Alternative Math | Short Film

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gomitax92 : god that ending is great

Akram Safirul : Remember when people actually try to make up for their inadequacies instead of blaming the society for it?

armedjester81 : This was ridiculous on so many levels. Mostly the ending. It should have been $20,002,000 since that kids math was just putting the numbers next to each other.

Cerexion : By that logic, 2000 + 2000 = 20002000

Abhinav Kala : nice one but she was still wrong.. if 2+2 =22 then 2000 + 2000 = 20002000 so she would have earned much more as the final payment...

L 013 : Ok so there seems to be a lot of confusion about this video's message somehow? A lot of people have been saying they're confused. Personally I found the message almost painfully obvious, so here's some of what I saw (don't really want to explain the entire video now). It's using math as a parody/metaphor of the ongoing battle in schools to teach proper science. Mainly how some school systems or even states in the US are forcing teachers to discount evidence based theories and science and teach kids total crap. The parents having the same incorrect belief of "2+2=22" is eluding to the fact that many kids who refuse to learn scientific theories are taught their beliefs from super religious parents who, to outsiders, seem crazy. The "just say that you're open to the possibility there might be mutliple correct answers" quote is about how in some schools, teachers have to teach creationist theories alongside the big bang theory or evolution, despite the latter having FAR more evidence and scientific credibility. The "this teacher, this liberal elitest tells this innocent little first grade kid that his answer is wrong" is playing on the fact that some media outlets will act as if a teacher simply doing their job by teaching only scientific ideas is somehow "forcing their beliefs on children" and violating the 1st amendment. They'll often use idiotic arguments and blatantly misrepresent the issue. And the "good healthy debate" line? I've heard that _exact line_ used to defend creationism in the classroom too many times to count. And the accusation that people teaching theories like evolution are radicals, insane, communist? Common. And then their own broken logic can be used against them, just like in the video, because the arguments presented are so terribly crafted and meaningless that they can't hold up to anything. And allowing for (usually Christian) parents to push their beliefs into one arena creates a slippery slope. TL;DR: Basically? "I people are allowing unproven, 'alternate ideas' in the science classroom. What if they did that to another subject, like math?" It's actually one of the most genius ways of showing the issue I've ever seen. *Edit: ok, I read the description of the video. Now I know it's meant to be a lot broader, talking about the idea of "alternative facts" in general. The creationist vs evolution debate just happens to fit the mold of the theme **_so fucking perfectly_** that I didn't realize it could easily be applied elsewhere at first. My points still stand, but those points can also be applied more broadly.*

EraserFS : So, is this a parody or documentary? I'm not sure anymore.

SANGEETHA KURUP : It Should have been 20,002,000 $ and not 22000😁

JusmaVids : WRONG!! 2,000 + 2,000 = 20,002,000!

Nathaniel Barratt : It seems to me, following the strange system they are using, then: 2,000 + 2,000 = 20,002,000

su zan : Not 22,000, correct answer is 20002000!

shlgel : It's not 22,000, rather 2000+2000=20002000

Antony Simkin : This is actually happening everywhere. When I operate with facts in a discussion about anything, I hear things like "you are not respecting the opinion of others" and I feel exactly like the teacher of this shorfilm. It's really scary...

Iván Escrivá : Wrong! It's twenty millions two thousand! >;) 2000+2000=20002000

Travis Johnson : the scariest part is this: 20 years ago this would have been laughed at as farcical comedy, today it is a cautionary tale

Mrcloc : Actually it's $20,002,000.

TranscendentalTones : According to the story's own logic it would be actually $20,002,000

jay : It's about climate change denialism. They call her a liberal extremist on the news. It's obviously about how some want pseudosciences looked at as an alternate opinion. They even drew a parallel between her and Elizabeth Warren, with the principal quoting the famous line.

Entropia : Nope, it's not 22000 but 20002000 since the logic given

Walthanar : it would be 20002000$ actually

G. C. : Errr It's $ 20,002,000 that this lady is actually owed :-)

Frithjof Dau : Her final answer is so wrong. Of course, 2000+2000 = 20002000. This is the amount of money she deserves.

Kallie Experiments : Oh the end was the icing in the cake. Very well played! 🤣👏👏👏

Edward Yang : 2000 + 2000 should be 20002000!

Benjamin Bradley : Actually, it's $20,002,000

Blaggard Prinz : ...and the sad part is, this short film isn't hard to believe.

TheSpacecraftX : This is both funny and horribly depressing in its parallels.

Mike B : As a teacher this short was infuriating the ever living crap out of me... then that ending... and OMG I feel soooooooo much better now.

Devin Booker : gee i sure love the film industry gosh anyone with decent equipment and an eyeball gets drowned in awards meanwhile talented storytellers spend years perfecting their craft only to have their rectums melted with molten hollywood semen

Coel : It makes me mad because one of my favourite and knowledgeable teachers quit because one of the student's parents harassed him for the student failing, even though the student failed to attend to class, and therefore, it showed in his grades. There's definitely a line that needs to be drawn and I think this short film is excellent at showing that a student's grades shouldn't depend on how aggressive their parents are.

Jason Rogers : The correct answer is $20,002,000, not $22,000. by the logic of the masses... $2,000 + $2,000 = $20,002,000

santanu das : what about 2000 + 2000 = 20002000 ?

J. Joanne : I know they were only acting but I got so irritated from Monday to Friday, but waiting till Saturday was worth it! In reality there really are many ignorant people, we must not be afraid to stay on the logical side.

einsteinboricua : I was getting bored with the video and then the twist ending. BAM!

Marc-André Goulet : That's not post-trumpism, it's kids and parents being kings or consumer always being right! kinda can see that coming sort of true tough and that's kinda sad!

Papa Khan : Ending is more depressing if you think about it. Good teachers are removed from teaching, paid a ridiculous goodbye money which the tax payer covers and these good teachers are replaced by teachers who say that 2 + 2 is 22 and Stalin, Mao and Che were heroes.

roy tsay : 2000 + 2000 = 20002000, very nice, big money.

Rarely Comment . . . : So if.. 2 + 2 = 22 Should it be.. 2000 + 2000 = 20,002,000?

Dave Webb : Some exaggeration for comic effect, but this is actually not far off from the truth if you teach long enough. I've taught for 30 years and was once threatened with a lawsuit because I gave a boy an "I" for improvement needed in one category on his report card. (The parents wanted me to change it. I did not.) I was also threatened with physical violence by a parent for correcting his 11-year-old son's spelling of the word "I'm" (with a capital I and an apostrophe).

Jackob32 : Wrong! 2000+2000 is not 22000! 2000+2000 is 20 002 000 !

Victor Selve : 2000+2000=20002000

Sanchita Ghosh : And what if she said $20,002,000 by putting two 2000s side by side😂

Jan Fritz : It mimics perfectly the current political situation in the USA.

Q(t)π : “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ― George Carlin

Pablo David Clavijo : Actually the paycheck should be 20,002,000

Priyal Seebadri : To everybody who thinks this is making fun of liberals, it's not. It's actually making fun of conservatives. It's about teaching evolution in schools, and how a lot of conservatives think that education is poisoning their children's religious beliefs and protest it (because the parents themselves don't understand the science behind evolution, or don't believe it to be true). It's really funny how a lot of y'all are agreeing with something that's making fun of you.

Md Shariful Islam 1604064 : Wait, if 2+2=22, doesn't that mean 2000+2000=20002000?

Ob Server : 2 + 2 = 3 You have to remember the tax.

jedix : So, if 2+2=22 2000+2000=20002000, which is 20 million and 2 thousand dollars I'm very openminded on this 8D

Kebap23 : Wrong! 2000 + 2000 = 20002000 Better learn some math..!