DC Superheros Lion King Parody - Animation By Hayk Manukyan | Warner Brothers Animation

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Pre-order the Teen Titans Go! movie http://www.amzn.to/2QLy3ei Follow my work on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/hayk_animation/ Now that the Teen Titans Go movie is out (http://www.teentitansgo-movie.com/?buynow) I can finally share my work on the movie. I got to design & animate this entire Lion King sequence (minus 3 shots). I put my name in the corner of all shots I animated. The 3 without my name were done by Disney vets Bruce Smith & Chris Wahl. Chris Wahl was actually an animator on the original Lion King (Mufasa). It was an honor getting to meet them both and work with them. I animated this sequence in Toonboom Harmony. I had zero experience with the program up until the Teen Titans Movie, but it was a great opportunity to learn. I do not own the rights to characters in this video, I was just the animator. The rights belong to DC comics and Warner Brothers Entertainment. #teentitansgomovie #dccomics #animation


WhatThePotato : The frame by frame animation is just... BEAUTIFUL.

Darryl Jack : I love ttgo and the original, dont see why people cant. You and the team do amazing work that people do love. Keep up the great work

Cameron E. : I just love the frame-by-frame animation to perfectly capture Disney😂😂

Sonjee : Thank you for sharing the process throughout this scene!! I really loved the animation, really felt like Disney haha

Peter Adrian : Animated so damn well!

[PATRYK FILMS] : Oh wow! This animation is really good! Wish it ever be on Mashed channel ^^

Jim and Jackson : 😐You are the best,right now you are on another level Sir❤❤Please Do an environment tutorial on how u design it etc

Naminski : Disney reference.

Throwback Channel : That’s what Aquaman sounds like in Teen Titans Go? I was expecting something more cheery, but all well.

Emanuel Sadowski Geghardyanc : It's incredible how far you've come Hayk! This animation is amazing! Great job

Salvatore : Вах вах вах Какая красота 👌😉

Husein Sastra : awsome! The rough and clean up version is cool. Is that made in Adobe Flash CC?

Bear : Ապ, քեզ արժե ԹՈՒՄՈ ստեղծարար տեխնոլոգիաների կենտրոն դիմել։

Anthony Sbarra : One of the greatest parodies of the opening scene from "The Lion King" if I do say so myself, I give it two thumbs way up!

Alan Silva Braga : how long did you take to make this scene?

Jynee Alanis : Amazing animation as usual

André Almeida : Sensacional rsrs ^^

Nathan Cruz : 1:27 what!? We all gather out here for this!? 1:31 😒 1:34 he’s just a sidekick! 1:36 poor 👶🏻 Robin

Michael Ryan : This is brilliant, Hayk. I love it!

Alexandra e seus Amigos Studio : Kkk. I love it! 😂

Gabriel Ramos : To com empresa o que eu já vi esse filme

newgamingspies : OMG! YOU MADE THAT SCENE?!! That was pretty funny!

Freddie Fosh : Wow this is beautiful, Superman flying past Batman is especially great. Real inspiring work!

Skizzie : this is fantastic

Nightmarefox 1234 : HE'S JUST A SIDEKICK!!!

Kasumi Nightmare : You made all my fav parts in the movie, God You're a m a z i n g and my new big inspiration

Thankful New Channel 821 : All of you did amazing work on this. You, Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenec, Peter Rida Michael, Peggy Ryan, Will Arnett, and everyone

Alan Silva Braga : so perfect * _ *

RecordingStudio9.com : Absolutely great work.

Javier Alejandro Velasquez Urdaneta : WOW!!!😱😱 I've never seen this before!! Because the world of DC superheroes was actually the Parody songs, "The Circle of Life" from the Disney's animated film, "The Lion King" and it sounds like all the animals? It's PERFECT!!!👌 I want to hear it and see it first!

FanJ Artist : All right, that's it, Disney sue them now

Alessio Choquez Alarcon : POWER GIRL ANIMATION!!!!YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

Draco Naz : Amazing... just... amazing. Loved every sec of it. Good job.


Digitalize : This was without a doubt the funniest scene in the entire movie. I really loved it!

Phantom9252 : Beautifully animated, no doubt. But also shows the horribleness of TTG. The first half of the scene is a funny parody that still keeps the characters true to who they are while still showing off an oft dismissed side of the DC Universe, that being Dick Grayson's role in uniting all the various hero families into one. But then the second half of the scene starts with superheroes, modern mythological figures looked to as pillars of morality, booing a child and then Bruce Wayne throwing said child off a building. LEGO Batman is good parody, TTG is just disrespectful.

JEB : This was amazing!!!

Eddie Martinez : Thanks

Bartoon MFS Studios : so cool

Matthew wurm : Excuse me mister Hayk... I have a question.. i can’t seem to figure out the identity of two of the heroes who were gathered near Wayne Tower... One of them had grey skin, black pants and a white Mohawk while the other one had magenta skin, a yellow ponytail and a green cape.. Do you know their names??

Salvatore : Ruseren gites ?

LuckyKidDane Studios // Dane Parsons : Know wander D.C means Dumb Comics

Bryant Hernandez : Wait did you did this for the movie or are you did this on your own as copy the animation like if you did this it’s beautiful but I want to know