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Clark Kent : My man licked his lips after he finished. 1:30

AcidGlow : And this is why the show got cancelled... damn..

Aman Singh : came here after listening to Joe Rogan's podcast 😂😂😼

David Barry : They say it was 100% donkey semen, but we all know the entire cast and crew busted a nut into those jugs before the event without the contestants knowing just for shits and giggles.

Justin McNeil : 1:46 if i had a dollar for every time i seen that exact runny mascara regret face on a girl after she just downed some semen...

Raul : after that ...  she can´t say no to her boyfriend

J Hans : Here after listening to rogan

Jason Downs : The donkey be like,"so what are you doing after the show?"

Donald Monroe : no one's a winner here


Hâkx : obviously not the first time she has swallowed ;)

Z. Wilson : those girls have no valid excuse the next time they give their boyfriends head.

Ahissa Renee : *Cleveland voice* That's just nasty...

All Brown : 1:08 Joe Rogan has orgasm after watching his fetish live! Lmao

Force edge 88 : these people have no dignity

Ashley Carter : This show proves that people will do anything for money 💰 (anything)!

alex leyden : Who's watching this after joes podcast? Your as sick as me

Skyrilla : The level of degeneracy on western TV is just off the charts. I'm not overly religious but we need an armageddon at this point.

Anna Menker : I like watching Fear Factor, but they just took it WAY too far this time.

Tom Brady : I can't believe how easily they got it down it makes me think its fake

incredible916 : I literally cried laughing at this scene. They just kept showing the donkeys. The cheering made it even funnier. Joe Rogan greatest host ever.

Random Uploader : Joe rogan prolly nut in it

Satanic Speed Metalhead : that's too much even if they all got 50k from that, which they didn't

Stan : What a time to be alive.

Aurourus : These people are the reason why god doesn't talk to us anymore.

Nesha Britwood : I'm about to throw up just watching this.

d Smith : bruh whose job was it to jack off those donkeys

Christian Rodriguez : Joe rogan brought me back

jakep1979 : Is she single?! lmao

Headsprouter : I'm actually nothing but impressed with their resilience.

Werolynn : how did the donkey feel about this...

LaQueens : the fall of Rome

Lilcomet Psn : I wanna see bear grylls on here

lox tupoi : Put like if you fapped to it.

Chanclas : this is the worst thing I've ever seen on reality tv

OmNi WaRrIoR : Imagine the girls just drinking normal human semen it'll be a bit better... Maybe.

Disco Stu : Because of the internet your future children will see you doing this, what a proud moment for you all. Idiots.

SwZ : once i saw this on watchmojo, i had to come swe it

Jamie Thunder : Weird part of the tube again..

Frank Miranda : This killed Fear Factor


Jacob Smith : Out of allllllllll the shows to win money.. You chose this to win money?? Wtf

SoYou Know : Hahahahahaha, just came here after hearing Joe saying this would never see the light of day :p

Ragesauce : Next time my gf has an issue with swallowing, I will show her this episode.

Ryan MacGibbon : Someone had to milk those Donkey's for hours LOL

Alexis Wright : how did they get the semen...

Eisie Buddaie : here because of joe rogans podcast.

Matthew Hier : I bet the donkey who donated had one hell of a good time :3

SHARE H!S V!S!0N : Wow, that didnt taste like my husbands.....

Fortnite Memes : How did they even make those donkeys nut???