Simone White- Tiny Drop feat. Andrew Bird (Official Video)

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Miranda Syevira : It's like drinking healthy juice, hearing and watching this. Love!

tim andersen : Gorgeous song. I feel sad and infuriated about the oceans. Dont people understand the water? Maybe time for a remake of Soylent Green movie!

Nicolette Ferreira : This is why I fell in love with your music - this beautiful sound. Xxx Nicolette

Simon Guyomard : I love it.

explodingdog : Love your voice lyrics and music <3

Wolforpion Rateb : your voice is magical

saken : Very nice Simone!!!!

anny maika : love this! ❤️

Mahmoud Abdel Khalik : Dreamy like all your works ... You are a princess who escaped from a fairytale ...