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LemonOVA : Invest in the future SexBots instead

DammitSinged : _Cryptos vs Bloodos_

NSPcrazY112 : Yeah, don't invest in d0gcoins. You need to invest in *MOIST* coins.

Giant Dolphin : Guys i swear it's not a pyramid scheme

Darrell Barrett : Yeah... when I seek out investment advice, the first place I usually go is on YouTube gaming/comedy channels -- It only makes sense. Now excuse me while I go down a couple Tide Pods.

ShinyJess : understood. putting 100% of my income into cryptos

Ique : Ok but Sea of Thieves is gonna be lit

lento : i can't believe that actual people didn't understand the blatant sarcasm that this beautiful, tortured man injected into his every word and made real decisions with their _money_ and then proceed to turn on our lord and savior for their own stupid ass decisions. _what._

Photon137 : Genuinely sad that you had to make this video

Dizzy : Good reminder Charlie. Sadly the masses wanna get rich quick. I still think crypto is a huge opportunity but it's never a good idea to ride all your hopes on a single investment and this market is gonna take several years to mature into anything remotely close to steady.

Libertas in Veritate : Just bought 50 bottlecaps, but I had to sell my Power Armor Helmet

mewtwoy : Damn, did not expect to see your face, next time put a notice so i can get my lube tank ready

Miguel Gordillo : somethingawful's been making fun of bitcoin and its branches for years. every new failure, every new scam and theft. it's been an awesome ride. it was a nice libertarian dream. is** i guess. hope it lasts for more laughs.

Not Michael Jordan : Just put everything into crypto. It’s ride or die on crypto for me boys. Hope this excellent advice pans out.

HAZARDOUS88 : A shame you have to make a video about common-sense.

PublicFreakout : IN THE FLESH. I've been watching you since like 2010, keep up the great work man!

RubberDonky : never invest what yee isn't willing to lose

Luck Duck : Maybe I can buy a graphics card now

AMG Crow : Just brought a somewhat used gpu (1070) from a family whos relative hanged himself after investing into doge coins. All things considered a pretty good deal only mined for like 7months and it doesn't look like he undervolted it. Just wait for the second hand cards to drop en mass in the market and enjoy.

Jonathan : If you truly want great returns, the answer is Garlicoin my friends.

A Giraffe : B-b-but I made $69,000,000 by investing in GiraffeCoin!

H Orsidus : We all know bottle caps is the way to go.

HorizonofOsiris : I am going to name my son after you.

Larxyy : if these people are honestly dumb enough to dump their money into a market they know nothing about, its their fault alone and nobody else's

NPC Mimic : People who actually thought critikal was being serious about cryptos prolly call him penguinz

IEMK : slamming those coinfags back down to reality

Persona44 : Try investing in the Might Thirsty

Gakell : That's the thing though Charlie, libertarians don't have a sense of humor.

PHATERTL : There's a ton of scams and currencies popping up on exchanges constantly, the trick to not buying 20000 AnalCoins™ is to actually take the time to research their organization, look through their whitepapers, find how credible their resources are and if you're knowledgeable look through the source code and see if its utter trash or not.

Batfreeze : Wait... My stock in Blockbuster is useless?

TheKingraptor724 : One piece of advice for investing. If a fad is going around a stock. You already lost. The real money made from investing is when no one is talking about it and then everyone is talking about it.

Solyn Cassia : Those are people who can’t take responsibility for their actions.

Jewce Man : Charlie you clearly don’t see the value in robux. Give it one year before robux becomes the national currency

Athena♡ : I've been investing in Womencoin. It's so easy, how do you people do 9-5.... :/

Tiff : "Don't invest that which you aren't willing to lose." - Jesus "Critikal" Christ

Matthew Panaro : I mean, have you seen baldcoin? Its soaring in the Korean markets.

NorthArcher : I wouldn't even trust most legit sources that talk about crypto. Because most of the time, you're better off making your own decisions anyway.

Tony Feng : Invest in old asian man wall decals!!

PHATERTL : Lies, everyone buy TRON! It's totally not an artificially pumped up platform with literally no foundation and nothing behind it. Just look at the stock numbers, they never lie!

Richie Demo : This is what happens when your sarcastic voice is the same as your normal emotionless voice.

forsmanos : It clearly says in the Bible Page 912, Jesus says "in about 2000 years there'll be this thing called crypto. Don't invest in it."

username taken : rule number 1: never EVER put money into crypto you are not willing to loee completely. only put money that you are ready to throw to wind and never see it.

Admiralex91 : proud money looking good though :P

T Minus : But I have a ton of them, I have this little empire of imaginary flumbles that I couldn't buy a used condom with

Ak47 : Invest in chocolate coins people. they're delicious

Justin Gregg : Isn't it ironic that the add i got before this video is promoting Bitcoin?

Abdullah Mamun : You look like Gilfoyle's disappointed younger brother.

Xinless Vice : This is the first video that I heard anything about crypto. Good thing too.

FuranDuron : Gonna laugh when cryptocuntoins fall to 0

SuperHero1234123 : Personally my contention is if one was to demonstrate such a diminished mental capacity by not being able to distinguish sarcasm from a legitimate statement deserves to take the hit. If you’re 18+ and are not inflicted by any sincere psychological inhibitions you deserve to learn from your transgression. If you are in fact privy to the former statement, then you shouldn’t even be worried about stuff like this. It’s common sense. A dying commodity it seems.