Dracula (1992) epic intro

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Comments from Youtube

Crichjo32 : This is really the best adaptation of Dracula yet, and probably always will be.

Einar Gissurarson : They really should stop keeping vampire transforming blood inside crosses.

BloodRose Reaper : Man... when Vlad clutches the note of his wife and just... kneels there beside her, like he doesn't know whether to cry or become enraged, you can feel the lack of air in his lungs, the pain of everything that's happened to him. He exhausted, angry, heart broken, in pain in so many ways that you honestly cannot imagine how it feel to be him in this moment of darkness and woe.

Steven Lanzarotta : Now that's how you start a movie.

Nilanjib Roy : Just wow. That's Francis Ford Coppola for you.

Mark B : That acting is top notch. The different levels of emotion and dialogue.

Alex Siclitaru : I'm Romanian and although I love this movie to bits, it annoys me that in every media form of Dracula, he is mentioned as the voivode of Transylvania, which he was not, he ruled Wallachia for three times in his lifetime.

Chris D : Something tells me this is what the prequels were trying for with Anakin.

Jl Cuak : Even up to this date, that's some nice looking armor

Michael Maman : I wonder what would have happened if the priests told Vlad that his wife went straight to heaven?

zizi izi : best dracula movie ever

roothik : That's some really dark stuff. Worthy of the legend of Dracula.

rob morgan : That armor is badass!!!!!!

Oroborus : I love how he just loses it. If you're going to renounce god, you might as well go all the way.

Asenath Alexandra Bárcenas : I still remember the first time I saw it. It is still magic...

King Of Everything : Such a dark scene, the guy who portrays Dracula is a really powerful actor! Also, Romanian language seems very cool and dark!

Harrison Rogers : One of the best movie intros ever

Angel Simone : Better love story than Twilight! Or Fifty Shades Of Grey!

Clowncake : His armor was the most bad ass thing ever. Not a fan of the helmet though

Chu Kim : This Dracula guy seems like a badass dude.

exoticlonghair : necesitamos mas Dracula de Bram Stoker, y menos Twilight y demas vampiros brillositos.

Aleksandar Mitkovski : If my beloved burns in Hell,so shall i...

Kevin K : Before I realized this was Gary Oldman, I thought he was one of the best actors out there. After seeing this, I've never seen an actor play a drug dealing wigger(excuse the term), a medieval knight, a vampire, a Detective and play those roles as well as him.

Blondie : My favorite romantic movie ever. The best

Larry Que : Best Dracula intro ...ever

Matthew Moran : Fun Fact: Anthony Hopkins had a duel-bit role as both Abraham Van Helsing, and the priest from the beginning.

Red Neck : Long live Romania!!! Eternal glory to Voivode Vlad III Tepes!!! Greetings to Romanian brothers form Poland.

David Erenzenoff : Epicness! Garry Oldman's acting that won him an oscar This unedited, uncut virsion is just soo good 

AnonGuy : My favorite part of this movie, besides the aesthetic, is that Dracula is portrayed (inaccurately, but compellingly) as a tragic *monster*. A tormented and tortured monster, but a monster nonetheless. He's got a back story and is somewhat sympathetic, but he's still a *monster*, a beast that kills and torments and butchers, an undead blight on mankind. People get more emotionally involved in a creature if the sympathy is balanced out by the clear need to destroy them. It makes it that much more tragic.

Ricardo Montalban : love how he lifts that one enemy into the air screaming for his life lol

SH KG : The son of The Dragon

Deadpool : This has to be the best monster movie intro there is

angie lopez : The best adaption of Dracula ever . Just spoilt by the American actors irritating as HELL English accents

Pitter Patter : This is an alternate extended intro to the original theatrical version, it seems.

tyson66331 : I love it when Vlad goes into rage mode on the priests. I can watch it over and over again.

Tom G : Dammit, now we're out of Sangria.

William Stryker : Saw this in the theatre 🎭. Full house that night. Movies back then were watchable vs the crap now or days

Cretinous Jester : "She is damned"- probably the worst slip of the tongue ever.

Mani The Comic Collector : Wow I've never seen this version😳😳😳😳 this must be the director cut edition 🤔🤔🤔🤔

gamoviede : Best ever. Directing / acting masterpiece

Yves Legin : God be praised. I am victorious. Dumnezeu să fie lăudat. Sunt victorios.

Mark Lawless : this is the best movie ever, the beginning and the Castle parts are so epic

GDepics : As a child, I thought, "this is a bad man." As an adult, now thinking, "Yeah...he was screwed over, I see his point."

valar : As my Romanian friend pronounces it, "Vlad Tepesh". In Romania he is viewed as a folkhero for his successful defense of the country from the Turks.

AKUMASS 92 : castlevania ist that you?

David Christie : ....brilliant!; by combining Vlad Tepes story into this Dracula makes this movie incomperable! :)

fleurgi : I love this movie! Don't care what anyone says about the 'campy' acting. It is a masterpiece. I love the intro especially.

Michael Bleckler : I agree. Best Dracula adaption ever.

czr7j9 : The real Vlad Dracula was even worse than this bloke.  He impaled 20,000 people through the bum and out the throat to warn the invading Turks and it worked even though they out numbered him 3 to 1.