Reporter Cant Break Glass (Fail)

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Conrad Verner : this guy is weak

maria rios : I can break a window with a punch.....and im 13

Komotau4691 : This is the quality glass :D

maria rios : It would have been much more funny if the camera man tapped the glass and it broke

Condused : "All you need is a hammer, make sure no one's around" I like the first way better "Hammer, empty parking lot"

Messorem Mortis : put some force into it

joedogg9836 : I didn't know Nokia made windows..

Revolt Wolf : The other day I accidentally bump a hammer into a car door window, just a tap and it broke

DuctapeisSilver : No dislikes? My life is complete :)

NamelessFlux : Japanese glass.

nummydoughnuts : dick

troy jones : "this is"

troy jones : This fucking great this loser us to be a reporter where I live hhaah but he doesn't work any more

MrPascalDutch : gay

Mater Candy : 1:51 And finally back to you in the studio

Mater Candy : @WASDsweden yeah and now he can get into the car to steal things. The owner of the car may not even thing that something is wrong untill they get home and look for their things.

thegeekfanatic : It would be funnier if the car they used was custom made with bulletproof windows xD

john blaze : Some people just are pussies

TheFaythless : lmfao.

WASDsweden : LOL @ 1:00