Futurama - time travel song
Futurama Time Travel Song

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Futurama - time travel song


Ryan Hall : Posted in 2011. Only comments are from this week

Rocky Dang : im confused why this is getting attention now ???

ricky bobby : We must be all connected some how

Zhyper : In the year 696969 All of mankind gets together to make one giants oragy

The Black Baron : Giraffe overlords don't sound bad after all, when compared to the current political situation :P

Pelcogo : Frankly I'm surprised the earth made it into the septuple digits

F. Peña : Too damn funny, had to watch it twice

Grant Forester : Youtube must be screwy... 6 years later and all the comments are from this month...

RandTheNorwegianGamer : "In a Year that ends with a 20"

Mike Wautraets : lets get this into everyone's recomended list !

Antonio : Its this some kind of YouTube conspiracy?

Hugh Mann : *This video was uploaded recently, but the uploaded went back in time*

Anna X : All hail The Hypnotoad .....and bring back Futurama

necromorphous : best futurama episode

Jareth The Goblin King : Its a spoof of another song, I forget the name

First Name Last Name : Why is the vid so old but comments are new

AuvergneNFS : Btw new universe is not lower, its just they float up from underwater in 351120

Jake Taller : 0:54 Yellow Diamond

Shane Waters : I ended up here too. How did we all get here?

Isaac Saffold : The age of man is over. It is the giraffe's time now.

Portuguese NPC : futurama is the best series ever!!

EDGARRIVALKING 562 : Anybody else love this song and inspector 5 when bender is looking for inspedctor 5

Shepherd174 : In the year 2017. Video comments come to be seen

CILinkzSpre3 : Hail all Giraffic Overlords!

MRICECOLDCOLE : What drew us here ?

TFTDSGuy : This is pretty good.

J.A.M : 0:42 subnautica in a nutshell

Secretary Bun Buns : Thank you! I finally found a Futurama Version with video!

PapaSmurf Smurfy : Who's watching 252525?

Bayron Anaya : The future is better xD

StoneXL : This episode gives me an existential crisis every time I see it.

Spiritthoughts : Something cool about grabbing a six pack and watching the universe end with mates.

Dainis Abols : 252525 - only one technology, a rusty sword for practicing proctology

Gumbo Clay : Damn, I miss this show. Time to binge-watch the whole series for about the dozenth time (but who's counting?)

jeremiah L : 2017 comment crew

lillawicca : At least we know a giraffe won't be extinct in the year 1 million and a half.

Perry Waste Industries : All hail our giraffe overlords

imc1pd : You've got to love youtube. And thanks very much for uploading this, was able to prove a point with this clip ;)

Potato : "A rusty sword used for procnology" O_O

Mookie : i for one, welcome our new giraffe overlords

Аргентум С : I am writing from 2019, there is still no time machine

JHP NETWORK : I dont know why but i feel so sad when i listen to this

Katzenkaiser : yeah! still waiting for the tyme of Bastet!!!

Siyabulela Mapuza : When the tree tops are stripped of their leaves ohhhhhh

The Shaggy : For everyone asking about the comments something must have changed in youtubes algs that has made this old video from 2011 only now start appearing in our youtube recemend list


User : how are you too day

Brandon Robins : Hes a robot and he felt it . Funny show

Confetti Tree : I sing this song to my newborn to get him to fall asleep, it works really well