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PaperBagBerry : Charlie's new bitcoin currency: MoistCoin

Ique : Ok but Sea of Thieves is gonna be lit

NSPcrazY112 : Yeah, don't invest in d0gcoins. You need to invest in *MOIST* coins.

Darrell Barrett : Yeah... when I seek out investment advice, the first place I usually go is on YouTube gaming/comedy channels -- It only makes sense. Now excuse me while I go down a couple Tide Pods.

Giant Dolphin : Guys i swear it's not a pyramid scheme

DammitSinged : _Cryptos vs Bloodos_

PublicFreakout : IN THE FLESH. I've been watching you since like 2010, keep up the great work man!

The Bloo Kirby : all you plebians losing cash investing in bitcoins and dogecoin, i'm gonna be rolling in fat stacks after i invest in robux. see you in my gold plated mansion, losers!

lento : i can't believe that actual people didn't understand the blatant sarcasm that this beautiful, tortured man injected into his every word and made real decisions with their _money_ and then proceed to turn on our lord and savior for their own stupid ass decisions. _what._

Bullet Tooth Tony : Just put everything into crypto. It’s ride or die on crypto for me boys. Hope this excellent advice pans out.

Photon137 : Genuinely sad that you had to make this video

Supremax67 : So it's not financial advise, which means we can ignore everything he said? Own up people, if you are giving financial advise and you then tell people it's not financial advise, it's like WTF! It's like saying, I'll give you some water because you are thirsty but you are not allowed to drink it. Own up to your statements.

mewtwoy : Damn, did not expect to see your face, next time put a notice so i can get my lube tank ready

ShinyJess : understood. putting 100% of my income into cryptos

Toasty Floogen : Just bought 50 bottlecaps, but I had to sell my Power Armor Helmet

AMG Crow : Just brought a somewhat used gpu (1070) from a family whos relative hanged himself after investing into doge coins. All things considered a pretty good deal only mined for like 7months and it doesn't look like he undervolted it. Just wait for the second hand cards to drop en mass in the market and enjoy.

HorizonofOsiris : I am going to name my son after you.

RubberDonky : never invest what yee isn't willing to lose

PUECUE : Robux is the best crypto currency

Allergic to NUT : Try investing in the Might Thirsty

Yotaku : I’ll get Charlie to invest for me

Larxyy : if these people are honestly dumb enough to dump their money into a market they know nothing about, its their fault alone and nobody else's

Matthew Panaro : I mean, have you seen baldcoin? Its soaring in the Korean markets.

Turbo Tumble : I agree no one should invest all their money into crypto currencies. Plural that is, invest only in one: Dogecoin.

Austin Christopherson : I mean... It's not that bad. Just read about who you are investing in. No need to shit on it. But I do love you charlie

N1NJ4 : The rise of troncoin

SlicO3 : Your hot

Michael O'Brien : I know little about crypto currency but my dad makes a chunk of money on it

Brycen Woolever : i got an ad of tai lopez talking about cryptocurrency being "important for 2018"- But hey, that means Charlie is still getting ads so.....Eh.

Solanacia : "What is a bitcoin? Is it made of viruses?" "Worse, Libertarian Ideals" -Something Awful But naw bitcoins are a good investment, if you're dealing in the black market, which is where ~90% of bitcoin exchange happens.

King Ditto : Financial natural selection

MDawg19 : Guys, Siacoin is up 58% over the last 24 hours. HOLD ME FAM.

IEMK : slamming those coinfags back down to reality

WodernWarfareTree : Khajit has wares if you have the coin

Lamo Wohajcareas : 3:35 hurr durr crypto is bad take for example these TWO times shit has gone bad xD. Way to be objective. I understand the audience is a bunch of muppets and you wanna be explicit how scary of a place crypto is but gtfo.

Luck Duck : Maybe I can buy a graphics card now

Jonny : I'm not buying Bitcoin, I just mine when I sleep.

Mel Laknanurak : Invest in *Nutrincoin*

Calvin_Coolage : Now we wait for the rise of SiaCoin.

beef rat : not trying to inject a fedora tipping comment but i’m going to make a wild guess and day you don’t know too much about economics. governments like Venezuela and zimbabwe have already fallen to the failed system of debt based cash. don’t lock crypto as a whole before first looking into the economic system we have in place today

Jay 1Games : nice asia old man sticker

hellsgate700 : I always feel like critikal's voice in his irl videos are being dubbed over by critikal

The Man Himself : Who is this sexy son of a bitch and where is my moist gameplay?

Victor McCallum : He's being sarcastic guys, he actually means donate more money to cryto currency


Princess Oumi : Daddy

H Orsidus : We all know bottle caps is the way to go.

Hipster Walrus : That's why you invest in DogeCoin.

Jaxefer : So you're telling me to invest 40% or my income into cryptocurrency

Jewce Man : Charlie you clearly don’t see the value in robux. Give it one year before robux becomes the national currency