Alternative Math | Short Film
When alternative facts enter into the world of math

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A well meaning math teacher finds herself trumped by a post-fact America.


Jim Keen : 2000 + 2000 = $20,002,000. Make that money, teach.

Divya Soin : welcome to another episode of "why is it my reecommended"?

BookaYashee : Teacher is wrong again at the end. It is not 22000 but 20002000 ;)

Shwetha Rajeev : not $22000, $20002000

Kamaljeet Singh : You're wrong its 2000+2000=20002000

Brian Kim : no, she deserved $20,002,000 not $22,000 nor $4,000 ;)

Marvel James : Teacher: 2+2=4 Boy: 2+2=22 Teacher: no it equals 4 Boy: I'm about to end this women's whole career

Shubhankara Tripathy : It's wrong she should have told 20002000 $

Anwesha Basu : Wrong, should've said 2000 + 2000 = 20002000

Pundit2k : $2,000 + $2,000 should actually equal $20,002,000. Let that be a lesson.

here now : 2000+2000=20,002,000 She is wrong that's why principle is shocked to see her.

Daniel M : Two years ago this was a comedy skit. Now it's a documentary.

Handsome Robot Productions : Short film from 2017 yet there are still comments from 30 minutes ago.

Travis Johnson : the scariest part is this: 20 years ago this would have been laughed at as farcical comedy, today it is a cautionary tale

Rajnish Mishra : LOl that " Wrong its 22000 " was so freaking satisfying

Awesome Mom : I’d like to see them try to launch a rocket to the moon using “open minded” math.

Daylenify : Oh thats how the US Education system works. Now i understand.

Speedabc G-mail : This video is not about math. It's about every person in society thinking that they themselves are right with their relative truths and privileged self absorbed narcissistic attitudes. I may be wrong sometimes and I'll admit that, but I'm right about this!

Shahriman Rahim : 2000+2000= 20002000

pravesh rawat : later, this kid developed Javascript

Diavolaccio Satanasso : Superb parody of today's common madness.

Sameer Pattnayak : She should have asked for $ 20,002,000.

Sol Invictus : NO she did it wrong. You have to carry the zereos over as well. 2000 + 2000 = $22,000,000

Andrei Richkov : Well, this is what happens when children learn Javascript before math

james cooper : I see the main point in the title, which is a play on the novel idea in our current political world that proven lies are not lies, but “alternative facts.” The piece slams the current atmosphere of anti-intellectualism (“You think you’re an expert, and that I should pay attention to you and your peers, just because you’re all smart and have devoted your lives to this topic?”). There’s also a healthy slam on parents who can’t admit their little Johnny made a mistake, and what teachers have to put up with these days.

Kevin Lafayette : 2000 + 2000... she should have said $20,002,000 but otherwise freaking genius.

Yeshua is Lord. : Wrong, it's actually 20002000 so 20 million 2 thousand dollars.

Rojan Shrestha : She still has not learned the alternative math if 2+'2' = 22 then 2000 + '2000' = 20,002,000 (Twenty millions and two thousands) That boy is a javascript developer :)

widi baka : 2000 + 2000 = 20002000

J•Erik : It should've been 2,000,2000

Vatroslav Morbidović : This was so frustrating to watch. >_< Until the end. :D

Dan Zhukovin : "This school minus you equals tomorrow" LOL "It's 22,000 dollars" DOUBLE LOL

sac396 : $20,002,000 if thats how math works

Aritra Mukhopadhyay : no no hold on everybody..... 2000 plus 2000 is 20002000

Ben Bong : Still WRONG. IT'S 20,002,000!😂😂😂😂

Leonid Havansky : 2000+2000=20002000 🤣🤣🤣

Meta Mage : I would have said, "It is 20,002,000." This is where we are headed based on the level of emotion that is taught over logic.

Oliver Siegel : Isn't it twenty million tho? 20,002,000

rentaspoon : It's actually $20002000

Rishi Raj Jain : And this is how America start raising Dumb Students in the name of Alternative/Creative Thinking 7:48 It should be 20,002,000 #NeverMessWithATeacher

aldhinn : Wrong. 2000 + 2000 = 20 002 000.

ron gerard valero : Don't be a parent if you want to raise a bad child.

Wolf From The Woods : Kid learned JavaScript. That the issue. All problems come from JS

Skiritzo : Is this a lost Black Mirror episode?

GARLICHONEYCINNAMON CHOCOLATEOLIVEOIL : LoL! It should be 2000^2000. So real! Not only it happens at schools, universities, and the other educational institutions, but also at the other places, such as hospitals, corporations, legal system and even families. The systems of some other countries are the polar opposites of such reality. Thanks for being awake. :D)

AskillZ : Looks like this video was supposed to go viral 4 months later but it got viral 22 months later

Arttective : Wait 2000 + 2000 = 20,002,000 She deserved ~20 million

Thakur Lucky : I I thought she'd ask 20002000 dolors

东方林 : Absolutely Wrong! It is 20,002,000 dollar!