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Blue Marvel : I don't know how i got here but i'm not leaving lol

bankrow - Hip Hop and Trap Beats : WHY has this not gone viral lol

Anthony Dlugos : what's wrong with a world where Gangnam Style went viral and this didn't?

MWorsa : That pirate costume though 😆😆😆👻👻👻💯🏆

Asaun Johnson : 😂😂😂who tf made this chit im dying

Tim Siu : This is amazing but the Bert and Ernie are miming the wrong parts. Bert is soooo B-Real Ernie is blatantly Sen Dog Stat

Raul: Trashlord : This is beautiful

Craig Wilson : I cannot beleive ive never seen this. Its genius.

J.K. Benedict : My childhood heroes with one of the greatest party joints ever? == EPIC! Thanks!

United Plankton : this deserves a nobel prize, and not a fake one like obama got....

frankenzion0001 : You should do a video of the Muppets doing The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground.

Rick Orozco : Mad props on your video skills! VERY clean with the timing. I like the other videos you've made, I shared on FB. Keep up the great work, G!

Cafemar M : 😂😂😂noo way 😄

Kofie Yeboah : The greatest channel on Youtube

Oz10 1 cent : 2:16 I start to Laugh Hard when the video matches the rap perfectly lol

Dinosaur : Bert's verse is on fire

Ramon Gallegos : Oh damn that's tight 😂😂

Ken Hill : What would Jim Henson say about this!?! 😕

KorovaMilkBar : Between these videos and Bert Strips, I'll never look at Sesame Street the same again.

kris sanchez : these Muppet flows are so dope! good work

Jessica Belcher : his serious face tho

SSG Mercado : I fucking love this version, just became my favorite LOL

OmikronWeapon : That trumpet! XD Good stuff

Gerard Ferrer : Watching in 2018

Nick Dionne : I might be high as shit but this is the greatest thing I've seen in a long ass time

johnpa2006 : Who are the 79 people that down voted this video !! Those people are insane, THIS IS VIDEO GOLD RIGHT HERE !!!

Media One : Genius! Puuure genius.

xxkingspazxx : God daaaayam son... this video deserves ALL THE VOTES. Hahaha well done.

Frankie AK-47 : Man this is gold!!!

JOEL FLSA : Yes Ernie drive poor Bert INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE Poor Bert can't even sleep with him lol

Kevin Nicanor : hahah hilarious do more

Jade Rose : what season of muppets is this?

Les Toil : This is a masterpiece undertaking.

Amy Howard : Lol

Prime Tap : I love this and Bert Is Evil.

Mxrider2stroke Braaap : Hahah great👍🏻😂

donald macleod : I think they're miming.

Joe Cassidy : classic 😂😂😂

ThePosichris : Thank you Internets, thank you

Darrel Wordsound : Mylo the Cat made this!

Lyndberg Massena : This is freakin good🔥

applepitz : *this is king yo..... so dope...*

Krambo44 : Awesome job on the edits. This is so funny. 🤛🏼

xavi wingz : Love this

Patricia Lutz : How hilarious is this??!!!! My goodness,it's Masterpiece work 😁

Chuck Keough : Nobody does this better than you. Artist on another level.

Solidfact42 : Wasn't entirely certain what to expect out of this one...enjoyed every second though.

cola tsang : hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Rand Amonium : I Love it! Well Done.

blackice : I always knew Ernie was a badass, but Bert, too? Wow, you learn something new every day. Cookie Monster would be perfect for this song, or that frigging pimp The Count.