Alternative Math | Short Film

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Alex Cornejo : Wrong, $2000+$2000= $20,002,000

Shang-Hsien Yang : WRONG ANSWER! 2000+2000=20,002,000 dollars!

Antarctica Studio : 2000+2000= 20,002,000 Twenty Million and Two Thousand... She shouldn't have factored out the 1000! (That wasn't a factorial BTW)

KellySmith555 : I love how so many conservatives in the comments are trying really hard to dismiss the message of this film, saying it doesn't apply to political facts. Its pathetic, but it proves this films point. Ignorance will not budge no matter how obvious the truth really is.

KellySmith555 : That ending was perfect. That woman was awesome.

Димас Барабас : The human brain is amazing. It functions 24/7 from the day we're born and only stops when you're writing code or speaking to someone attractive.

Artpholomule Nutt : 2+2 also equals 10 and 11 in base 2 and 3. Just sayin'.

Danie F : I feel like this is exactly what happened in the science department.

Dave Webb : Some exaggeration for comic effect, but this is actually not far off from the truth if you teach long enough. I've taught for 30 years and was once threatened with a lawsuit because I gave a boy an "I" for improvement needed in one category on his report card. (The parents wanted me to change it. I did not.) I was also threatened with physical violence by a parent for correcting his 11-year-old son's spelling of the word "I'm" (with a capital I and an apostrophe).

Sigusen : This is not funny. This is not funny in the slightest. Why? Because this is WAY TOO LIKELY TO BE A REAL SCENARIO.

gomitax92 : god that ending is great

Rafael Dos Santos : Oh wow how clever and smart this is. You should really be proud of yourself for having such a unique point of view on the current state of US politics. /s Also, why is she so smug about claiming she should recieve 22000$ as 2 months salary? Not only is she sacrificing her academic integrity by doing so (something she was very proud of literally seconds prior), she also didn't understand the "new" rules of mathematics. If 2+2 = 22, then surely 2000+2000 = 20002000, not 22000.

Satish More : Technically, 2000+2000 = $20,002,000

Dojee : This video hurts to watch because that kind of stupidity actually exists That ending tho made me giggle

Jak Vokun-Sos : take this out of a school setting and you have your trump supporters and their "alternative facts"

Brian Joe : I mean technically, according to the videos logic. She could have gotten away with 2000+2000 =20,002,000

Cheyruz : This skit is weirdly Orwellian.

Elim Tan : Not 22,000. It should be 20,002,000

Matěj Bagar : Wrong, it's $20 002 000.

Walthanar : it would be 20002000$ actually

dagman85 : If the kid had been smart, he would've put quotes around the two's and claimed he was doing string concatenation.

Joseph Bevan : But 2000 +2000 =20002000!!!

Grace Silverstein : Umm 2000 + 2000 is 20,002,000 you missed out boi

David McDermott : Who else had this in their recommended just out of the blue? I notice a lot of the comments are from within a day, yet this video is a few months old.

Bronislava 4 HandmadeRukodelky : yeah - the ending would be funnier if she would say "it is 20 million 2 thousand" 😂

Lewis Massie : 2000+2000=20,002,000 using that logic lmao

Smruti Dash : No its not $22000 its $20002000 😂😂😂

Alemayehu Ewunetu : 20002000 was the right payment

东方林 : Absolutely Wrong! It is 20,002,000 dollar!

Nudge : The ending was *fxxking amazing* !

FreeFlamingInfinite : Honestly the way the world is going...

Liguana Gapod : The ending was so satisfying after all that

MazeFrame : And this kids, is why you should always declare the variable.

Xander Gouws : I love how everyone on the right thinks the video is bashing the left, and everyone on the left thinks the video is bashing the right. People have more in common than they think.

Chaitanya Singh : Hell yes 2+2=22 JS all the way!

Jon Doe : The school should pay her 2000+2000=$20,002,000 :)

Kenny Imam Mahardika : NO..!!! Two plus two is four, minus one that's three QUICK MAFS

cecil le : "I condemn violence from both sides"

Daniel Ram : the similarities between this and how reality is.. is both sad and entertaining.

yakurbe 0112 : actually its $20,002,000. that's how math works

Luis Traffa : For some reasons I think liberals would really go this far and declare math to be fascist and rascist

Sven Haaijman : 2+2=4 but "2"+"2"="22" So I guess that boy had a point from a programmer's perspective if he mistook the integers for strings...

Santiago Carranza : She should've said 20002000


Matt Hartley : Technically, by this rule, doesnt 2000+2000=20,002,000?

Davide Lizzani : Stupid teacher! 2'000+2'000 = 20'002'000

baumundallesandere : According to their logic 2000+2000 should be 20,002,000 instead of 22000 right? I would be happy with that.

rentaspoon : It's actually $20002000

江悶怒羅 : 2000+2000=22000000。that is right!

MetalDetroit : It's the left that is making education all about feelings, not facts. If you want to believe there are 56 genders, then dammit there are 56 genders.