Don Rickles Roast Ronald Reagan
Don Rickles is King

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Don rickles Rosast Ronald Reagan


Jeb Thompson : Back in the day when you could disagree with someone and still have a good laugh and be friends

The Life Of Cydre : Black ,white ,jew , gentile We are after one cause Figuring out how you became governor 😂😂😂comedy gold

Chris Monk : Sadly those days are over... Hollywood will never this good or classy again

Phil Jon : Don Rickles was amazing. And I say truthfully as a Haitian Jew. 😉🙂

Jay J : remember when roasts were actually roasts and actually funny

Robert : These are real actors who had class. So sad they are all gone and all we have left are a bunch of cry babies in Hollywood.

1rewd1 : Rickles: "Governor Reagan, Reegan, whatever they call you" Dean Martin offscreen: Reagan! Rickles: I DON'T CAAARE! Classic. RIP

Q-Tip 47 : Back when people weren't offended by everything

ANDY SERE : What a smarter, sweeter and much classier time to be alive.

NinjaOnANinja : Back in the day when politicians and comedians could talk to an audience and not need to read every single word from a pre written speech that sometimes wasnt even written by them. America misses you.

Joshua Brooks : Only Don Rickles can insult president Reagan and have the man himself in stitches. I hope Ron's ready for round two when Don gets to heaven!

Doctor Deebs : "Why? That's better?" -Don Rickles to Dean Martin

Benny Kwok : I watched this with earbuds on in the quiet study zone of the library... Very bad choice Miss the roasts that aren’t filled with cussing and lewd jokes.

Let's Be Honest : God gave Don a cookie so he went away. Rest in peace you hockey puck

Solaris : "...and I say this from my heart, Dean. You have a problem." LOL

Earl Garcia : Imagine a Governor today getting roasted!?! Would never ever happen. I’m young and these dudes had it figured out.

ALLY S : “Reagan or Reegan whatever they c all you.” “Reagan.” “I don’t care!” 😂😂😂😂

Danny Tat : Not once did he curse, nowadays it's nothing but cursing, insults and sexual innuendos.

Brian K : Don Rickles and President Reagan, two great Americans

william haggard : R I p to a man who loved to insult people for humor !

Isr Strategies : Amazing when California was still part of America and had a conservative Governor.

Dave S. : This was comedy talent at its finest

tylsimys67 : "Why Rickles is so mean? Well he found out that Eva Braun was two-timing him". DAMN!

Viva Freedom : Dean Martin: “a lot of people wonder why Don is so mean. There's a reason for that, he's been that way ever since he found out Eva Braun was two-timing him”

lorcis1 : Damn! he was funny and look at that, nothing dirty, what a pro.

Jason Wayne : To our late night host, This is how you joke on a President.. With Class....

Joey Sparetti : Awesome. This stuff is WAY funnier than anything these days.

ubb4me : These roasts were great because the roasters and roastees were actually stars, not 3rd rate hip hop garbage, mediocre actors or reality tv trash. Such a huge difference from today. Todays roasters have to result to vulgar jokes because they arent intelligent enough to think of anything else.

Nik Mawdsley : Up to a week ago I'd never heard of Don, can't get enough of his stuff now, bloke was a comedy genius.

djqlxix2112 : RIP Mr. Rickles. Thank you for the lifetime of laughter.

Mohammad Barmawi : Can you imagine Don with Trump in the same room?

Pat Tanackered : Love Don but I honestly forgot how versatile a performer Dean Martin was. Sing, act, comedy, dance all while holding a drink

HETFIELD : It's sad that everyone in this video has passed...

Christian Giehl : I'm from Germany. And Don is awesome. Great Time for Comedian. I wish we had in Germany so Great Roastmasters. Great

Tad Opinionated : You just simply have to be glad to have seen these people in your lifetime. To sit and make fun of a future president, and to see he could take a joke too. All the money in the earth couldn’t buy that kind of genuine authenticity now. People smoked and drank and weren’t as politically correct. But look at it all. All of our pretentious achievements - yet, we’re a hell of a lot worse off as a species than just a few decades ago. It’s so sad that this kind of genuine humour has left the world, to be replaced with whatever shit there is now (not all) but most. Kevin Hart - a very funny little man! I’m sure I could think of others if I cared enough; but these are the benchmarks. To stand and make fun of a future president really brought politicians down to earth, and just showed Regan as a class act. The entire dais was just full of pure class.

vunderground1 : Kippers are English. North eastern English (Northumbrian) to be specific. They are awesome!

ZM Bently : "And I'll never forget your words, 'Get out of the way, kid'" I almost died I laughed so hard

GuitarMinds : No comedian in this earth could be any sharper than Don Rickles...

damien l : Is this politically correct. Miss the old days.👍👍👍

Dave Thomas : god bless Don Rickes, May he rest in peace, but he's probably bustin Gods balls.

Jasper Jenkins : "He wouldn't be governor if MY PEOPLE didn't say, OK!!!" The only non joke. And a very telling truth indeed.

Al B. : Life once was fun

THOMAS CARTER : R.I.P. We will miss you don

MaxOut : "Get out of the way, kid!" - Excellent Roast.

Noel Sosa : My gosh!!! The brilliance!!!! And without a single curse word! There will never be another Mr Warmth! RIP Mr. Rickles.

shaserdeses : RIP "Mr Warmth"Don Rickles Your wit and humor will never be forgotten! Thank you for all these years of great comedic genius!

Anonymous Doe : He rosast Ronald Reagan? Nice description nerd

Rick B : Awesome Don!! RIP

Frank Biz : Don was one of the best, and Ronald was likewise. I loved watching that show.