dont do cocaine

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Mahir Cave : Why does he need a notebook for these lyrics

Ique : I didn't know I needed this in my life until 8 seconds after I clicked on the video

heyimwalid : we all need a friend like that guy hyping up his boy

Sheriff Asshat : If it didnt have the head banging kid off screen this wouldnt work.

1000 subscribers with no videos : Daily Dose Of Internet

Coda Mission : When your boi supports you in your worst moments

pestyoverlord : This kid gonna solve the opioid crisis one day.

FelixTheMustache : This video is so powerful, I think I'm about to cry

y last name : Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework? Me : -Shows him this video-

Kibbles Wonnacoconut : Many dont know but this was actually lil pump's debut single, here he is singing it to his Harvard class before dropping out to save the rap game.

Adino1 : Irony is the kid is high af off some blow.

Okidoki : Is this the new Ghostmane track?

Skullkan6 : Death Grips went downhill after Zach decided to try vocals.

Antonio Izquierdo : After finishing Captain Underpants, George and Harold decided it was time to start making some fire 🔥🔥😤😤

Marcartoons65 : When did lil pump release this this one

LucidNightmare : He has a future ahead of him!

Ddespair Ddespair : "this won't be understood in our time, but someday..."

Hey Mufti : The birth of a new genre. Screamomumblerap. Smblap.

[][][][][][][][] : It’s too late, he’s already on cocaine

omarsanchez101 : Now this guys, this is real talent

hendelse : lit AF

ImperialAetherCarl : This is supposed to be an anti-drug commercial

Richard Curl : Why did he have to read that from a notebook tho???

This Guy : LSView, please get me back! Support!

gamerboy888 : RIP replay button

K Tube : *aggressively bops head as well*

Roger W• : Tag yourself I'm the guy headbanging

CallMeJay : they need to play this in a drug addict's head until they stop doing drugs

CentralGaming9500 : came from ur daily dose of inturnet

Imaginary Toilet Friend : Playlist

????? : it's lit

kai : is this lil crunch

HydraLord1221 : This man just done some top shelf crack

ShadowWhelp : That hype man upfront is the real homie

DYGaming : hahahahaha

Squiffy : Holy shit I think found god.

Sulfen : This video convinced me to never do cocaine.

ana nesic : *Top 10 Most Replay Raped Videos On YouTube*

Alexandra Bendik : You can get this on iTunes right?

Perfect Mix : Where's the full song?

CallMeJay : i have had this playing for hours

Mike Flock : I want to hear the whole song lol ! Where can I buy a copy of this sound track ?

Adam Galati : I can't stop laughing at the guy dancing a the end

The Jollybox : ok....

Mike Samana : Who came here from the daily dose of internet?

Cassie MoonShadow : Next best screamo singer

The Man of Tea Situation : yo im about to light up this whole pack of newports that i stole from my moms and order some popeyes from tyrell who delivers cos he got a car anyways ima set this up to be on mad loop while i get mad lit hu with me brap at yo boi

Weslee Rivers : This made my day. Week really. Thank you sir.

Filthy Dog Breath Productions : Can you play at my next intervention?

P0T4T0Turtlez. : That guy boppin' like cardi lmao