What Makes a Psychopath?

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ThisIsFrog : god damn it caillou come to think of it, this entire video actually does describe what caillou probably thinks very well and not just because he's bald :O

V Play’z : We should’ve stopped caillou when we could

SynOCE : im a psychopath i didnt thank the bus driver once

That girl with the Plastic Pony : A suit that cost more than some peoples cars. LIL TAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Irrel Avant : I'm glad I unlocked the "empathy" ability early on in the game. Otherwise, my character would be a psychopath.

House Of Scare : I once rode a bike without my helmet........ FEAR ME

Miu Meo : m r c l e a n ?

Moon Bunny Galaxy : I dab in 2018 Fear me people

Filipenko : Apparently like 60% people in comments claim to be psychopaths

Semi-Automatic Tool Gun : I am a psychopath. I feel no empathy, *I've killed thousands of players on Minecraft Factions and raided their bases* without a second thought. I manipulate others, *I've seduced a girl on ROBLOX to become my girlfriend* only to steal her ROBUX and hats. I'm intelligent, *I've beaten all the other high scores on **coolmathgames.com* in a single try. I'm narcissistic, *I'm writing this comment right now* .

ღThe Shining Sapphireღ : I've always felt that rules hold me back That's why I replaced my bully's homework with blank pieces of paper WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!

Scorecatron : An actual psychopath wouldn't go about telling everybody they're a psychopath. Remember that before you post a comment, edgy 12 year olds.

Ricez : *Shane Dawson has joined the chat*

Pavla D : You know what they say about bald people, *they sacrifice hair for power*

Hashirama Senju : He should have used gloves now how the hell would he get the blonde

Flo- Mage : is being a Psychopath so cool?! or why everyone is writing comments that they are psycho's...

TheNameless Channel : I ate breakfast in lunch time... *Now fear me*

My Imaginary World Exists! : I found it so satisfying to watch you drawing and coloring these pictures.

SnowWitchPrincess : Saitama why I thought you were a hero!

Nx AniClip : Breaking rules? Sure.. i pushed a pull door once..

bugman bugman : and here come all the comments from edgy people proudly saying "I'm a psychopath!", even though leaving youtube comments is a pretty good indication that the person cares what other people think.

TT Y : *remembers the spider she killed in her backyard*

Jonny Test : hah you all will never understand the madness of me, it is quite fantastic you are all my play things. -edgy 13 y/o

1.000 subscribers without any videos Challenge. : I'm a Psycho. I brushed my teeth and 10 seconds later i drank juice.

Phenomenal 1 : Awwwwwww Cailou is all grown up now!

ChristianIs 24/7 : Good job Agent 47, you'll receive your payment later.

White Tiger : This is the first time that finger prints actually solved a crime

Pika Zilla : The description says Joker yet the guy looks like Lex Luthor

Casa Blanca : Psychopaths are really interesting

Potato ._. : *Not again Mr. Clean*

Tom_ Scorpio-9r : Light yagami

ariana grande : 1/25 ppl are sociopaths, be safe kids

TheGamer : I dabbed then did the orange justice IM CRAZYYYYY I deserve a like

Ryan Meyer : 1 % of the world's population are true psychopaths. Yet here 95% of the comment section are full of edgy psychopaths.

Moon Cast : The only things that understand why I do all those bad things are........animals, animals are my best friend they understand me they just do

ham vic : Brou is thes fake?😶😖

Owl Leep : Im a psychopath. I didnt feel bad when i stole an extra piece of candy from my sister without her knowing. Im so manipulative 🤭🤫😊😁😏😏😏😏😏

Rinon :0 : i almost died while sliding i laughed fear me

yasmin ; : Murdered someone without using gloves, you call this high intelligence?

Mctickle Nugget : Why does this dude look ike agent 47 from thr game Hitman

Owl Dev : Does anyone know who this is portyaing?

Savvy Weston : Shane is shook 😂

Mr.Minimix : Hello ой тоессть привет!

Fluffkin : "breaking the rules" Not using the Wii mote strap

BarbaraKean FromGotham : Make a video: Sociopath. I think i am a little sociopath... I dont feel empathy on random people whoe die a brutal dead... I dont cry or have eny feelings when me uncle die... IDK mebe we all psychopats, somebothy is psychopath deep inside hes mind and somebothy is psychopath and dont care what are people thinking...

양꼬치듀오. : I Still Sing PPAP And I Dab 10 Times A Day *Fear Me*

KAANTAMTUNALI : is that Lex Luthor

umer choudhry : 1% r 67% of people in the comment section claiming 2 be a physopath

Alyssa Stella : Jesus I would break some rules but never kill