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Alex : Wrong, $2000+$2000= $20,002,000

L 013 : Ok so there seems to be a lot of confusion about this video's message somehow? A lot of people have been saying they're confused. Personally I found the message almost painfully obvious, so here's some of what I saw (don't really want to explain the entire video now). It's using math as a parody/metaphor of the ongoing battle in schools to teach proper science. Mainly how some school systems or even states in the US are forcing teachers to discount evidence based theories and science and teach kids total crap. The parents having the same incorrect belief of "2+2=22" is eluding to the fact that many kids who refuse to learn scientific theories are taught their beliefs from super religious parents who, to outsiders, seem crazy. The "just say that you're open to the possibility there might be mutliple correct answers" quote is about how in some schools, teachers have to teach creationist theories alongside the big bang theory or evolution, despite the latter having FAR more evidence and scientific credibility. The "this teacher, this liberal elitest tells this innocent little first grade kid that his answer is wrong" is playing on the fact that some media outlets will act as if a teacher simply doing their job by teaching only scientific ideas is somehow "forcing their beliefs on children" and violating the 1st amendment. They'll often use idiotic arguments and blatantly misrepresent the issue. And the "good healthy debate" line? I've heard that _exact line_ used to defend creationism in the classroom too many times to count. And the accusation that people teaching theories like evolution are radicals, insane, communist? Common. And then their own broken logic can be used against them, just like in the video, because the arguments presented are so terribly crafted and meaningless that they can't hold up to anything. And allowing for (usually Christian) parents to push their beliefs into one arena creates a slippery slope. TL;DR: Basically? "I people are allowing unproven, 'alternate ideas' in the science classroom. What if they did that to another subject, like math?" It's actually one of the most genius ways of showing the issue I've ever seen. *Edit: ok, I read the description of the video. Now I know it's meant to be a lot broader, talking about the idea of "alternative facts" in general. The creationist vs evolution debate just happens to fit the mold of the theme **_so fucking perfectly_** that I didn't realize it could easily be applied elsewhere at first. My points still stand, but those points can also be applied more broadly.*

Bilderberg CEO : Great ending!

Debasish D : the ending part got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 was not expecting that!

CheapAssReviews : Love how she takes the money from the kids at the end.

Димас Барабас : The human brain is amazing. It functions 24/7 from the day we're born and only stops when you're writing code or speaking to someone attractive.

Smiley Gladhands : "Freedom is the ability to say two plus two equals four. If that is granted, all else follows. "

Joker : $2000+$2000 = $20,002,000

Carl Peters : 2+2=4 is fake math. Besides, it’s not in the bible.

MrTourdetour : Well, if you work in Z/3Z, 2+2 is 1 !

gomitax92 : god that ending is great

paxwallacejazz : Trump's America

Q(t)π : “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ― George Carlin

suraj wankhede : No...It's not 22 thousands ti is 20002000

S.K. Ren : I think she meant to say $20,002,000. An understandable mistake.

Shang-Hsien Yang : WRONG ANSWER! 2000+2000=20,002,000 dollars!

Kazi Mamun : If 2+2 = 22 then it should be 2000+2000=20002000

PRATIKSHYA MISHRA : With the logic they show with 2+2 being 22, 2000+2000 should be $20002000. Just saying.

Broken Blookie : Honestly, I can draw this to both left and right values... I did like this quite a bit. And the ending was pretty good. Well made!

Jonas Pönwalter : 2 000 + 2 000 = 20 002 000 not 22 000

Yasser Sami Amer : nice one! quite interesting thought!

Iván Escrivá : Wrong! It's twenty millions two thousand! >;) 2000+2000=20002000

Travis Johnson : the scariest part is this: 20 years ago this would have been laughed at farcical comedy, today it is a cautionary tale

reychop_EXE : I loved that in the end she got the last laugh. Use their own stupidity against them. Now if only we an use the same strategy with the conservatives.

Bronislava 4 HandmadeRukodelky : yeah - the ending would be funnier if she would say "it is 20 million 2 thousand" 😂

Florian Haydn : This is what I imagine beeing a biology teacher in the bible belt is like.

dreiundelfzig : And what happened sunday?

tscottme : 60% of Americans don't understand percentages while the other 3/4 don't understand fractions.

Amanda Freeland : Reading through the comments is pretty hilarious. “This is how libtards act” “This is conservacucks act”, no this is how members of both shit parties act.

Walthanar : it would be 20002000$ actually

C C : I’m a first grade teacher just like this teacher and I can say without exaggeration that these parents DO exist. Principals DO talk to you like this. You do your job correctly fearing the fact that one offended kid or parent can send you packing is REAL.

Deng Cheang Leo : I thought 2,000 + 2,000 = 20,002,000?

MoreCarStuff : 2+2 as strings = 22, 2+2 as doubles = 4.0 lol 2+2 as integers = 4.

Tanuel : "2" + "2" = "22" Programmers unite

Antarctica Studio : 2000+2000= 20,002,000 Twenty Million and Two Thousand... She shouldn't have factored out the 1000! (That wasn't a factorial BTW)

》 Tomastom44 《 : She slick boii!

AmNeenja : i dont give a damn what the message is. i experienced pure euphoria when ms wells just gave that "well..." look at the end. the entire video made be so pissed off about the stupid people around her and then finally when she gets her point across it was amazing.

Marcus Lindgren : This really reminds me of the evolution vs creation debate...

Joe smith : Wrong! 2000+2000 = 20,002,000

Nudge : The ending was *fxxking amazing* !

LastEvangelion57 : it's 20 002 000 dollars

SilumanAum : 2+2 is 4 Minus 1 that's 3 Quick maffs

Baris Altop : Its actually $20,002,000

Kasun Gamage : Going by Danny's logic, it should be $20,002,000

KellySmith555 : I love how so many conservatives in the comments are trying really hard to dismiss the message of this film, saying it doesn't apply to political facts. Its pathetic, but it proves this films point. Ignorance will not budge no matter how obvious the truth really is.

fckt3hp0l1c3 : wow, wait a minute, if 2+2 =22 then 2000+2000 =20002000

Nils Eckelt : 2,000 + 2,000 = 20,002,000!

Rostyslav Pron : "Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two makes four. If that is granted, all else follows" - Orwell

Greg E : Back in college, I was a math tutor and even assisted a few teachers in the classroom. I was helping to tutor a Business Calculus class. In it were all Conservative Students who ALL wanted to be Millionaires before 20 years old. I was told that before every exam, I was to go to the restrooms and look for cheat sheets. I had thought the teacher was just kidding me. I had never been asked to do that before. But she wasn't kidding. Hidden in one of the stalls where the Safety papers were located was a cheat sheet. I can still remember 3 students coming back from the Bathroom with beads of sweat running down their foreheads. And the other thing about these millionaires wannabes is how they would argue with me trying to insist how their very wrong answer was correct. I would try to show them the correct way but they would insist their square peg can fit into a round hole. I NEVER went back to another Business Calc class again. God they were a frustrating lot of Mini Donald Trumps. And this thought always caused me discomfort thinking, "These are the future business leaders of America. God help us all."

Artpholomule Nutt : 2+2 also equals 10 and 11 in base 2 and 3. Just sayin'.