What Makes a Psychopath?

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ThisIsFrog : god damn it caillou come to think of it, this entire video actually does describe what caillou probably thinks very well and not just because he's bald :O

V Play’z : We should’ve stopped caillou when we could

1.000 subscribers without any videos Challenge. : I'm a Psycho. I brushed my teeth and 10 seconds later i drank juice.

Pavla D : You know what they say about bald people, *they sacrifice hair for power*

Irrel Avant : I'm glad I unlocked the "empathy" ability early on in the game. Otherwise, my character would be a psychopath.

Scorecatron : An actual psychopath wouldn't go about telling everybody they're a psychopath. Remember that before you post a comment, edgy 12 year olds.

Potato ._. : *Not again Mr. Clean*

Moon Bunny Galaxy : I dab in 2018 Fear me people

My Imaginary World Exists! : I found it so satisfying to watch you drawing and coloring these pictures.

Jotaro Kujo : He should have used gloves now how the hell would he get the blonde

ღSapphire Symphonyღ : I've always felt that rules hold me back That's why I replaced my bully's homework with blank pieces of paper WHO'S LAUGHING NOW?!

ChristianIs 24/7 : Good job Agent 47, you'll receive your payment later.

Ricez : *Shane Dawson has joined the chat*

TheNameless Channel : I ate breakfast in lunch time... *Now fear me*

Semi-Automatic Tool Gun : I am a psychopath. I feel no empathy, *I've killed thousands of players on Minecraft Factions and raided their bases* without a second thought. I manipulate others, *I've seduced a girl on ROBLOX to become my girlfriend* only to steal her ROBUX and hats. I'm intelligent, *I've beaten all the other high scores on **coolmathgames.com* in a single try. I'm narcissistic, *I'm writing this comment right now* .

bugman bugman : and here come all the comments from edgy people proudly saying "I'm a psychopath!", even though leaving youtube comments is a pretty good indication that the person cares what other people think.

Phenomenal 1 : Awwwwwww Cailou is all grown up now!

TT Y : *remembers the spider she killed in her backyard*

Jonny Test : hah you all will never understand the madness of me, it is quite fantastic you are all my play things. -edgy 13 y/o

Casa Blanca : Psychopaths are really interesting

Choopi : This is the first time that finger prints actually solved a crime

Pika Zilla : The description says Joker yet the guy looks like Lex Luthor

Coochie Bandit : Why does this dude look ike agent 47 from thr game Hitman

CraftyUmbrella : *So this is what happened to Calliou after the series..*

Nx AniClip : Breaking rules? Sure.. i pushed a pull door once..

ariana grande : 1/25 ppl are sociopaths, be safe kids

TheGamer : I dabbed then did the orange justice IM CRAZYYYYY I deserve a like


umer choudhry : 1% r 67% of people in the comment section claiming 2 be a physopath

Angel Berry : Caillou or Lex Luther Lex Luther Like Caillou reply / comment

Owl Leep : Im a psychopath. I didnt feel bad when i stole an extra piece of candy from my sister without her knowing. Im so manipulative 🤭🤫😊😁😏😏😏😏😏

Owl Dev : Does anyone know who this is portyaing?

Nek1i Nek1i : I became a *PSYCHOPATH* Cause I watched Happy Tree Friends...

Syn : im a psychopath i didnt thank the bus driver once

Amanda Hobbs : I love how about 70% of people commenting on here are not really understanding the point of this video. This really shouldn't be such a meme. This is real stuff. Stop claiming you're a psychopath just to seem "cool".

Miriam Kelly : Some psychopaths have emotion. An excess of emotion. There are more to us then meets the eye.

ham vic : Brou is thes fake?😶😖

Savvy Weston : Shane is shook 😂

House Of Scare : I once rode a bike without my helmet........ FEAR ME

Alyssa Stella : Jesus I would break some rules but never kill

XO mooncast OX : The only things that understand why I do all those bad things are........animals, animals are my best friend they understand me they just do

Mr.Minimix : Hello ой тоессть привет!

I Am Sadness : I’m a psychopath I laughed at Musafa’s death. Now I’m waiting for 2019 movie, so I can do it again

Lovely Roses : His laugh at the beginning was creepy.....

Biggs723 : What is YouTube trying to tell me

Mya Swanno : Im a psychopath. I drank orange juice and then brushed my teeth immediately afterwards.

かずみkazumi : i almost died while sliding i laughed fear me

Olivia Davis : NEXT, Let’s do what makes a sociopath.

C Noelle2.0 : Once I poured milk BEFORE the cereal BEAT THAT 😎😈😎

anonymous dude : *caillou has left the chat*