dont do cocaine

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Ique : I didn't know I needed this in my life until 8 seconds after I clicked on the video

Mahir Cave : Why does he need a notebook for these lyrics

SilkSatin Paradise : The trouble with working at a bakery is you come home looking like you were on an all-night cocaine binge.

Okidoki : Is this the new Ghostmane track?

FelixTheWeeb : This video is so powerful, I think I'm about to cry

This Guy : Do the good stuff--

Kibbles Wonnacoconut : Many dont know but this was actually lil pump's debut single, here he is singing it to his Harvard class before dropping out to save the rap game.

LucidNightmare : He has a future ahead of him!

heyimwalid : we all need a friend like that guy hyping up his boy

hendelse : lit AF

This Guy : LSView, please get me back! Support!

Marco Garrido : When did lil pump release this this one

Imaginary Toilet Friend : Playlist

gamerboy888 : RIP replay button

Adino1 : Irony is the kid is high af off some blow.

Lord-Commander Savage : If it didnt have the head banging kid off screen this wouldnt work.

Ddespair Ddespair : "this won't be understood in our time, but someday..."

????? : it's lit

Skullkan6 : Death Grips went downhill after Zach decided to try vocals.

Liam Zavaglia : Daily Dose Of Internet

Antonio Izquierdo : After finishing Captain Underpants, George and Harold decided it was time to start making some fire 🔥🔥😤😤

omarsanchez101 : Now this guys, this is real talent

pestyoverlord : This kid gonna solve the opioid crisis one day.

Cassie MoonShadow : Next best screamo singer

Coda Mission : When your boi supports you in your worst moments

Gamer With Many Names : It’s too late, he’s already on cocaine

HypnoVike : This shit go hard tho.

Trilluminati : Lil Dump

X. Y. : Retard?

Richard Curl : Why did he have to read that from a notebook tho???

W ••Roger : Tag yourself I'm the guy headbanging

Hey Mufti : The birth of a new genre. Screamomumblerap. Smblap.

sandollor : Need the full song and music video upload.

Sulfen : This video convinced me to never do cocaine.

KingKongor : Based on kids their interests these days this guy will be very rich by the end of the year and will have made 10 songs that absolutely suck. Lyrics are repeating the same word over and over yet its considered "really good". haha

david murray : I .. agree?

The Man of Tea Situation : yo im about to light up this whole pack of newports that i stole from my moms and order some popeyes from tyrell who delivers cos he got a car anyways ima set this up to be on mad loop while i get mad lit hu with me brap at yo boi

Jesus Christ : I love Ruby da Cherry

Nacho Sauce : dont tell me what to do.

Filthy Dog Breath Productions : Can you play at my next intervention?

Mike Flock : I want to hear the whole song lol ! Where can I buy a copy of this sound track ?

St Merkel Of Migrant : Don't do cocaine No, instead do school shootings

Squiffy : Holy shit I think found god.

Nigel Liebers : This could be straight from South Park... jeese...

k e r m i t t he f r o g : Teacher: Why didn’t you do your homework? Me : -Shows him this video-

ShadowWhelp : That hype man upfront is the real homie

HydraLord1221 : This man just done some top shelf crack

Weslee Rivers : This made my day. Week really. Thank you sir.

AestheticFoxxoWave : :(

Muratib Mike Fatah : American public education is done!!!