Deaf Kitty Compilation Pt II

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swampfoot : Her meows send stabs of joy through me, what a treasure she is.

Alex Rowley : This is the QUALITY wholesome content I signed up for

Kristina Sojka : Fluffy cloud catto does a S C R E A M

Lauren Candela : Clarabelle must be protected at all costs

J. E.C : Cloud 2: Return of the Cloud

Live long And prosper : Honestly didn’t think I needed this.....but I do need this

Shadow Fox7000 : Who would leave a cat like that ?

-Syril Sapiophile- : I already got really excited when you posted about this on Instagram 😭😍❤

nymphiir : i would die for her

AnLolcat : Quality content 12/10

Abdulrahman Babiker : Wow she has 2 different eye colours daym u have a special cat

Puji Katidjo : Aww she's really adorable,Love her 😘😘

weenie boi : my day got better. thank you.

smooshpopper2 : she's so fluffy it should be illegal

Sophie : I have been waiting for this!

Nadia Tanaya : I waited for so long! Finally! *meeew 🐈*

Padme Skywalker : Most adorable meows ever!

Happie692B : Her meows 😍

Cassandra Lee : My favorite internets kitty <3

trashheap72 : 1:36 robot meow

Itsa_Isopod kill me : Some of the clips is just tiny lil meows. While the rest is MEOWOWOW

alexasparklezze : 2:20 I HEAR PANIC!

xKx : Loved watching this 😍✨

Carmen Phoebe : Cutest kitty in the worldd!! <3

Angry Crusader 39 : when I was young my family found this stray cat almost dead for starvation and injuries, we nursed it back to health and made it part of are family, when he was well enough we took him to the vet to get fixed and shots, there the vet told us that he had Brain damage. He later stated that at some point before we got him someone must of kicked him in the head this injury damaged his depth perception, other then there was nothing wrong with him. he lived a long and happy life reaching the ripe old age of 23 (This is how long we had him for he could of been older). His name was *Brain Dead*

Opal Lewis : Not trying to be over dramatic but I would die for Clarabelle.

MrNightpwner : I don't care for cats and I'd call in airstrikes for this particular cats safety.

Mercedes Klimek : WHO TF ARE THE 5 PEOPLE THAT DISLIKED??? This precious kitty is what we need on the internet! Sweetest little darling 💙💙

Wild Sergal : My cats are trying to see where the meowing is coming from 😹

Jack Sexton : I think there's a operation to fix her deafness so she can finally hear her owners voice and meow thank yous from the bottom of her not crying while writing this..................I'm lieing I'm crying my heart out.

LijiPop : I would die for Clarabelle

Ai Nanami : Hnggghhh so precious

1000 subs with lots of videos : They are immune to vacuum cleaners

JC Naveunxay : Yaaaaaaayyyyyy!!!😃

This channel is dead : :Oc!!!! She has heterochromia,, BABEY!!!!

Rae 1996 : T-T I'm so happy that I found your YouTube <3 I love your cat.

Jude Valero : What’s the highest bid I can top it

Heywhatsup Iamgoodyou? : Is it bad that i am internally screaming from the sheer cutness?

Westerley3 : Such an incredible creature! Please keep sharing your critters with us!


My Mad : this aint no def leppard ;)

Annette Silva : She is so freaking adorable. 💕💕💕

Isabella Spratt : 3:00 I'm dying lol 🤣💕

DJ : 0:47 brace your heart 😭☺

LCbabyxO : I love herrrr, I want herrrr

Gloria : Music to my ears and delight to my eyes 😭😭

Michael Marfil : Here before it blows up

yukiandkanamekuran : Please give us more!!!

mannys9130 : I love this cat so so much. So precious. 😻

TheLastUchihan // Xtreme_Killer909 : She does a shooketh!