to yourself. He's probably been working all day pulling a 12 hour shift & still be there at midnight.

05ls4gxp : Ahhh white trash

Feluto : The doctor is in the right, you can't record in a clinic (or in any private property if the owner doesnt like it) either

Mindraker1 : I think the doctor was perfectly justified in his actions. Maybe could have toned down the language. Otherwise, good for the doctor.

Joseph Dailey : the title should be white trash gets thrown out of doctors office for being assholes

George McFly : He did nothing wrong in my opinion

Sages604 : I'd do the same thing, get your phone outta my face, cunt.

Mike Knight : Found me a new doctor 👍🏻🤘🏻👊🏻

ARednecksLife : I don't necessarily think the doctor was in the wrong in this particular video things don't happen right away at a doctor's office. Also in so many ways the daughter had no rights to record a doctor's office is private and not public.

Temple of the Dog : same shit happens at the methadone clinic.

Launchpad McQuack : I'm sorry, but where was the assault? Do you know what assault is?

Mark Toney : The liberal entitled class are the least tolerant of all ...

johninparis1 : Wow, talk about entitled bitching. Who the hell thinks a medical establishment should stop everything and wait on them hand and foot for a non urgent procedure?

Max Nelson : Doctor assaults patient should be an oxymoron, this woman was merely complaining about the wait, after what sounded like doing her due diligence in attempting to expedite the process, that guy should lose his license.

skatersrule155 : A doctors office probably isn't somewhere you have the right to record freely. All i see here is 2 entitled brats and a doctor who is working so hard he doesn't have time or strength to deal with their trash.

Bulmer : "Ima bout ta hit him bruh" - I see the camera person is going places in life here.

Michael Stroup : Fuck this lady. Read the police report and you will see that this is not only taken out of context, but the woman was being belligerent and refused to leave after having her money refunded and being asked to leave by staff numerous times. She is now barred from the property and will be cited with trespass if she returns

Terminal Psychosis : Good for him! This spoiled little princess and her privileged demands needed to be taken down a notch or 3.

Martyn Thomas : Clickbait title on a video that is out of context, put your pitchforks away YouTube.

idonotcollectstamps : Once the next revolutionary war starts I am going to shoot, torture and hang as many white trash and wiggers as I can.

PeruvianGentry : Statement by the Physician. Repost from reddit.

Marc Fuller : What the hell are on her feet!

Calvin Lee : These victims did a great job trying to make themselves look good...

MegaShpoople : I see phone stealing, but no assault. U can't record on private property either. So everyone in the video fucked up

Fluxswe : Fucking based doctor not taking shit from these bitches.

amarillosebas : Doctor's official statement:

Daniel Rivera : The Dr had enough of her drama and gave her the All Bundy treatment NO MAAM

Thiendao97 : Woman was in the wrong check out top comment of the report

Sir Potato : Assault? Where is it?

richycline : Overly entitled lady + hot headed doctor. Grabbing at the phone was a bad move but I'd still see him if he's a good doctor. Being a doctor is a stressful job with long hours, I would have tossed her out too. She's certainly seems to be a wretched human from the little what little is known about her.

CORZER0 : This is the trashy, biohazardous bitch's 4th time in the clinic this year for her STD and herpes flare-ups.

Meep Changeling : I like how everyone says he went too far by taking the phone. This is actually untrue. It's illegal to film the interior of a hospital without permission. The doctor is allowed to confiscate cameras and other recording devices, and is required to report the crime to the poliece. She's very lucky that she got her phone back at all, let alone that the doc or cops didn't delete the video.

Juniper : Someone is angry they can't get their painkillers in a timely fashion. Good on the doctor.

XL4U : Hey Aaron P, Thanks for the info. It proves that an individual cannot record inside a medical facility without permission . I rest my case.

LaserDroid : We never see what leads up to this point. Unless the doctor is a total hot head, maybe we didn't get the whole picture on purpose.

Brian Williams : went in thinking I was going to be on the doctors side... when he swiped that phone he lost all credibility.

ackerman66 : Woman was completely unreasonable and acting selfish. No form of assault at all. That title is just absurd. Doctor just shouldn't have taken the phone.

jsphotos : She deserved to be thrown out; he shouldn't have grabbed the phone.

Mark Hilsee : Both had a problem, she thinking she's more inportant then any other patient and he had very thin skin, should have handled that a little better. I bet both arent ture Floridians, we get more and more of these inpatient and entitled people moving here every year !!

Sharkonabicycle : Shouldn't have taken the phone but totally right to throw that obnoxious bitch out. She's just trying to start shit. You waited an hour 15 minutes, seen by the doctor and given some tests. WTF do you think you're the only one there? Stupid bitch.

Eric Sullivan : Peter Gallogly, a physician at Gainesville After-Hours Clinic, 926 NW 13th St.,  (352) 379-1049

Phil Weed : Good for the doctor. These liberals are nuisances!!

Eastern Hemisphere : These patients watch too much 30 minutes sitcom thinking they will get their results back before the first commercial break. HA. The doctor could of handled that situation more professionally but with his arrogance, he will be news; which may hurt his reputation.

Jeffrey Perry : how does a country with a 600 BILLION dollar military budget not have a public health care system??? .... oops I think I answered my own question

Critical Look : There are *fuck-ups* in all walks of life. :