What Makes a Psychopath?

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Irrel Avant : I'm glad I unlocked the "empathy" ability early on in the game. Otherwise, my character would be a psychopath.

yasmin ; : Murdered someone without using gloves, you call this high intelligence?

Charlie Kelly King of Rats : I once ate a sleeve of Oreos without milk. I drink juice after I brush my teeth. *I am an absolute psychopath, fear me*

Erhino : *1% out of 100 people are psychopaths* Most of them are in the comment section

kermitt : I'm far from a psychopath. I thank the bus driver. I say sorry to animals even though they can't understand me. I'm an anti-psychopath-

Semi-Automatic Tool Gun : I am a psychopath. I feel no empathy, *I've killed thousands of players on Minecraft Factions and raided their bases* without a second thought. I manipulate others, *I've seduced a girl on ROBLOX to become my girlfriend* only to steal her ROBUX and hats. I'm intelligent, *I've beaten all the other high scores on **coolmathgames.com* in a single try. I'm narcissistic, *I'm writing this comment right now* .

AGU! : lol, I'm a psycho. I once stepped on a cockroach and stepped on it again to make sure it was dead. Don't come near me, i'm too dangerous. I watch Rick and Morty everytime I go to sleep to make sure I wake up with 20+ points of IQ.

Josef Heilburger : Dear people who think they are psychopaths: 1. Narcissism - Psychopaths wouldn't admit who they are, they'd cover it up. 2. Charm - You people are acting crazy, not exactly charming. 3. Lack of empathy - Oh come on, you are probably the sort of people who would apologize profusely if they stood on someone's toe by accident. Don't pretend you don't feel emotion because little Timmy stole your toy tractor once. 4. Intelligence - Do I even have to comment on this? Let's get this straight, bub: your not smart. 5. Manipulators/compulsive liars - Hah, come on you aren't convincing enough to manipulate anyone. For instance: no one believes you being a psychopath mate. However there is something you do often: lying so uh... Congrats on that I guess. In conclusion you're not a psychopath and why would you even want to believe you are one? Go back to Yandere Simulator and Minecraft hunger games.

Rainboo : 12 year old: Since I play Yandere Simulator IM A PSYCHOPATH HAHAHAHAA FEAR ME PEASANTS!!! Me: *WhErE ArE YoUr PaReNtS* Edit: stop hating on me, I'm not a kid

Deaf Eye : Psychopaths are born Sociopaths are made

Nx AniClip : Breaking rules? Sure.. i pushed a pull door once..

TWZ Apexツ : Imagine giving this guy a death note

Breyer Lovers TV : A suit that cost more than some peoples cars. LIL TAYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Horror's Home : I once rode a bike without my helmet........ FEAR ME

Elayequeyuiow jecca : Most of the people in the comments were like, I'm a psychopath.... And then I was like, I love milk -_-

Marx : When a kid gets banned on hypixel on minecraft

Felix P02 : Why Bald people are good example of Phsycopath? 😕 (not an insult just asking)

Miu Meo : m r c l e a n ?

gameus boyius : Dude looks like a freakin hitman

Assthetic : That story gave me a boner

Hashirama Senju : He should have used gloves now how the hell would he get the blonde


Filipenko : Apparently like 60% people in comments claim to be psychopaths

SnowWitchPrincess : Saitama why I thought you were a hero!

Vitaliy Cherkasov : That charismatic voice still gives me an orgasm.

Ryan Meyer : 1 % of the world's population are true psychopaths. Yet here 95% of the comment section are full of edgy psychopaths.

BarbaraKean FromGotham : Make a video: Sociopath. I think i am a little sociopath... I dont feel empathy on random people whoe die a brutal dead... I dont cry or have eny feelings when me uncle die... IDK mebe we all psychopats, somebothy is psychopath deep inside hes mind and somebothy is psychopath and dont care what are people thinking...

Angela Storm : Were you really in jail or just a actor

The Wolf Girl : Lex Luther 2.0 with no Superman.

Stoned Dostoevsky : I'm not a psychopath, I'm just a depressed weirdo. Who else is like me?

Pigeon Overlord : Everybody new something was up with Caillou. We just couldn't stop him in time.

DJ MusicGirl Pro : the comment section though...they watch this video and they are like "Hey i'm a psychopath too!" if you're a psychopath, then go see a therapist😑 jeez..smh

DJTHEREBEL : This guy is so edgy the story is lost upon me lol.

Tom_ Scorpio-9r : Light yagami

Dankmon : Calliou XD

ManchmalPfosten : Oh yea im totally a psychopath. Lack of empathy? I dont care that you broke your elbow Superficial charm? A girl once looked at me without vomiting Manipulation? I did a girls homework once and she gave me a bionicle Narcisism? I can look in the mirror without crying High intelligence? I watch rick and morty Get away from me, lower scum.

daniel seavey : 1/25 ppl are sociopaths, be safe kids

Savvy Weston : Shane is shook 😂

Rinon :0 : i almost died while sliding i laughed fear me

Ponderer Of Pointless Dreams : They don’t eat an apple a day that’s why they turn out psychopathic, the medical community has been keeping it from us for years. Keep asking questions. Eat an apple per day.

visulator : callieuo what are you doing

V Play’z : We should’ve stopped caillou when we could

Riya : A real psychopath will never watch or make such videos 😂😂

Moon Bunny Galaxy : I dab in 2018 Fear me people

Fluffkin : "breaking the rules" Not using the Wii mote strap

KAANTAMTUNALI : is that Lex Luthor

Tofi Flute : Hitman`s story

RaySintapia : Who's here after watching Shane Dawson?

- RiceNugget - : This all proves that Voldemort is a psychopath •Lack of empathy: someone just bleeding to death in front of him, but all he does is watch •Superficial charm: he charms that one lady with the hufflepuff cup, and then kills her •Manipulation: uhh talk about the imperius curse •Narcissism: he's always saying how smart he was :/ •Intelligence: wth have you've seen this dude and his plans?!

EAS MEDIA : whenever i watch a video like this i start to think i'm a psychopath.. then i remember i cried at the end of ET..