Duck & Reindeer Brain at Noma's Game & Forest Season

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David McCarthy : This video exemplifies what Youtube is about. I was transported to another world. Bravo

Günther Treckerfahrer : spooning the ducks brain out of it's head... I couldnt do that.

In Carina's Kitchen : Trust Noma to come up with such a crazy/amazing/adventurous experience!  How do the other diners react to you filming? I love your videos, but I'm curious about how you get away with it. 😆

felix avery : this made my vegan girlfriend scream with indignation haha

Robin Benjafield-John : Bloody mental food there. Love how so many of the courses are constructed to be eaten with your hands.

Michael James : Weirdest menu I have ever come across in my life. Terrifyingly adventurous

Jan Mosler : 6 minutes in another world. Thank you for uploading

Nikhil Nayak : Anders thanks again for a fantastic peek into the Noma Wild Meat & Forest Produce menu! I hope you gave your muse a little time to compose herself before biting into the bug and the brain. That beetle was huge. In all honesty I would have tapped out.

bbllobi luke : Vegan will scream out loud after seeing this vid.. lol

Pmillionaire : Serving the brains out of the head on a platter seems almost disrespectful to the animal, don’t agree with that plating but very interesting course and I do like the fact that they use the whole animal or parts that would be thrown away. Some stuff seems way over the top namely the moss dishes but I still appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it

Abhi Ghosh : The cinematography of your videos are stellar Anders! You channel definitely deserves way more subscribers. I understand many might consider the michelin starred restaurants to be pretentious... but just watch it as art! The way you shot Noma was what got me hooked to your channel!

Ethan Polson : I like how a lot of the meat wasn't just breast, thighs or legs. They used brains, feet, wings, heart, etc. Less wasteful and makes for a unique experience.

navidski : Too much, too over the top and too pretentious

DDPEF Finn : Sunflower salad was hypnotic. Food was unbelievable and the girl in the video was great. Her reactions were great in so many ways. Not sure about the duck wing or scooping the brains with that gnarled talon next to it. That was a little too something (primal?).

gy : Mmm. That's my favourite insect.

66420192 : The most pretentious """food""" you can waste money on.

bryan lester aviso : Rene Redzeppi, what a genius

DJN VIENNA : Great content! Cheers! :)

Chimichanga : Awesome video. The cuttings and the Musik very pleasant and warm. I wish you and the team the best for the restaurant 🙌🙏

un ace : How did the duck's wing taste like? Its preparation seems quite plain

kev d : Its very primal and rudementary theme,, wild , nature , forest ,survive, Bear Grylls would love it. i like it. Slightly "off kilter" dont get enough sunlight Scandenavians, but i like it guys; )). Really like it.

Ildun : At least you are not require to pick up sashimi from living fish or lobster.

Nirmal Mathew : Beautiful video, delectable food and a soothing BGM. Five Stars

Matthew Scott : That's the goriest thing I've ever seen in my life.

DNTKNOW : Looks delicious

rena cantik : Its a cute pumpkin,, its look very delicious but im say no with that betlle menu.. And the beautiful lady is make every one jealous coz can go and eat there at Noma.. And thanxz for sharing the video,, im always wait a new video

Jessica Wyatt : Awww that pride flag though

twiggy695 : Insane

dannyzep92 : This looked amazing like food from a fairy tale

Faafetai Taase : Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2018 - 2019...

Flip Flops : 6:05 wow, that thing looks as smooth as the air surrouning it

Runjinrun2 : Thank you for putting this together. Great job as usual. Oddly though, most of the people I know that have been fortunate enough to get tickets to this season have told me very polarizing things about this menu. I'd heard nothing but universal acclaim for the Ocean and Vegtable seasons. Did you guys enjoy it?

RebellionParty : Wow, very creative!

Sarah T : Thank you for taking us back! I was afraid of forgetting the experience. Now I can always come visit it here.

Sup Dude : Mmm i prefer forest season

Gyan Ravindranath : Thats as close and intimate humans could ever get towards nature!

Hulagu : pinecone salad?

P Last Name : When Reindeer games go reindeer brains...

Antoine Regis : OhMyGod!!!

deejay Peekay : This menu seems to really push the boundaries

Bertongtutong : Great video. Keep it up!

supervanessa88 : i just discovered your channel! and im in love with your videos! keep up the good work

Vinh nguyen : She's beautiful!

Sydney Long : The way they elevate ingredients that are not commonly used is so admirable. The way they present some of the dishes is kind of a shock tho. I think the point is to make the connection between the food your eating and the animal, but still I think it’s a bit controversial to present it like that

Abraham Contreras : 5:32 that wing served like that, and the brain out of the ducks head... this is some psycho stuff, this chef might be going nuts, like really!

Manuel Minute : Ty for sharing your experience!

King Hong Lee : i love your videos i thought the music reminding me of the show house when shes scooping out duck brains

M Fitri Zulkarnain : Wow Noma is a definitely whole new experience

fabien chanioux : you are awful to eat duck's brain. I don't care if this il your personnal pleisure but don't broadcast this idea to taste duck's brain. the animal cruelty is already everywhere. do not encourage it.

Naana Mora : Thanks for sharing. Sometimes the food was more theatrical than substance but worth watching.