Nobody Cares About Your Dreams

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Muhammad Gheith : Gosh, why isn't this more popular...

brandon serrao : Made me remember the Mighty Boosh

Jacob Clark : This is true music...

Sofia Klimov : i feel personally attacked

George Henry : We need this on iTunes.

Christian Panzer : Found my new ringtone

Thea aaa : But... I love to hear about people's dreams ! :0 They're wack and it's great.

Daniel Hartley : I have had this stuck in my head all day. God dammit Matt!

Mellow Gaming : So I searched for this just now and there's a song from that Country Music show Nashville called No-one Cares About Your Dreams. It's not as good a song but has a similar jist. A nice companion piece for if you feel you can still make it clear you don't care about someone's dreams.

Petr Vojtěch : This is gold!

WinnieDasPoobah : Doing the deity-who-doesn't-care-about-us's work, bless you

ShakeAlmighty : Time to send this to all my friends.

Morgan Dambergs : Yes! Yes! This is the meme I’ve been waiting for ALL MY LIFE! 🤩