Florida Orchestra recreates GEICO's Triangle Solo Commercial

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Gayle Falkenthal : Oh yeah, we knew SOMEONE had to make it happen. Genius!

Turd Ferguson : THIS is why I come to YouTube...when I'm not on PornHub.

jdj62464 : Too funny!

Just a Youtuber : "Chuck, chuck! it's your cousing... you know that new sound you're looking for?" "WELL LISTEN TO THIS!"

Shrubchucker : Needs cowbell

legalosmumakilslayer : Florida man strikes again! HI IMGUR!

Mark Conover : needs more cowbell!

Colleen Beaulieu : You know, I think that triangle's out of tune

Kenyatta Butler : OUTSTANDING!

I am Lion Man : YEAH!!! GO TRIANGLE GUY!!! \m/>.<\m/

Alaska Boy : Excellent! Applause! Thank you for sharing this! :-)

HighOnAmmo : Annnnd this spawns a wave of videos doing something similar with less candor and consideration for the environment and audience of the room. Cringe upcoming. That dude knew the vibe of the room because he was physically there and had an idea of how much a bit of comedy would set the tone and just went for it. Read the audience before you meme this this please. LOL I feel like that one news publication telling you not to meme Donald Glovers latest thing. Cute.

Guatemalan Dude 69 : When I get married I’m gonna get a triangle guy and he’ll have his own goddamn solo

TXBelle915 : This is fantastic!!!

Shellyman Studios : Lmao this is funny!

markmark410 : can someone please tell me the name of the song? driving me nuts not knowing the name...

Vítězslav Ureš : Ads are getting smarter.

Galantski : Ed Grimley sighting at 0:24. lol

Jason Eric Priela : Good one! 😂

Theo C : Brilliant !

Alexandra : Oh my god! Too funny 😂😂

Sheila Tempelmann : The one Coffee Concert I missed because I was not yet back in town. Glad I had the opportunity to see it on you.tube. Kudoos to John Shaw.

Zac Taylor : Amazing! Good work Florida Orchestra.

Soflynoli the realest : Great! Love it.

dandtinstcroix : Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!

Carolyn Washington : Great

Syl Via : Lol

Karina Yanku : HAHAHAHA

Sergei B : Бравооооооо!!!

Martix Muse : Awesome!! :D

Spartahhh : 😂😂😂

Bagejan : This is too funny

NintendopePokemonFreak Ruben : what majestic polyphonic sounds

Milo van schaik : Wat een kech

zebra3stripes : This is the actual soundtrack to Peer Gynt ringing the doorbell a hundred times to get the trolls to let him into the hall.

Christopher Liddell : Ah.mazing!! So glad I live in Clearwater where I can see your awesome concerts!

Photoguy64 : More Triangle!!!! Lol!

Tevin Cozart : A triangle solo? surprising.

Sparhok : Мужик-красавчик:))

Metin Erman : LMAO!!!  I was worried all those snobs in the audience would pass out from seeing this, but apparently they loved it!

Brian Smith : It would have been even better coming from the Bermuda Orchestra

Andrei Vasile : here because of that 9gag guy who posted the gif. hehe

Middle Man : That’s Gold!!

LucyLovettLestrange : Pretty funny! I just watched this 8 times over!

I am Lion Man : This is the funniest thing I ever saw in the whole of today!

Cordell Kelley : Im like the new Paganini on the triangle. And the bass drum too.

Tay &Mac : U stole the geico commercial

Jim : Well played TFO!

Capturethe Matrix : lol

Elijah Johnston : The song please!