Alternative Math | Short Film

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gomitax92 : god that ending is great

S F : $20,002,000 not $22,000.Duh...

afaruky : 2000+2000 = 20,002,000 C'mon script writer! How could you miss this?

Dulmin Perera : 7:41 $2000 + $2000 = $22000 ??? Wrong, it's $20002000 !!!

Anuel : 2+2=5 because math is social construct

Michael Fuhrmann : wrong. it is 20002000 dollar 😁

Jesús Pérez Vigil : I am sorry, but someone has to say it. This teacher is stupid, acording to that video 2000 + 2000 don' t equal 22000 , but 20002000

walter byrd : No, not 22,000. The correct amount would be: $20,002,000

Neko Chan : The main character's actress play very well, I felt empathy for the character all along the video

Shahriman Rahim : 2000+2000= 20002000

mei Teng : Math teacher you also wrong is20002000

seirnox : It's 20002000 actually, the school just went bankrupt

Brianna Frank : Hahaha this video is so accurate of how everything works today!!!! It is so sad, this video is a great example of no one accepting the truth and feeling so easily judged.

Travis Johnson : the scariest part is this: 20 years ago this would have been laughed at as farcical comedy, today it is a cautionary tale

Mandy : Wrong. It's 20,002,000. That's how the kid did it, put 2 and 2 next to each other, well when you put 2000 and 2000 next to each other you get 20,002,000

prussian7 : 2,000 + 2,000 = 20,002,000

Jose Nieves : Unfortunately, this is the reality for many biology teachers in the Bible Belt.

Jorund Thorfinn : The ending is pure gold

L 013 : Ok so there seems to be a lot of confusion about this video's message somehow? A lot of people have been saying they're confused. Personally I found the message almost painfully obvious, so here's some of what I saw (don't really want to explain the entire video now). It's using math as a parody/metaphor of the ongoing battle in schools to teach proper science. Mainly how some school systems or even states in the US are forcing teachers to discount evidence based theories and science and teach kids total crap. The parents having the same incorrect belief of "2+2=22" is eluding to the fact that many kids who refuse to learn scientific theories are taught their beliefs from super religious parents who, to outsiders, seem crazy. The "just say that you're open to the possibility there might be mutliple correct answers" quote is about how in some schools, teachers have to teach creationist theories alongside the big bang theory or evolution, despite the latter having FAR more evidence and scientific credibility. The "this teacher, this liberal elitest tells this innocent little first grade kid that his answer is wrong" is playing on the fact that some media outlets will act as if a teacher simply doing their job by teaching only scientific ideas is somehow "forcing their beliefs on children" and violating the 1st amendment. They'll often use idiotic arguments and blatantly misrepresent the issue. And the "good healthy debate" line? I've heard that _exact line_ used to defend creationism in the classroom too many times to count. And the accusation that people teaching theories like evolution are radicals, insane, communist? Common. And then their own broken logic can be used against them, just like in the video, because the arguments presented are so terribly crafted and meaningless that they can't hold up to anything. And allowing for (usually Christian) parents to push their beliefs into one arena creates a slippery slope. TL;DR: Basically? "I people are allowing unproven, 'alternate ideas' in the science classroom. What if they did that to another subject, like math?" It's actually one of the most genius ways of showing the issue I've ever seen. *Edit: ok, I read the description of the video. Now I know it's meant to be a lot broader, talking about the idea of "alternative facts" in general. The creationist vs evolution debate just happens to fit the mold of the theme **_so fucking perfectly_** that I didn't realize it could easily be applied elsewhere at first. My points still stand, but those points can also be applied more broadly.*

Ilya Kutalev : Well, now she is wrong. 2'000 + 2'000 = 20'002'000

Tyler Durden : Wrong again. It's not 22,000... It's 20,002,000! Their math... THEIR BILL. I'll take my 20 million in a certified check please.

robo_ dp : No it’s 20002000

the Visual smith : first it triggered me really hard, but the ending was brilliant

Q(t)π : “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” ― George Carlin

Alex Sabu : The political correctness that is being promoted today is portrayed well in the video. You have to conform to whatever nonsense that people come up with so as to not risking offending them.

Willie Pepler : the sad part of this is that the video actually reflects the true behaviour of parents today

Brandon Labbe : Such a missed opportunity at the end to say 2000+2000 is 20002000

Marco S. : George Orwell understood everything.

Walthanar : it would be 20002000$ actually

Brinelle Kaduda : Facts don't care about your feelings

Роман Тихонов : Why not 20002000 dollars?

Giossepe, Joshua, Josee, Joseph : She must ak for 20002000 (20 million, 2 thousand) dollars Like if you think that too

Lantha GamesMess : I saw terrifying horror movies before but this is the next level : it's a real nightmare, and of the worst kind : where everyone is against you and you can't speak, you can't move, you can't do anything...

D T : this is seriously like a nightmare that feels like it could happen within the next couple years lol. this reflects the twisted attitudes of soooo many people around the world. great movie and I love the ending.

Alec Swanson : Shouldn't it be $20,002,000 under the student's addition logic? She really short changed herself.....

Lex C : Nice, getting a 22,000salary eventually

Ilham Syukur : actually its 2000+2000=20002000

Benjamin Bradley : Actually, it's $20,002,000

Zoran Gajic : 2000$+2000$=20002000$$

Robert Hahn : if 2 plus 2 equals 22, why wouldn't 2000 plus 2000 equal 20002000?

Andrey Arakelyan : console.log("2" + "2") // Output "22" JavaScript 💪😂

。雷神。 : Now go to bank save 1 dollar each day day1 $1 day2 $11 day3 $111 day4 $1111 day5 $11111 day6 $111111 day7 $1111111 you just got a million in one week !

Dojee : This video hurts to watch because that kind of stupidity actually exists That ending tho made me giggle

Ultima DraX : by their logic 2000+2000 should equal to 20002000

Edward Kowalczyk : The endless point. According to the "new" mathematics the result should be 2 000 + 2 000 = 20 002 000 :D

Dong Yeol Lee : No, its twenty million two thousand

effyleven : I detect the Trump mentailty. "The "truth" is what I say it is, and the more wrong it is, the more "truthful" it gets to be."

Calvin Rockwellは夏が好き : Holy clap help me please. This is not even a joke, this happens for real in japan for now. Like it's a real problem. In real. People don't know what is "truth" and start to saying "Everybody has his/her own rights, you fool." I can't even breath. What's wrong with this world? And most serious problemis: This video was made in 2017, and now I'm writing this in 2019!! Omfg let me out there.

Rookie Dook : He is a JavaScript developer

KA HEI LEE : I want to said that 2000+2000=20002000