That Mate Who’s Always Making A Mess

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Mr Not That Famous : is he just eating 2 slices of bread?

Undying Taco : That right there would give me psychological problems.

Geoff : These are seriously frikin hilarious... I do miss tel though

TheWill920 : Just watching this gave me anxiety lol

Russon Films : Room mates😬

Ecourts : The roomate's actions were so fluid and believable, I'm impressed~

wadup13 : Thank goodness you guys are producing more frequent videos! Thought I'd have to wait another month or so to get a laugh out of you lot! Quality stuff lads, can't wait for the next.

oxacukcc : The messiness was over the top, to be honest. I don't think anyone can unwittingly actually create that much mess.

Aswini Kumar : Made me lol. I rarely laugh

Flash Baggins : this hurts me

Cinnamon : Hey does anyone know the name of the outro song??

Graham Roth : I can’t believe you guys only have 32k subs

** Marmite ** : The bit where he doesn't realise that he's made the mess is so relatable.

Anita Cordero : Haha hate to admit it but i am that person

Sucharith Battina : Good boy.

The Mind Of Opex : 😂

Justin P : Story of my life :')

cargogh : This is me and myself.

Rectum flex : Peep show vibes

Gandhi Mahatma : put a helmet on him

The Salty Royals : This mad me irrationally angry.

Andrew Etchen : Lol!

Fractal Jaguar : Another fun video, keep them coming!

Emilio Gomez : Another good laugh, thank you!

Dilawer Ali Dahraj : The way he threw the bread haha

Alex Payne : This was awesome!!

Jason Stone : looks like the peep show kitchen

James Tumber : Big up the oatly!

Vinay K. DÉBROUILLARD : Thanks for dropping this video today. I needed one. 👍🤘😁

somebody : I absolutely adore this channel

kickassmanga : this is just like my mates but they would somehow start a fire too

Sheketo Shentazu : First? :v

Anthony : Had Tears of laughter watching this one.

ಠ ͜ ಠ : Amazing

TheFallOfMan : Lmao

KCS XIV : As usual your content is top notch mates.👌👌

Mongoosemcqueen : Rice Bran oil @ 0:24 DAFUQ is that?