Duck & Reindeer Brain at Noma's Game & Forest Season

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David McCarthy : This video exemplifies what Youtube is about. I was transported to another world. Bravo

Günther Treckerfahrer : spooning the ducks brain out of it's head... I couldnt do that.

In Carina's Kitchen : Trust Noma to come up with such a crazy/amazing/adventurous experience!  How do the other diners react to you filming? I love your videos, but I'm curious about how you get away with it. 😆

kev d : Its very primal and rudementary theme,, wild , nature , forest ,survive, Bear Grylls would love it. i like it. Slightly "off kilter" dont get enough sunlight Scandenavians, but i like it guys; )). Really like it.

bryan lester aviso : Rene Redzeppi, what a genius

felix avery : this made my vegan girlfriend scream with indignation haha

Jonathan Law : Thank you for sharing that experience; it certainly challenged what I would consider edible - brain, flavouring with ants, etc. There's something rather primal, paleo, but refreshing and appealing about going back to eating what our ancestors would have fed/foraged on.

Alejandro GvM : nice georgian wine in the beginning

Sarah T : Thank you for taking us back! I was afraid of forgetting the experience. Now I can always come visit it here.

Nikhil Nayak : Anders thanks again for a fantastic peek into the Noma Wild Meat & Forest Produce menu! I hope you gave your muse a little time to compose herself before biting into the bug and the brain. That beetle was huge. In all honesty I would have tapped out.

StraPSnOut PiDdLeGout : Very creative and interesting restaurant, but some of that just looks nasty.

DJN VIENNA : Great content! Cheers! :)

rena cantik : Its a cute pumpkin,, its look very delicious but im say no with that betlle menu.. And the beautiful lady is make every one jealous coz can go and eat there at Noma.. And thanxz for sharing the video,, im always wait a new video

supervanessa88 : i just discovered your channel! and im in love with your videos! keep up the good work

King Hong Lee : i love your videos i thought the music reminding me of the show house when shes scooping out duck brains

P Last Name : When Reindeer games go reindeer brains...

Mulch Diggums : Simply stunning

Runjinrun2 : Thank you for putting this together. Great job as usual. Oddly though, most of the people I know that have been fortunate enough to get tickets to this season have told me very polarizing things about this menu. I'd heard nothing but universal acclaim for the Ocean and Vegtable seasons. Did you guys enjoy it?

Lukas Adamsson : tell me about eating pinecones, also what is the price tag on this tasting menu

Jose Oppi : Another great video!

Antoine Regis : OhMyGod!!!

Naana Mora : Thanks for sharing. Sometimes the food was more theatrical than substance but worth watching.

Kaitlin Orr : This video brought me right back to the magical first experience of eating at Noma for the first time ❤️ Game-changing menu!! 😜

Do you care? : Yay! Finally!!

Robin Benjafield-John : Bloody mental food there. Love how so many of the courses are constructed to be eaten with your hands.

Andrés Borregales : sorry dor the rude comment about the music the other time. This time the way it was cured was fantastic.

MrHousetronic : "FOOD FOR THOUGHT" people... I have never eaten at Noma, but I have been following their actvities for a while now. Yes, it is (considered) a great restaurant. Yes, they have achieved many great things, setting new perspectives in the culinary world. Going to a restaurant to eat is more than just filling our stomach and support our main need for survival. It is about exploring the wonderful world of gastronomy. It is about finding pleasure in food. As such, dining in a restaurant is a luxury good, it is not a necessity. Personally, I am fascinated by food, and my life is in a great way set up around the world of gastronomy. BUT...there are some "fine lines" in life; lines that (arguably) in my opinion should not be crossed. Setting, respecting, and keeping those lines in tact, brings an overall "balance". We eat animals. Naturally, animal products are used in most kitchens around the world. I am not against that. What happens in Noma though has started to trouble me. I believe that Redzepi has lost the "equilibrium", he has crossed those "fine lines". What do I mean? Well: squirell and reindeer. Do we really need to eat those animals? Someone might say:" what's wrong, we eat chicken, beef, pork, etc". Exactly, that is enough in my opinion. We don't need to kill and eat EVERYTING that breathes and walks, in order to satisfy our gastrimargy. Let me put it this way. The western world is appaled by the Chinese and condemns them for killing and eating cats and dogs. Sadly, Redzepi has started to go right on that path, and maybe even worse. At least, (not that I justify it) it is in the Chinese culture to eat cats and dogs, as disgusting as it is...In that sense, Redzepi is even worse. What's next on the menu? Fox, eagle, beaver, wolf, bear, wolverine, lynx?? Where is the "fine line" for Noma? Do they even have one? Where is sustainability? Where is some basic respect for nature? Do we really need to kill and eat a squirell so we can say we had a "great dinner"?? In my eyes, Redzepi has taken the wrong path. It is not about food anymore for him. It is not about satisfying his customers anymore. Whether he understands it or not, he is on a powertrip. He has become arrogant and disrespectful. His kitchen is no more driven by passion for cooking great food, but by megalomania, vanity, and disdain. I really hope that people see what is happening. I hope that chefs around the world start having some basic respect for nature and will not follow such examples, in order to "take their turn in the World's top 50"...

fabien chanioux : you are awful to eat duck's brain. I don't care if this il your personnal pleisure but don't broadcast this idea to taste duck's brain. the animal cruelty is already everywhere. do not encourage it.

Johan Bakx : Amazing experience it must be!

jack daniels : i was living over 2 years in denmark.. i couldnt get any satisfaction from food because food was utelly tasteless and resembling more plastic industrial material than real food.. supermarkets were full of blunt garbage..

Kuratas : Expensive food and still hungry

Peter Parker : Eating brain is very dangerous because of possible Prion contamination.

66420192 : The most pretentious """food""" you can waste money on.

gy : Mmm. That's my favourite insect.

ratxek : Anatomy class included. Probably just a tiny few steps shy of serving it right from dissecting room, or being prepared by the bear right after hibernation. But still, the aesthetic value is overwhelming, and this video captures everything beautiful beautifuly, not mentioning precise timing. With a lovely and brave young lady (as she is, I believe, the real gem in this video). Caligula would certainly thumb it up. And so do I, the poor slave of beauty.

avidal14 : Such an artist! Always look forward to your videos 😊

Gabriel Martins : Noma is reaaaly pushing the boundaries this season. Watching this, it gave me the feeling of connecting with the vikings and the nordic forest, but at the same time it is very innovative and avant garde. Hope I can meet René soon.

Rahul Pagare : Rene is the lord!!! :)

Ian Vinsmok : This lady is so gorgeous 😍😍😍😍😍

r h : Man, Noma nailin' it again; few places are so aesthetically stunning. Excellent job capturing the visuals, as always.

Charles Kuhn : Its beautiful but how were you not full after a third of the menu?

Abraham Contreras : 5:32 that wing served like that, and the brain out of the ducks head... this is some psycho stuff, this chef might be going nuts, like really!

Tavo : WTF YouTube?! Why do you recommend this to me? You know I’m vegan!

Hans Henrik Tausen : Why is the Girl laughing stupid everytime she have another dish?

Curly Hair Artistry : Thanks for sharing this - a dream of mine to go here and it was awesome to see your experience.

Justin Yee : different woman?

akif Polat : Kadın mide spazmı geçirecek 🤪

navidski : Too much, too over the top and too pretentious

Heyward Dai : pay a year's salary to eat like a bum under the bridge.

rio verde : Diarrea