The $99 AirPod Killer (Air by crazybaby NANO)

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Qufox : I wouldn't even spend $20 on an earphone

Sophie Kate Name : He should rename this *”dissing apple AirPods because I was sponsored by a knock off brand”*

Samarah Keil : They ain’t AirPods, it’s a giant tampon

Peach Tea : Do you know how much kfc I can buy with $100

sus Ripper : I thought they were pills so I clicked on the video/ thanks for likes my soundcloud is sus Ripper

JurbPlayz : He was definently sponsored

emily kim : this is the most sponsored video I’ve ever seen in my life

Daydreaming Eclipse : My airpods were given rose gold right away 😎 And I'm basically a snow woman

Laura Jensen : it doesn’t look like a toothbrush NO IT LOOKS LIKE A TAMPON

abel : he literally talks and looks like kelso from that 70’s show

Hana Aboughanem : The white AirPods are literally the best colour the other colours looks disgusting but the white is the best because it literally matches everyone and no one thinks it looks like a toothbrush

A3nderPearl YT : *I'm the whitest kid you would see* *Heh*

Njofra : you know that if you lose your airpods you can go to your 1 phone app that finds your mIsSiNg AiRpOdS

Hunter Youngdahl : Keaton doesnt know colors

Lady Lindsey : when you’re spoiled and can’t find your air pods with in 10 minutes so you buy a new pair..

Dumbsparce : Smells like BROKE in this comment section

Andrew Watters : This dude has good content but he’s a little cringey

Imani Namutebi : One day I’m gonna... 6th pair?! YOU COULD BE GIVING THAT MONEY TO CHARITY YOU RICH FRICK

The Red Iron Man : Keaton doesn’t know colors.

Ben Brown : This guy is the Jake Paul of tech channels

sakura jackson : i know that its good and all but the capsule looks like a tampon and he overreacts about everything

zach feit : Rip off air pods, Rip off orange skin color, AND a Rip off 21 Savage😂😭😭

william cash : They look like a hearing aid

Michael Vaughans : ‘’KEATON DOSEN’T KNOW COLORS’’

Niko Kodila : I didn't know he is listening to emo bands

Elise Baldwin : Ummm the cases are pretty much the same size......

Jeremiah Slaven : I lost mine in 2weeks 😭

nolongerrubybow : is that the pill mr. krabs ate?

Dear Sky : “Kyle dog are you getting this?” mad respect bro 👊

Victoria Brown : lol hi I love ur vids. I love the colors of these things and this looks definitely worth it. I would choose white or rose gold. Whose with me??

Shamus Harrigan : Sorry I don’t speak broke

Gammer God : Keaton Doesn’t Know Colors

Josué Tavárez : If Airpods are that bad, why you still buying them?

will Di : Buys a dozen of $100 Bluetooth earbuds Doesn't have an iPhone X

Gaming Heezous : Keaton doesn’t know his colors

LPSSpiritAnimal TV : I legit got an AirPod ad before this vid lmao

Watermelon 9786 : Keaton doesn’t know colors

Mario Encinas : who else is getting anxiety looking at the stack of the ear buds

Anissa Komosinski : Keaton doesn't know colors

Smiley Lemon : I couldn’t hear you.

Riley LeBlanc : Keaton doesn’t know colors

SMPLY 90's : Keaton doesn’t know colors

Kellyy Mariee : If u keep buying AirPods and losing them that means you shouldn’t be buying them bc you are not responsible


Tintin Larsson : I don’ like em’


Gamer DuDe 3 : Keaton doesn’t know colours

Austin Cabooch : The reason you lose AirPods so much is because you have no reality of what it costs for the average person to continually buy em... rich snob problems

Ashley! Bruce : This is sponsored, right? 😬🤣

Slime and DIYS : Can u please send me one of those?