We had 10 hours to make an album. (w/ Rob Scallon)

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ANDREW HUANG : Which song was your favorite? :D Also subscribe to Rob because he's the best! Check out the video on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QT0Bvf2FIQ

Rob Scallon : Woo!

Kilroy Was Here : im kind of impressed by this. if this is what you guys could do as a joke in 10 hours, I'd like to hear what you could come up with in a week. make another album, please.

Andrea Boma Boccarusso : GET OUT OF MY HOUSE :DDDDDD

Mr Scrofulous : I really enjoyed Rollerblading. It had a real Everlong vibe to it. Beautiful vocals and clean playing on Always.

Steph Lewis : Two friends is a guaranteed banger

// hy-an : "Don't go to my house" sounds like a legit punk song from a reeeeeeeeeally underground unknown band

John Karsten : I bet that session was an absolute joy for the engineer. Dream session

Denis Veprev : IMO the best three are: - Can't Be Stopped 1:11 - Things To Do 11:32 - Spoilers For Playdead's Inside 16:09

Jonathan Pasagui : To me, this sounds like a concept album about.. you guessed it.. DEPRESSION "Woo" is about masking that feeling and trying to deny the sad thoughts. The narrator is trying to send the blues away by singing WOO! like nothing's wrong. "Can't be stopped" is how he sings that he will not give in to depression and how he don't need help from other people as he can manage this on his own. This is also the song where his relationship with his special other is established. The message of this song is that people think that they're not a good pair basically because of the attitude of the narrator, being a rebel with clinical depression at the same time. But he doesn't want to accept these facts. "Two friends" is a metaphor or a representation for Anxiety and Depression. They are the narrator's "friends" but he don't want people to see him with them. You think it's a happy tune but if you think about it, it is a representation of the narrator's anxiety and depression that he wish he could talk to them but they "smell", meaning he can't stand having them around. He really wish he can to talk with his friends (his feelings) not for them to stay longer but to make them go away. These feelings are also the topic of "Don't go to my house" when the narrator desperately tells his feelings to not come unannounced as they always come when he least expects them to. The House is not a literal house but his personal space where the narrator have happy times or his hobbies such as Rollerblading (Rollerbladin), playing video games (Spoilers for Playdead's Inside) and of course, playing music (Possible Band Names). "Don't Go" talks about his love relationship with his special other and how the narrator's relationship with his SO was affected by these feelings to a point that he is telling his partner to not go in this very difficult time in his life. The narrator is crippled by depression to a point where he is shouting to his emotions telling them to not hold them back because he has "Things to do" which means he wants to do meaningful things like the car insurance things. In short, be more responsible. "Always" I think is the breaking point of this character as he cannot take it anymore. He is actually singing to himself when he said "YOU've been changing" and "I can't look at you, I can't look to you". I don't think he committed suicide though but the line "YOU WERE ALWAYS THERE TILL IT ALL CHANGED" might mean something leaning towards that. But I do think he stays alive as he sings in "Spoilers for Playdead's INSIDE" that "we do not get a big ending". That song is not about the game at all but his hallucinogenic visions paralleled to the game settings and events. Lastly, "Possible band names" talks about how the narrator still kept the denial attitude that he had since the beginning, kinda like going into a full circle. You can hear it in the playfulness on his tone again. Also citing Foo Fighters which one hit song is "The Pretender" and Goo Goo Dolls who sang "Iris" which has a line "I don't want the world to see me" (this is a reach actually) therefore telling us that the narrator just got back to that attitude of pretending once again, telling the world that everything's alright. And that is kinda sad actually. WOO!! edit: spelling and grammar

Skip6235 : This has got to become an annual tradition! Maybe next year you can make another First of October album called 10 More Hours

Konrad de Ruyter : I am kinda legitimately angry about how perfect this all is, down the fact that the band is called First of October and the album Ten Hours. It's so catchy and authentic, but for the one of the stupidest reasons ever. It's fantastic. And it's super great that you guys could just have fun and craft an amazing album in only one day! Everything about this is just the epitome of "accidentally cool." I love it so much! :L Rock on, Andrew! (And I hope you figure out your car insurance Rob,)

Antonio Mondragon : Rollerblading is the best midwest Emo song I have heard in my entire life.

Dounia akaSeina : 4:30 my last two brain cells 😂😂

Josh Harmer : That “two friends” song seems like one of those filler songs on a Beatles album where Ringo sings

Rhapsody in noise : I bet that sound engineer never had so much fun recording an album

Nate Appleton : Hey I’d like to say something, for the last year the only thing I could think about was how I needed to be a musician for me to be happy and how I needed to be the best drummer or musician ever to be successful. This video made me realize that’s not what being a musician is about! I love it, it’s not about success or money or fame it’s about having fun! And if I don’t have that then what’s the point? I feel inspired to just have fun with my music and let it lead me wherever it goes because in the end I know I’ll have a good time if I don’t take it as seriously. Thanks for listening this was probably my favourite video you guys have made! 😊😊

DavidTheNewKid : Time Stamps for Songs: 0:37 - 1. Woo! 1:13 - 2. Can't Be Stopped 3:34 - 3. Two Friends 5:09 - 4. Don't Go To My House 6:12 - 5. Don't Go 8:22 - 6. Roller Bladin' 11:32 - 7. Things To Do 13:33 - 8. Always 16:12 - 9. Spoilers For Playdead's Inside 17:57 - 10. Possible Band Names 0:37 - Repeat the entire album and think about how they did this in only ten hours.

Jmantheboss100 : Fighter-Foos... Foo-Fighter-GooFoo Dolls... Dolls... GooGoo... Dolls... Fighter... Goo.

James Norton : Super Group Idea: Rob Scallon, Andrew Huang. Dave (from boyinaband), Davie504, and some other YouTube drummer. Put out a serious album and make my life.

Joshua Morgan : That comedy is on point! xD You guys need to make some more songs like this. I think my favorite was "Don't Go To My House" cuz that is simultaneously hilarious and insanely true to life for some people. xD

KaiGonGinn : You should do the bill wurtz challenge - 1 short song a day for a month

JONxxxINSANITY : Am I the only one that got punched in the gut by Don't Go? I was having a jolly time, then suddenly I was wondering why I was crying ;-;

Flexprog : 10 OUTTA 10, ALBUM OF THE YEAR !!! On a more serious note : I love it, so spontaneous and so fun to watch and hear ! Also, surprisingly intricate and imaginative in some parts. I'm guessing more or less which songs are mainly Rob, mainly Andrew, or both. It's very hard to pick a favorite, so many emotions are covered here. I especially love the goofiness of "Two friends", the tears I got from the harmonies in "Don't go", the very special Rob+Andrew chemistry in "Always", the ambience in "Possible band names", as well as the message behind "Woo", the guitar solo in "Can't be stopped", the screaming in "Don't go to my house", the intricacy and singing of "Rollerbladin' ", the SOAD-like humour and the "woos" of "Things to do", the moody riff of "Inside",

CCVevo : Hey guys, Robthany Scalltano here and today we're taking a look at the debut First of October album called Ten Hours. This album brings a weird sort of variety of sounds from punk on songs like Don't Go To My House to metal on songs like the short opener Woo! to some much more chill stuff on Rollerbladin' and the closing track Possible Band Names. This album is perfect in every way. 69/10

Elijah Lanning : But did you guys get pizza?

Oceanic83 : Getting some serious 2000 vibes on a lot of this material. In a good way

Wes Laycock : 14:40 man that finger pick melody and how the vocals fit it. My favorite part of the whole video.

Dog Mattinson : Two friends sounds like a white album beatles song with ringo on vocals

Andy Chamberlain Music : "If you wanna be my car insurance agent I gotta sign a paper or something, you can't just start representing my car insurance. Get out of my house!" I have no words for this mastery.

William Power : I absolutely LOVE Always 13:32 Lyrics: (Correct me on any of them) I've been achin' for (lost?) day I've been achin' You've been changin' You were always You've been changin' It became too much On a fall day Everything went cold I can't look to you I can't look to you You were always there 'Till you weren't 'Till it all changed You were always 'Till all changed You were always I've been achin' For a new day I've been achin' You've been takin' Takin' away You've been takin It became too much On a fall day Everything went cold I can't look to you I can't look to you You were always there 'Till you weren't 'Till it all changed You were always 'Till all changed You were always there!

mrtraffle : yeah, i listen to indie music too

Mmmm Memes : You guys should do this once a year, after all, your band is called First of October...

CallofDuty 2130 : I couldn't stop when it to came to Don't Go To My House. Especially the verse about the car insurance agent.

S.S. Sarah : Dude this takes me back. I absolutely love the pure raw energy. Something you just can't write in

Sam Pearman : Holy crap the car insurance line cracked me up

Jason Likes Trees : Can't Be Stopped is a certified banger, just a heads up. And Don't Go was nice too.

Lachlan Willacy : can we get this on vinyl?

TJmusic24 : 8:20 rollerblading’ intro reminds me of something I can’t put my finger on!

BMartinSounds - Easy Guitar Tutorials : This definitely itched a Sunny Day Real Estate scratch for me. Now when's the response album from Roomie and Dave coming out?

Stefano Rodrigues : Rollerbladin' is the best song! definitely

Babyboodle : Can we talk about how unironically good that line at 9:12 is sung???

slimkt : Okay, but Rollerbladin' is actually a bop. Seriously though, that, Don't Go, Always, and Spoilers For Playdead's Inside are dope.

joshtmnt : You guys should make a short film or movie telling a story with all of these songs. Like Tenacious D or something.

ProDudeFilms : You should do a 1 minute song in 1 week

væh : The riffs in Things To Do. God damn masterful

Guille :3 : soo you don't play any OTHER time a year...sooo next october 1st we get another album??

Zephyre : Dont go to my house is a hit

Dominic Scott : Don't go to my house SLAPS

e : "Don't Go" was suuuuuch a vibe. You two absolutely smashed it!