Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED

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minimme : yes welcome back linguistic dennis reynolds

edaciousellis : He could have an entirely different accent and we'd never know...

Evelin Gerter : I really like how the accent expert does not bash the actors when they do an accent wrong but rather focuses on what they, in fact, did good and then explains how they could've done it better or how an accent is right. Very genuine and kind :)

Faina Vasyukova : This guy is so good at picking up tiny linguistic mistakes that I'm no longer certain I'm doing my own accent correctly.

Tức Thuỷ : As a Vietnamese I like how he analyzes the accent cuz people may said that her accent is racist or stereotypes but this is actually how my friend and some of my relatives speak English. Many people i guess haven’t heard a Vietnamese speak English so they’ll find the accent very strange and they’ll think its very stereotypes. So kudos to him.

Araani M : The way he slipped into the Russian accent was so smooth, I barely noticed it at first

Diaviann1 : Can you please do Jamaican accents? Americans don't believe us when we tell them that the Jamaican accent and patois in movies is really and truly TERRIBLE. Maybe an expert in the field will convince them.

rfdzn : This guy's knowledge in this field is so vast. He comments with no hesitation, words just rolls out

JamesBond2608 : I love how happy he is when he watches accents he likes.

procrastinator99 : If CrashCourse does a Linguistics class, I really want this guy to teach it.

Raven Thomas : This guys level of knowledge is incredible, listening to him is a real learning experience

BorealHP : I honestly think Tom Holland did one of the best American accents of all time. For reference, I'm American, and in a region so I have very little/ neutral accent. And I didn't know for YEARS Tom was British. First time I saw an interview where he did his British accent I thought he was doing an accent, because I never ONCE questioned his American one. It was flawless to the point I never knew he wasn't American and knew it was a Queens accent as well. Bravo Tom Holland Bravo

Mike Ock : I wonder how long it takes to learn every possible sound for every possible accent, and where you'd even learn it.

Dave Guerra : I know it is on purpose, but whoever is doing the editing on background screen shots is amazing.

Godz Elite : can we just get a video of this guy switching accents

Kyle Magaro : It's really crazy how the most Spider-Man sounding Spider-Man we've ever had on screen is a brit. The Americans who've voiced or played Spider-Man never get the queens accent down.

Harriett Banish : Ok, I love Jennifer, but as a Slav I must in my hard Slavic accent confirm, that she absolutely butchered it. Honestly I did not assume it would be this bad. I'm very disappointed.

lilgoogi75 : I'm french, I barely hear differences between those accents but god this is so captivating, I feel like Henry Higgins is teaching me things i'm too stupid to understand but I like that

Pepe Puente : This guy is seriously incredible, but mate, someone has to give recognition to the editing it’s just so spot on.

tricksterhuaun : Okay. He IS incredibly handsome right? Is it not just me?

Linds Tee : I was really blown away by Kate Winslet’s Australian accent after hearing all the bad/mediocre ones before her.

Mirror Sky : I'm Russian. Most of the time the Russian accent is done in movies - it is borderline offensive. Lawrence's character is flat-out offensive. It's like she watched the post-election news non-stop, hated Russians and everything about them with all her heart, and then did this gig and acted it out to insult Russians as much as possible. The accent guy nailed Russian accent flawlessly. I wish he was hired more often.

Golden Books : No Saoirse Ronan?? She's the accent QUEEN!!!!!!!

yeppeun seonyeoyeo : Jennifer Lawrence and Elizabeth Moss were not even trying to make it sound realistic lol

bob dole : i want to know this guy's IQ

Garrett Barry's Tips : Wow this guy is great! Another interesting look at how well some actors nailed the accents.

M Making : The host is so hot.. Does anyone have his instagram?

Sloth Ball : “Wakanda accent” *circles South Africa* What I love most about Black Panther is the fact that I managed to understand some of the isiXhosa because it’s very similar to isiZulu, which is a language that I’ve learnt since about grade 2, even though I’m a native English speaker in South Africa

no wavvez : All the russian accents were bad. - a russian.

Lo En : I'm german and I can do accents very well since I can imitate the sounds without problems. It's just something I was interested in for a long time and I really love the power of language and expression.

Luisa : This is like my favourite series on YouTube. This guy is so charming and witty and his humour is subtle and smart and I love the way he delivers jokes. I could listen to him explain accents for days.

Scootrix : I think my australian accent is broken I'm 100% australian born here and never left the country but every time I speak to someone new they think I'm american I might need to rewatch this and retrain my tongue to sound aussie again haha

Slightly Creative : what do you do for a living *im an accent expert*

DeluxeTux5249 : Didn't know that the Texas accent had the retroflexed consonants or that Vietnamese had the /ɓ/ Guess you learn something new everyday

k a : I'm an Australian, i always thought dev pattells aussy accent in Lion was the most fantastic Australian accent attempt by far, but snippets of Kate Winslet's accent in this clip are 100% accurate and superior. I haven't seen the movie, I actually gasped! went onto Ebay and bought the DVD after watching this. i'm so impressed! ''i can make you the most striking lady at the party'' was dead set correct- i can't stop replaying it. I knew she was great but i can't believe that. Amazing.

Brandon Beavis Investing : Hey.. props to these actors... when I try different accents they all end up sounding the same LOL

Hikari Kurosawa : I kinda want him to analyze my accent though

Nur Aina : I know this is an english language accent video. I just wanted to point out that the Korean Lady in Black Panther did not excel speaking Busan dialect at all. Just wanna let it out. Lmao

Katrina Dunn : thank you for not picking on Brendan Fraser,

MOGAN!!! : I love how these videos always make me very needlessly aware of how I say words.

Amanda the Jedi : Can we get Canadian and not stereotype Canadian?

Arielle Hayes : I genuinely love listening to him talk about this stuff. He's VERY knowledgeable but also very passionate and gives credit where it's due.

JamesBond2608 : This might sound stupid, but I actually think minor accent slips are kinda realistic. There are often times when, for example, an American character says a word too fast, or forgets to pronounce an "R", and I assume the actor is British or Australian. However, then I look them up, and realise they actually are American. Speaking correctly is actually a lot harder than it seems, as the mouth has to constantly change positions. We don't notice how hard it is, because we're used to it. However, there are situations where it's even harder to always have the correct mouth position. For example, when you're laughing, you're obviously smiling. However, there are some sounds that require your lips to make a tight circle, e.g. the American "O" or "OO" sound.

Bianca Lennon : I'd love for him to take a look at Jodie Comer's accents in Killing Eve!!

Lily-Rose Meadowes : Most Americans trying to do a cockney accent sounds to someone like me (who was raised by cockneys) like fingernails dragged down a blackboard. It makes all my hair stand on end and not in a good way.

Lucky ASMR : Am I the only one who could watch these videos all day?

Alexander Supertramp : Since stupid YouTube forgets everything I've seen. This is the 3 time I watch this thinking it might be a new episode. Please make a forth ep

Chill Gamer : I admire this guy and his videos. I'm an aspiring actor and I'm currently learning how to do an Italian accent for one of my characters, so I know how challenging accents are for actors and when they're pulled of well, then that just adds to the skill the actor has.

Krombopulos Michael : Daniel kaluuya in Get Out did a perfect American accent Edit: also how he leaves out the g in asking, very common slang for young Americans.

LilDuck : Raise up lights sounds like “razor blades” with an Aussy accent. That’s all I got