Somebody made a Cypress Hill Insane in the Brain spot from the puppets lol

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Medication time for Bert and Ernie!


SavageGreywolf : Sometimes, Youtube algorithm sometimes you're alllllllhright.

Robert Zeurunkl : OMG. If you've ever tried to sync audio to video.... You know this took HOURS AND HOURS to do.....

Brent Vice : This broadcast of Sesame Street was brought to you by the number *42* and the letter *O*

Anthony Dlugos : what's wrong with a world where Gangnam Style went viral and this didn't?

coolbluelights : How did I get here from watching diesel engine startups...

Optic Ass : I cannot beleive ive never seen this. Its genius.

stone cold fan 316 : Classic hip-hop and old-school sesame Street great combo.

bankrow - Hip Hop and Trap Beats : WHY has this not gone viral lol

Marybeth Eby : Note to self...Start and end every day watching this video..😂😂

Dinosaur : Bert's verse is on fire

MWorsa : That pirate costume though 😆😆😆👻👻👻💯🏆

Asaun Johnson : 😂😂😂who tf made this chit im dying

oz10 1cent : 2:16 I start to Laugh Hard when the video matches the rap perfectly lol

Daffney Dalilah : All of my life has lead up to this moment. Alert the mothership, I’m ready to go home now.

J.K. Benedict : My childhood heroes with one of the greatest party joints ever? == EPIC! Thanks!

Les Toil : This is a masterpiece undertaking.

johnpa2006 : Who are the 79 people that down voted this video !! Those people are insane, THIS IS VIDEO GOLD RIGHT HERE !!!

Herbert Orendorff : Pure genius just pure genius

ivory louise : 1:34 Bert's face. Priceless. That alone made Xmas Merry. 🎄😁🎄😆🎄🤣🎄😅🎄😀🎄

Jessica Belcher : his serious face tho

Raul: Trashlord : This is beautiful

Alexx S. : this is savage AF man!!!

SSG Mercado : I fucking love this version, just became my favorite LOL

xxkingspazxx : God daaaayam son... this video deserves ALL THE VOTES. Hahaha well done.

OmikronWeapon : That trumpet! XD Good stuff

Raymundo Mendoza : It's 2019 and i'm just now discovering this... I'm disappointed 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ oh well i'm here now though

Ken Hill : What would Jim Henson say about this!?! 😕

Brickcasso EM : This Sesame Street was brought to you by the "4" and the letter "L" for lit :-)

Chris Callaghan : Without Rubber Duckie that would have been nothing...

Ramon Gallegos : Oh damn that's tight 😂😂

Patricia Lutz : How hilarious is this??!!!! My goodness,it's Masterpiece work 😁

trwijbenga : YouTube recommendations are spot on every once in a while. This is great

george the greek : how have I never seen this before freaking funny as hell

Gary Ford : Amazing syncing dude, love it.

Tim Siu : This is amazing but the Bert and Ernie are miming the wrong parts. Bert is soooo B-Real Ernie is blatantly Sen Dog Stat

Frankie AK-47 : Man this is gold!!!

kris sanchez : these Muppet flows are so dope! good work

KorpsePaintKlown : I honestly thought Ernie would be Sen and Bert would be B-Real. Plot twist.

donald macleod : I think they're miming.

frankenzion0001 : You should do a video of the Muppets doing The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground.

norlens noel : I need a behind the scenes to see how long it takes to actually match these scenes with the lyrics

Eric Adams : Damn. I didn't know they sang like this on sesame st.. I would've watched it if I knew this went down. Lol

Thdxbll3 : I think B Real looks more like Bert, actually — but pretty damn perfect otherwise.

Kofie Yeboah : The greatest channel on Youtube

Jay Smock : 1:32 I'm dyin 😂😂😂😂😂

Cafemar M : 😂😂😂noo way 😄

Michael Phillips : Is it weird that this fits the theme of Bert and Ernie perfectly when they are at their funniest?

Christopher Jaimes : this shit is so lit 😂😂😂

Rusty Shackleford : B-real would say "you know" to this!