Burger King Foot Lettuce but it's read with proper inflection

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No ill will against Dylan/Chills. He's a super nice dude and reached out to me to get a copyright claim off this video. This is just my version of the meme. ========================================­­======== ---NEW DISCORD--- https://discord.gg/pURruYQ ---NEW UPLOAD SCHEDULE--- -New Uploads every Friday -Live streams every Saturday (Unless said otherwise) -Full Streams + More Bonus and Behind the scenes content can be found on my side channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrqIh27vTdtScOzRcYzK83Q

Comments from Youtube


Musu : NO... THIS... THIS CANT BE RIGHT! you have skewed the balance of the universe

Natalie Alfera : Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me

Hum : This feels... wrong

Lunchbox : The contrast from the original just from the intro was enough for me to fall in love with your voice

Nikki Chi : Omg I didn’t think I like this better!! I didn’t even realized how off the original sounded until this one.

Saltydkdan : Wassup dawgs, I'm back to ruin all the internet's funny haha jokes

•selcouth• : It's so prefect.. It feels so wrong and uncomfortable what is this

Connor Spencer : Dan you have to stop, not this specifically but all things

ヴェルッティ・s : i’m not a native speaker so the original version was really hard to follow

brainfuck.waifu : *you are playing with powers you don't know*

Pantality : this is so much easier to listen too

Tea hoe : The whole world has crashed But that's what you gÃEt

Lemonsauce : This is why i subscribed.

DingusIsLost : I actually forgot I was watching a meme and thought I was watching a real clickbait video

Treven McKeone : Admittedly, he had shoes on, *but that's even worse.*

Starapture : Good now do again. The right way

Rex Evan : READ MORE PLEASE. I like your voice.

Kanasan : Remember when this was a JoJo channel?

Fenzo / Howl : *Fire Emblem: GAETES*

Eyes of Supreme : *burger kING FOOt LETtUCE*

Helm-0 : Why must you ruin everything i love ?

Jake Zepeda : If the guy talked like this he would be watchable. 👌

Monster_Gaming 11 : Why does this monstrosity exist?

Vorchitect : Damn. I can actually listen to this one. XD

OtaLad : Thanks for the shoutout last night salty

VICTOR Å : Cursed video

Brandon Reck : Do you own a radio show? 😂

Laz : This video is 🅱🅾NELESS im sad

Ricy : 20 million times better Actually watchable Thank you

Dislike Button : This is unsatisfying

Karina Blanco : Tbh I would watch his channel if he didn't sound too monotone.

Oofie : Who else was saying GAEÊÅÁT is he said that might be what you get

SuperGames One : Number 15 burger king foot lettuce 2.0

Fool Aid : *Simplydeliciuos* Globgogabgolab

Lil' Vampire : NNnumbERRR fivtEeeEn, burGER king foot LettEEce. The last thIiing you want in your Burger King bUrgerrr is someoneees foUut fungeees, bUut that's what you might gEEEeEt

Ubayd : This is an atrocity.

The Eternal Lord of Cringe : Absolute mastermind.

Cyka Union : *God has come back to earth*

Savos Mok : I like Chills, but he needs to learn to read. Though, I'm convinced he's intentionally talking that way now.

Aigerim Ibrayeva : *Okay, I am uneasy*

Jordyn Armstrong : Why do I still hear the original voice?? *starts crying*

dnel : Post the Peter Griffin one

Oakley Jacket : Lol I live like 5 min from mayfield heights. I’ve gone to that Burger King, and seen that local news report.

Adwesta Mahotma : DELET THIS

California Wells : this feels cursed

XxX_69_edgy teen_69_XxX : Satisfying

coochie bandit : why does this *hurt??*

Goat Fights : You don't know the powers you are messing with.