What Makes a Psychopath?

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irrelavant13 : I'm glad I unlocked the "empathy" ability early on in the game. Otherwise, my character would be a psychopath.

Casa Blanca : Psychopaths are really interesting

Nx AniClip : Breaking rules? Sure.. i pushed a pull door once..

Semi-Automatic Tool Gun : I am a psychopath. I feel no empathy, *I've killed thousands of players on Minecraft Factions and raided their bases* without a second thought. I manipulate others, *I've seduced a girl on ROBLOX to become my girlfriend* only to steal her ROBUX and hats. I'm intelligent, *I've beaten all the other high scores on **coolmathgames.com* in a single try. I'm narcissistic, *I'm writing this comment right now* .

I'm Batman : He should have used gloves now how the hell would he get the blonde

Rhino Alestorm : Everyone in the comments is just naming bald people and saying that the videos about them.

ManchmalPfosten : Oh yea im totally a psychopath. Lack of empathy? I dont care that you broke your elbow Superficial charm? A girl once looked at me without vomiting Manipulation? I did a girls homework once and she gave me a bionicle Narcisism? I can look in the mirror without crying High intelligence? I watch rick and morty Get away form me, lower scum.

Christina V : I know this is random but he looks like Mr.Clean

John Mivule : Oh man, I should check my character becuz right now he is at a level of showing little to no emotion.

jsbd hsvsbs : I never thank the bus driver, am I a psychopath?

DimentiosLoyalest : This story is so unrealistic, he never would have been arrested in the first place. Hell, they would have locked up the guy that identified him.

Beelzebub 666 : Some paths lead to Psychopaths

Lunos : When 12 yr olds kill 1 person in fortnite "Am I a psychopath?"

L u n a T i c : An alternate Universe where Saitama isn't one punch man.

DARKSTAR : After reading half the comments I really want to blow my head off. BEING A PYSCHOPATH SHOULD NOT BE A GOAL PEOPLE, IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU COOL OR EDGY JUST AN ASS.

Pigeon Overlord : Everybody new something was up with Caillou. We just couldn't stop him in time.

mel : There are 5 million psycopath in the world. Have you met one? Yeah, everyday. On the mirror.

Fluffkin : "breaking the rules" Not using the Wii mote strap

Tristenator plays games : The thing people forget is real psychopaths could never admit it usually do their narcissism because they lack the ability to see something wrong with them. Also they wouldn’t be drawing attention to themselves here they’d want to keep it quiet to avoid people to be open to manipulate people

irrelavant13 : I'm glad I unlocked the "empathy" ability early on in the game. Otherwise, my character would be a psychopath.

Jaseh O.O : I feel like Donald trump is a phycopath

Ghotda : I've killed so many people on cs:go am i a psychopath?

Era Aion : Hey why you hatin on Lex Luthor?

Random person : Yup, that's definetly Baldi from Baldi's Basics

Aylmao : I think I might be a psychopath . I don’t have empathy, I fake it sometimes. I love to manipulate people. I like getting in trouble at school. And sometimes I don’t think I can feel, feel emotions

André : My, my, do I spy edgy comments in this section. I have no words.

Elior Idida : I think this guy is Lex Luthor....

Marx : When a kid gets banned on hypixel on minecraft

Velvet Blush : "Out of every 100 people you meet, one will be like me." Yeah, no, that's not how statistics work.

UNICORN CAKE : Not really like this for me as a physchopath mostly constant sadness it’s insane to be happy at least for a second

Foldager Productions : *Johnny Sins*

Simon Davis : Of course he's a psychopath he's clearly lex Luther. Lol

DMC dragonknight : Did not know Lex Luthor was feature in the video!

James Hill : If you are the cat... why are you in a prison cell? Lol

HAL 9000 : So I'm guessing you have been arrested for something serious before? That explains why they would have your fingerprints in their database. But to be vice president for one the biggest company in the country and having a criminal record at the same time seems sketch. Or maybe you ain't no psychopathy just someone with one hell of an imagination who just needs to work a bit better on their stories.

fence : I'm a sadist and i can truly say that man has no taste in suffering methods.

legoraptor 35 : Agent 47 is that you?

Mighty Two-Headed Meerkat : *Every other comment is either talking about the video, his voice, or arguing whether or not someone is or is not a psychopath* Me: How the hell do these people draw this good? Damn; it's so smooth!

BLUSAUCE : Isnt this a sociopath

Based Kris : i remember one time I entered thru an automatic sliding door that said exit

Konrad Gozon : Phycopaths are so evil

polish anti anime penguin : Breaking rules Using xrays to find diamonds in minecraft

TornadoAzulK4 : What if saitama succeeded in his job interview instead of becoming a hero

John1257 : *Here comes all the 12 year olds with sonic profile pictures saying they are phycopaths.*

Crimson AJ : Lex Luthor..? Is that you??

macy lawler : He reminds me of barney stinson

Itz me you're gal horse : whaaaaaaa woah

Chuck E Cheese's Brother : Is that Caillou in the future?

Lena Jsjs : I now understand everything because of your videos😌💖

Jonathan Sherwood : So does making jokes at funerals count as a lack of empathy even if you never knew the person?