Late River with River Guy (Conner O'Malley) The Only Talk Show in the River

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ratboys : Wow its actually like i'm in hell thanks

Scumbag : Once again you’ve outdone yourself you absolute lunatic

OldTexasStyle : Im the type of guy that I only hangout with cousins

Brian Hancock : the only late night talkshow that takes place in the river AND in the middle of the day.

Austin Keating : "Don't you wish the river was hot like soup?"

Littlekidlover514 : Get that River set copyrighted ASAP man. I don’t want to see any Jimmys telling me the news in the water.

floccinaucinihilipilification : *aww hell yea river pimps*

Alex Jennings : Really great river show. I've included this link in my family's weekly newsletter.

­ ­ : Did Nine Inch Nails do the show soundtrack??

Lonequacker : I like to think the lore behind this is Conner jumped off that bridge and this is all rapidly flashing in his mind as he slowly slips away while floating in the river

Carl R : I think you just got dysentery from the Willamette.

Joe Bothwell : Damn, I'm imagining all the bad ass things I could do if I had my own river

Kenneth Craynon : Is that water safe to be in, given all the pollution in NY? For all my Jewish friends and Relatives Have a Great Rosh Hashanah May the New beginnings bring a period of Hope to all

Eric Young : if you have me as a guest i can pee during the interview and no one will know

Nick Thompson : The type of dude to only hangout with cousins

rockoutrocky : i can't wait to see who else we will find in the river

Bear Noise : I think he might get some kind of river virus or something

Mark Prigge : Please have Dennis Miller on as a guest!

nontrivial dawg : Donna from wardrobe smh! major facepalm! lelz

UberDanger : You don't have any other socials and I'm not sure if you read these comments but I just want you to know you're one of my favourite creators. I found your channel through your Trump rally video and have watched everything you've made, your character is phenomenal, and so is everything you produce. Much love.

CG P : the biggest pimp in the game rn

munkyrabbi : I'm going to email this to my pastor and give him a real spook

Goofy Goober : you know its gonna be a quality video when it immediately opens with a man screaming his lungs out while diving in diseased river water

Chris Oleson : I'd love to be a member of the studio-river audience but unfortunately I can't swim.

lil crabneck : have Tom Sizemore on the show

M P : People are saying great things about this show! "It's tremendously big and tremendously wet. Tremendous amounts of water" Says one fan.

luup : this is getting dark

rocketman863 : I hope for the love of someone's god this hits trending

Stephanei Peinado : You need a live studio audience.

Klink : I ship him and Eric Andre 🤤

Paul5614 : Can you have musical guest next time. Also, your lighting was a bit off, get it right Conner, thin ice man. Still, 9/10.

Nia : Conner O'Malley is the maddest lad in the game I won't watch any other late night shows

Andre Smith : come to brazil! the amazon river

Leo Cookman : Oh hell yeah pimp

Alexei : I’m the type of guy that only hangs out with cousins

Avi p : Best late night show

Beef Supreme : I guarantee you so many people have died right on that spot.

Ryan Hunter Barnes : I happen to BE. A hot soup and I find this offensive

Aiur : *Real ones get their news straight from the river*

8w9hf89hw : hope u dont get an infection jk

EliasandtheError : Orgy's such a great band

William Bratches : I kind of like the music...anyone got an id?

tobey : this talk show is too wet

Maddie Kirby : New favorite show.

Chris Humphrey : the first like 15 seconds makes this seem like a death grips music video

earth angel : Your commitment to comedy is inspirational

The Last Sitcom : Is this just a pilot, or did it get picked up? Are you only going to shoot in the summer, or is this a tropical lake? What were Orgy like in person?

animalfight : Giardia

matt mattt : Finally a talk show in the river, i waited this for soo long. It was always distracting for me that jimmy kimmel,steven colbert,or the rest of the clone army was dry,unfunny, and overall not in a river,and never understood why. Finally someone understood the concept of doing a late night show

Crispen Wah : come to brazil