Brain Disease Breakthrough and Women's Brains on Birth Control

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Brain Disease Breakthrough and Women's Brains on Birth Control Neuroscientists have long argued over when our brains stop producing new neurons, a new study may put that debate to rest and reveal ways to combat brain diseases. Mice might unlock the secret of what happens to our brain when we're hallucinating. We don't know what the long-term impacts oral contraception has on the brain, so why are researchers only now trying to find out? Follow us at and join our newsroom to share ideas and stories you think aren't being covered


Tatsusama : Haha, How many people are pissed that Milo was right when he said, "Birth control makes women fat and crazy" 🤣

Poes Law : "We all have brains" Yes, but we don't all use them.

Adele Celeste TV : The Left won't like the news that Birth Control pills are bad for women. Drugs that suppress and alter body functions over long periods of time are harmful. It's about time this was discussed.

English Longbow : NPCs should donate their brains for transplant. They're brand new. They've never been used.

GTW : Does wearing a beanie 24/7 increase or decrease neurogenesis?

Sarah Gent : AOC is safe from any brain injury

Brutally Honest Canuckistani : There is something very, very wrong about taking anything to do about the brain... from the Guardian.

Guywithcrazyideas : I like you Tim for your brain. I'm conservative and you are liberalish, but you have so many great qualities. You get my respect.

Hollywood Hulk Hogan : I watch too much Tim Pool.

AZ Gardener : Was Milo right?

3MM4 P33L : BCPills are *wack* .. as a female, it's *painfully obvious* that they change emotions & have many side effects both short & long term.

D Roe : Hormonal birth control pills have been known for years to cause issues in women, both physically and emotionally/mentally. Severity of side effects varies from woman to woman, but they all will suffer from these effects to some degree.

Roberto Diaz Beltran : Will you post the references links in any of your videos? It makes it easier for non english speakers to get to the source

Liberty Blue : I'm a late GenX (child in 80's, teen in 90's) Canadian mom of 4. What I've noticed in women I went to high school with who took birth control pills, was an overwhelming amt of them had fertility problems requiring hormone trmt and even invetro. I'm pleasantly surprised to see such a study taking place here in Canada and hope we get more out of it, like the fertility issue I've noticed.

Phat Spheal : Honestly it doesn't really surprise me that hormone contraception wasn't very well tested... have you seen the Addyi debacle? Give me more sex NOW, damn the consequences, seems to be the mindset...

Bee Dee Bee : I could say a lot about this, but I don't want to be rude to women that I've known and loved. This explains a lot. Why all of my Queens have gone Mad.

Logical Conservative : Two blondes were driving down the road. The blonde driving looks at her friend in the passenger seat and asks her to see if her blinker is working. So the blonde looks out the window and says, ''Yes. No. Yes. No.''

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hugh g. rection : Ill believe anything if the one telling me it is named rusty gauge.

Neo Torchwick : I love Subverse timbo, keep it up brother.

JawnPolygon : in this case, it's not a lack of testing sex differences when it comes to birth-control, but rather politics getting in the way of science. people don't want to do the studies because they will be branded as pro-life and not enough people are suing these drug companies to warrant such research yet.

Steiner Hardy, Mechwarrior : I♥️Subverse

El Calvin : Love this new channel :D Was looking for some competitor to BuzzFeed who don't just spread propaganda.

Scientific Humanist : Ooh! Heady stuff! 🤯😁

DarienDragonFox : Loving these, tim and the rest of the team you guys keep up the great work!

Justin Kirschenman : You should cover the development of drugs like nsi-189. It's extremely interneting.

Fish Santiago : Please do more of this kind of thing. Very interesting!

Paper Shadows : Very interesting content. I enjoyed these stories. Thanks

Shannon Love : The Spanish inverted the staining of neurons i.e. Dying them to make them visible under microscopes. They still lead the world in neo neuroanatomy.

Charlton Blake : My brain likes Tim's voice.

Melissa Bradshaw : Thank you for this video!!

OpiatedBliss : birth control makes wahmen unattractive and crazy

RealestRealist : Well *mushrooms cured stuttering on Paul Stamets* believe it or not, too.. I believe him

Gregor Samsa : (((contraceptives))) and implying that they didn't know that before they did it.

Adam Zappia : I watched this while taking a break from studying for a neuroanatomy test. Interesting stuff, and I’m enjoying this channel. Keep at it Tim!

Skyler Jackson : Do you watch SciShow? Some of these topics were recent SciShow episodes. Then again, you might just be plugged into the same scientific news source.

captcide : Non-scheduled hallucinogenic substance? Ty.

Endymion766 : I had always been suspicious that taking testosterone royally messed up men's systems, but somehow taking estrogen didn't hurt women's systems.

vjm3 : Oh cool this must be the official channel about that cool new Kickstarter porn game I really want to play! ....w...wait a minute....

BFSD : Keeping the track of good content! Thank you for sharing!

God Bahamut : I love the human brain! Only 300 likes for this, guess the whole birth control headline scared people away.

Shawn M : Do you have a bug fix for the folks like Rachel Maddow, Tim?

GTW : Brains: Everyone has them, many don't use them.

TooLegit ToQuit : Lift up that Beanie and let us see your brain 😀

Dark Energy : All that wasted effort just because the government won’t allow testing with lsd or psilocybin. Ridiculous.

Ironear Vuvuzela : What? Forcing one of your body's natural functions to grind to a halt by manipulating hormones had negative effects on the body? Next you'll tell me that a drug which allows you to never sleep again might have some sort of negative health effects.

William Harriss : Scientist Rusty Gauge? You sure this is legitimate?

FortuitusVideo : Women are mentally damaged - confirmed, 2019.

Dev Deir : Thank you for the relevant and interesting information.