YouTube Went Down (but I found a loophole)

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YouTube completely crashed, I didn't know what to do without YouTube. I decided to try to find a loophole. It worked. I went live. It was a lot of fun. A few minutes later, by coincidence, YouTube was up and working. I hope you enjoyed: "YouTube Went Down (but I found a loophole)" Be sure to leave a "Like" and a "Subscribe" If you want to see more videos comment below! Comment below to get some cookies to help you with YouTube withdrawals. Watch another video ► ► FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM ► @The_Real_Elixir FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ► @The_Real_Elixir ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT ► @ElixirYT You're still reading? You should Like, Comment, and Subscribe! Business Inquires email:


ElTaco8 : 600 viewers...decided to stop streaming

Omar 1111 : Finally changing the outro song.... You should use the old one on Christmas day lol so it actually works

FourEyed Gamer : I was there elixir;)

Brysen Price : Good job fixing YouTube.

EJSFilms2K : my youtube broke lastnight too. wish I had known elixir fixed it 5 minutes later. Gotta go eat some c o w a m e l now.

CLaUDsTer HD : Mute the outro song and play something else simple

Wes Troublesome : Elixer doesn't even stream and he found this before anyone in the Cx network! HEhehehHe

Mr. Hospitality : I literally felt so empty last night. Instagram was my only friend for about an hour. God bless U Elixer. 😀

Uzzie Cerda : Almost at 50k Subs!! What is going to be the 50k special?! 😏

BunnyLovesHam : Elixir is the King of YouTube! LONG *LIVE* THE KING 👑

Archiliesx : I was live but when YouTube crashed so did my stream

lp mit max : Give me a cookie!!!

C Prez : I swear elixir is gonna find the key to the universe

chrisfrombp : I got the notification when you went live! How many people did you end up peaking at while live?

copper snoop : I watched the streams

Darrell Dath : Elixir for the TTS Network.

Chris P : your editing is so good man omg

Vaggos Λ : Elixir the hacker

FourEyed Gamer : I WAS FIRST 💀💀

Audun Vestby : 2nd

BertilSteen : Elixir if you heart this You are confirmed Homo <3

Imabeasttt 1124 : Did this happen last night because it happened to me

someone magical : YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY DIDN'T I GET ANY NOTIFICATION FOR THIS GREAT VIDEO????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

AuthenticPug : ELIXIR IS GOD

Falrop : I was freaking out like crazy

Pablo solis : Watched livestream

Jon Doe : Your hilarious!

Random Stranger : I WAS HERE PogU

TTV Swaybul : haha love you man

FBI : May I have a cookie plz?

RavageRaps : 😜

F.B.I : I have proof you fixed YouTube

Super Mario Signature : I can't believe you fixed YouTube!! You are a legend.

Oilerpa : Nooooo. Love your outro song!!!!!!!

Ben Williams : Great video

Me Vs Pewdiepie : I remember this 🤣🤣Literally he was basically the boss of YouTube during that time

Qdawg lobster : he*l*lo edit: thanks for heart

Birky Dirky : When YouTube is down someone DM Elixir

Thomas Brunson : I have the same phonecase

Jason Carlson : Please don't change the song, I love it

lenard playz : hi

Junior Nieto : It pages but your voice fixed it lol.

[K A P O C H A L L O W] : Ya did it bro

James jr1111 : DONT CHANGE THE OUTRO SONG PLSSSS it feels like Christmas whenever i watch your videos

iZqy : 4:14 LOL "ice made you"

Aiz Gualberto : :)

Titania Evil : Why you speak like THAT?

REX : 👍👍👍👌👌👌👌

showgirls around the world a dancer family : Cool vlog