Simone White- Tiny Drop feat. Andrew Bird (Official Video)

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Tiny Drop by Simone White Featuring Andrew Bird on violin, Chris Dave on drums and Kaveh Rastegar on bass. Produced and co-written by Pete Min at Lucy's Meat Market. Video directed by Ronan MacRory stream/download high quality wav- The song Tiny Drop premiered at UN World Environment Day 2018. The song is anti-war. The video is about plastic pollution in the ocean. We're all tiny drops that make up the world. Every small action you make affects the whole. Everything you vibrate contributes, however small and insignificant you feel, it makes a difference. Vote. Speak truth. Allow yourself to love and be loved. Carry a reusable jar around instead of another effin to-go cup. Tiny Drop how much will it cost a lot a lot the way the wind blows around you how the sky felt above you the beauty that you lost a lot a lot for all the wars you fought you are a tiny drop tiny drop you are a tiny drop tiny drop

Comments from Youtube

Miranda Syevira : It's like drinking healthy juice, hearing and watching this. Love!

Nicolette Ferreira : This is why I fell in love with your music - this beautiful sound. Xxx Nicolette

explodingdog : Love your voice lyrics and music <3

I am Book : I wish I found this song earlier... It's beautiful

anais : love this! ❤️

Mahmoud Abdel Khalik : Dreamy like all your works ... You are a princess who escaped from a fairytale ...

Wolforpion Rateb : your voice is magical

Simon Guyomard : I love it.

saken : Very nice Simone!!!!