The Cure For "NICE GUY" Syndrome

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Ian Kung : i started going to the gym this month trying to be healthy and shit. can someone tell me if i actually need to buy protein powder or is that a waste of money? if you have any advice, tweet or send me an ig comment. i get like 1 comment per day on those, so i actually see all of them

thegrimyeaper : The transformation was complete, why did you kill it?!

Humairah - : This is fucking hilarious. The body swap really caught me off guard.

DeeJayDaveK : Pretty sure he is cured.

bitch ,you're dead : "all girls are want douchbags and im not one of them , it has nothing to do with my cunty behavior that is the substitude of an even shittier personality"

Vidya Cowboy : The new planet of the apes is pretty dark

tWenY : You're the only guy who's funny and not click-baiting like a fuktard

Skeptical Thinker : Rip all of the incels

gingerAV : holy shit your best one yet

Alduin Project : Who watched every video on this channel?

Gary Buckley : Kung Fu Ian is the Man.

gard aanstad : Corridor Digital but for sketches

hypno159753 : i finally realized why your channel is my favourite. it's so reminiscent of 2007 youtube and it's incredible

GoldPranks TV : Please upload more

Sara Halleloo ! : Wow, a video in youtube I actually found clever, funny and relevant! Good job

Tony Music : Yesterday a clown held the door open for me... I thought it was a nice jester.

Ander Ugalde : Production values are going through the roof!

ployter94 : Sad to see one of the good ones go. I cry

Kim Deal Or No Deal? : This, this is quality shit-posting.

DanieleGiorgino : You fed him a blue pill. Really subtle, I love it.

RoyalGuard1001 : clinical trials: Cleared !

rebecca berlin : Transformed to the perfect man💘

Kristofer Rawlins : This one was a little dark...

Matthew Shelton : As a positive side-effect, it turns your pants into shorts. That way, you can better dissipate all that rage sweat.

Marn SSJ : but is he wrong though :thinking:

MiniMegaMike : Well at least you tried and that's all we should expect from you.

The Chaotic Phoenixx : *Shoots a wild beast that is in a cadge*

Lord Haberdasher : Baby steps gentlemen, some day you'll have a safe delivery system.

TheLukeMc : I need this cure, where do I find it?

David Nettey : Oh my God, he went full neckbeard...

Sir.Boom! : I love these videos you guys do

Luis Torrez : lol hey llk llk that's a good boy.

Sir PanicAim : so, you sell it?

wetsku - : God i love your videos


Tales Of Eunoia : Imagine if David broke out and used the vaccine on other nice guys. We would have another Planet of the apes incident

MGTOW Library : what did I just watch on a serious note: read "Intimate Connections" by David Burns if you really have a nice guy problem

smoov22 : Who's gonna relupload this first

Robert Bakkarogberg : This is some good shit

Finlay Craig : Just keep trying. I believe in you.

im a very smart person : Bro youre making like the best videos on youtube KEEPRGOIN

v1d300 : Dude your experiment failed. Keep trying with more test subjects.

Dennis Jakobsson : You're the best!

Lui Lopez : Well this gets a like 😂 ahhh classic YouTube

213213yoyo : You have great writing, acting and editing! I hope you're gonna be more successful in the future!

Raza Sajjad : your best one yet!

VincentVeryVile : This Sci-Fi Horror movie is why I subscribed

Andre Nguyen : wong fu’s next installment of: Just ANOTHER ANOTHER Nice Guy

falcon headbust : You make some good stuff dude keep it up.

sousuke Sagara : It works but at what cost ?