Don Rickles Roast Ronald Reagan

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GasCityGuy : Note to Comedy Central.... THIS is how you do a roast.

Danny Tat : Not once did he curse, nowadays it's nothing but cursing, insults and sexual innuendos.

Alexander TheGreatest : Back when humour wasn't Amy Schumer talking about her vagina for half an hour...

tylsimys67 : "Why Rickles is so mean? Well he found out that Eva Braun was two-timing him". DAMN!

Jay J : remember when roasts were actually roasts and actually funny

atiboyful : Our best days as a Nation when there was NO political correctness and humor could be exhibited without being subjected to ridicule by the Lamestream Press! God Bless Don Rickles!

Michael Mixon : This was too good! To his credit Governor Reagan had a good sense of humor.

ZM Bently : "And I'll never forget your words, 'Get out of the way, kid'" I almost died I laughed so hard

JohnLoCicero : Shit, I'm older now than Rickles was then.

Nathan Jacobson : You know that you are old, when you remember Phyllis Diller in her "hot" years.

Agnes Philomena : Genius. Rickles is the cure for political correctness. And Reagan was one of the few politicians with enough guts and humility to do this.

NoName Given : Saw him live many many years ago, some guy had the nerve to heckle him. BIG MISTAKE!!!!! Don tore threw that guy for half an hour 'till he left. Best Ever!!!

CaptainAmericaShazam : How I miss Ronald Reagan! When America had a Real Great President! And Rickles is soooo funny! Thanks for posting!!

David Hutchinson : I can't imagine how much fun these guys must have been.

kneelandpray2 : The best president of all times ..... I'm Italian.

Joshua Brooks : The original roastmaster in all his glory. Note to all aspiring comedians, this is how insults should be done!

Viva Freedom : Dean Martin: “a lot of people wonder why Don is so mean. There's a reason for that, he's been that way ever since he found out Eva Braun was two-timing him”

barber215 : One of the few times I've ever seen Jack Benny laugh out loud.

Samuel Salva : Reagan could never win California today it is a majority non white leftist state....

Lew. Bon. : I watch this when I need a laugh & to lighten up a bit before sleep. So far this month the count is at 12 times. Very much appreciate this upload.

Darren Horne : Now that’s a roast. Compare that to Michelle Wolf at the White House in 2018 and you can see how bad comedy is these days.

Reuben Dunn : One of the best roasts that Rickles did, and without the laugh track.

Mark Gable : No political correctness here. Just gold fashion humour.

Damon Manda : these roasts were so much funnier in those days because they didn't swear. The modern ones are full of obscene language which isn't funny.

C Pegg : Making Jack Benny laugh? That makes you a comic legend.

Alexis Machine : Don Rickles is great.

scott seven : Don Rickles could put ANYONE down

Abdel Russell : How did Rickles walk such a fine line, and still be so funny! This was before my time, but these guys were sharp and witty.

Matt Stevens : Probably Rickles' best roast. He was complete brilliance here.

ANDY SERE : What a smarter, sweeter and much classier time to be alive.

beadsstitcher : Yes, I agree with PMA Jugde, those were the days. People were allowed to joke about anything and anyone, and no one was offended. Today, we only have to look at someone and they sue you for harassment. Thank you for sharing this video, I had a good laugh myself.

Filton Kingswood : Im tellin ya, Im not an American but I find these Man of the Week roasts 'Ball bouncingly funny'. Something more... It seems to me that Ronald Reagan was the last Statesman you had as president, you will never have another.

Dan Briggs : The man in the audience that Rickles is making fun of is none other than Columnist James Bacon.

Anthony Parvino : Best president ever.

Caitlin Frawley : My fave comedian of all time!!! Love Don!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

MyREDTAIL : Little did they know when this Roast was being done, That he would go on to be one of our Greatest Presidents May he RIP

cubomania3 : BEFORE the Snowflake Generation and it's pansy-ass fear of saying anything about anything or having any personality whatsoever.

UofMichFan : Looking back for Don he had to think "I would have never imagine this guy would go on to be one of the greatest President America has ever had".

Shmuel Graybar : Black, white, Jew, Gentile...we're all working for one cause;'m not gonna spoil the end of the video where he absolutely kills it!

antonio S. : During those days one didn't have to be politically correct and walk on eggs. It was all in fun. If Rickles made those jokes today he would be toasted by all.

Brent Hearn : Take notes Michelle Wolf, this is how you roast. Creativity , intelligence and class..

CRYSSixCHAOS : We need to bring him back to roast Trump just one time.

mercytoday : Don is the definition of a savage!

menckencynic : Rickles was ancient in this video, and he's *still* killing it. All respect to Don Rickles.

shaserdeses : RIP "Mr Warmth"Don Rickles Your wit and humor will never be forgotten! Thank you for all these years of great comedic genius!

djqlxix2112 : RIP Mr. Rickles. Thank you for the lifetime of laughter.

Brian K : Don Rickles and President Reagan, two great Americans

william green : Isn't it amazing they can make us laugh WITHOUT a SINGLE cuss word? Sure, they can get a bit blue, but not a single cuss word. Well done, sirs. Well done!

Pat Tanackered : Love Don but I honestly forgot how versatile a performer Dean Martin was. Sing, act, comedy, dance all while holding a drink

Terry Harris : rickles is one of the great comedians of all time.