The Cure For "NICE GUY" Syndrome

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Ian Kung : i started going to the gym this month trying to be healthy and shit. can someone tell me if i actually need to buy protein powder or is that a waste of money? if you have any advice, tweet or send me an ig comment. i get like 1 comment per day on those, so i actually see all of them

thegrimyeaper : The transformation was complete, why did you kill it?!

bitch ,you're dead : "all girls are want douchbags and im not one of them , it has nothing to do with my cunty behavior that is the substitude of an even shittier personality"

GoldPranks TV : Please upload more

Alduin Project : Who watched every video on this channel?

gingerAV : holy shit your best one yet

DeeJayDaveK : Pretty sure he is cured.

tWenY : You're the only guy who's funny and not click-baiting like a fuktard

Humairah - : This is fucking hilarious. The body swap really caught me off guard.

Vidya Cowboy : The new planet of the apes is pretty dark

Skeptical Thinker : Rip all of the incels

hypno159753 : i finally realized why your channel is my favourite. it's so reminiscent of 2007 youtube and it's incredible

Kim Deal Or No Deal? : This, this is quality shit-posting.

Gary Buckley : Kung Fu Ian is the Man.

ployter94 : Sad to see one of the good ones go. I cry

Ander Ugalde : Production values are going through the roof!

I want Bianca Del Rio to step on me : Wow, a video in youtube I actually found clever, funny and relevant! Good job

Griffin Emerson : Sigh. You were so preoccupied with whether or not you could that you didn't stop to think if you should.

RoyalGuard1001 : clinical trials: Cleared !

DanieleGiorgino : You fed him a blue pill. Really subtle, I love it.

Graham Smith : How did you get Shawn Mendez for this video?

Sal Appy : is ian trying to move away from his own 'nice guy' past or what, maybe some open wounds there...

Bear Driving A Car : You deserve more subs your accounts amazing

Andre Nguyen : wong fu’s next installment of: Just ANOTHER ANOTHER Nice Guy

Ragnar : The cure for nice guy syndrome is actually to find a decent girl.

Paul Rogers : Girls don't like nice guys because nice guys are full of shit and girls have a keen sense for bullshit. Girls would rather have an asshole who is being himself than a fake ass nice guy. Most nice guys don't realise how full of shit they are because their bs is so good they have convinced themselves its true. Also most girls are lowlifes and they know it, and they can't live up to the bs image the nice guy has off her, which makes them feel worse about themselves and is why they are so cruel to nice guys.

213213yoyo : You have great writing, acting and editing! I hope you're gonna be more successful in the future!

213213yoyo : /r9k/ in a nutshell

VincentVeryVile : This Sci-Fi Horror movie is why I subscribed

gard aanstad : Corridor Digital but for sketches

WITCH NEKO : This is like the old youtube video days. I LOVE IT!

Amitron : I've been waiting forever for Ian to blow up, what the fuck is taking so long?

christian tovar : *you have done it again m8*

falcon headbust : You make some good stuff dude keep it up.

Rebekah Jackson : Better tell Wong Fu

Chuck Steak : Second video on nice guys... maybe he used to be one

Pls WaLuigi Dom Me : Evolutionary context mate

sousuke Sagara : It works but at what cost ?

Zeos : I need me some of that shit

Emperor Pilaf : u deserve 1,000,000 subs or more

Ρέα Δελλή : the 98 dislikes are "nice guys"

The Chaotic Phoenixx : *Shoots a wild beast that is in a cadge*

Hey Hi : I'm early How's ya day?

NSITF MCPE : insert creative comment that gets a lot of likes here

Tony Music : Yesterday a clown held the door open for me... I thought it was a nice jester.

Kai Watson : Guys I made a video of me TROLLS NG JAKE PAULERS

Haiku Master : Lol

J Y : Dr. Hotness !

SoundEffectsFactory : Thanks for featuring one of my sound effects, feel free to use more in the future if you need. (;

Just FRANK : The alert sound system sounds like the McDonald's ice cream machine breaking down