Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 28 More Actors' Accents | WIRED

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minimme : yes welcome back linguistic dennis reynolds

Kyle Magaro : It's really crazy how the most Spider-Man sounding Spider-Man we've ever had on screen is a brit. The Americans who've voiced or played Spider-Man never get the queens accent down.

Christopher Quinn : You went wwwwaaaayyyyy too easy on Jennifer Lawrence.

Norma : Thank heavens for making a difference between Mexican Spanish and Chilean Spanish. Not something you see very often. I devour these videos.

Sigrid Storrada : As a native Australian, I completely agree that Kate Winslet's Australian accent was perfect. If I heard her on the phone, I wouldn't be able to tell she wasn't Australian.

Araani M : The way he slipped into the Russian accent was so smooth, I barely noticed it at first

JoeShit TheRagMan : Jennifer Lawrence isn't a good actress. Come at me

B-atiful! : I just spent ten minutes going like "Talk- tok- talk tok- talk. Talk. Tok. Tok talk. Talk? _tok?_ caught. Cot. _Caught?_ trying to see if i could hear a difference in the sound. (Live in Washington lmao.)

Mike Ock : I wonder how long it takes to learn every possible sound for every possible accent, and where you'd even learn it.

Ulyana Potanina : I’ve rarely seen authentic russian accent in american movies. The occuring misconception is that russians overpronounce “r” sound, which is true when you are speaking russian, but totally false when talking about “russian” english. Russians know that you are not suppose to pronounce sound R as we are use to, but without much practice our R is more likely will be even less articulated than american ponounciation. You will see what I’m talking about if you’ll watch interviews with russian people in english.

Raven Thomas : This guys level of knowledge is incredible, listening to him is a real learning experience

Rip E : Jessica Lange (German) and Kathy Bates (Baltimore): American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Dechen Shingsar : He should look at Yael Grobglas’s accent as “Aneska” in Jane The Virgin

Zoe Fanzo : I’m so happy that he mentioned Tom Holland. He does such an amazing NY accent. He had some minor issues in Civil War but he’s really perfected it since then. Something I noticed is that he pronounced the word “your” just like a young New Yorker would, which I imagine is pretty difficult; he gets that perfect “yer” sound. I love his American accent, when they get it right it makes all the difference (unlike some others in the MCU aka Benedict as Strange.... one of the worst American accent I’ve ever heard).

C-Plus : Is it bad I noticed he’s not wearing a ring in this one?

Linds Tee : I was really blown away by Kate Winslet’s Australian accent after hearing all the bad/mediocre ones before her.

Temakka : *Robert Downey Junior's accent in Sherlock Holmes and Hugh Laurie's accent in HOUSE please :)*

얼수 : i wonder what his favorite accent is

Char A : Jennifer Lawrence was traaaggggiiiicccc

KeatsQRST : Do whatever accent Elizebeth Olsen does in Age of Ultron

hope : jesus i didn’t know there was that many aspects to speaking

Lana Lei : I'd literally watch 20 minutes of Erik doing as many accents as he can whilst reciting film lines

gripm : I always said vietnamese sounded like chickens bocking. Now I know its voice implosion.

Werner Voss : What I cannot understand is why can't they use Russians to play Russians and Americans to play Americans and English to play English? I mean, I guess there's nothing wrong with pretendinf to have an accent, but if an accent is desireable for a role, then why not get someone who either already has the accent, or had one and then worked to lose it rather than have people with obviously little grasp of a language pretend to speak it? Watch Russian or Chinese movies; when there are English speakers depicted in them, their accent amd dialogue often feels rigid and wooden. It is the same when you have Harrison Ford or Sean Connery trying to act like a Soviet submarine captain. The Cold War is over, the Berlin Wall is torn down. Why settle for Jennifer Lawrence when you can get actual Russian, Belarussian, or Ukrainian actresses?

Garrett Barry's Tips : Wow this guy is great! Another interesting look at how well some actors nailed the accents.

Monkey Boy : I always cringe alittle when I see people trying to do an Australian accent (being Australian myself) and it’s either over done, very thick or nothing like it.

Killian 173 : 15 minutes into the video and im just now realizing that he gets paused every time the movies play...

bob dole : i want to know this guy's IQ

ltbrooks : *raises hand* Austin isn't East Texas. And we definitely don't sound like that, lol.

Amanda the Jedi : Can we get Canadian and not stereotype Canadian?

Emily Carpio : he has a tATTOO ON HIS ARM ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Alex Green : Cillian Murphy's Brimingham accent in Peaky Blinders is great

Luis Caminero : Why is this sooooo entertaining?

Pogg : Re Australian Accent: Dev's accent is based on the Tasmanian accent. His accent is incredibly accurate for this part of Australia, as the man he was playing is Tasmanian (Indian born). Kate M's accent is good, not great but does fit in with Aussies who live life as backpackers. Elizabeth's is good considering how hard it must be dropping her natural accent for a hybrid Aus/Nz accent. Zac's accent is ok. Kate W's accent is amazing! Winslet and Patel pull off the Aussie accent perfectly, which isn't a shock really. They're both wonderful actors.

Lucky ASMR : Am I the only one who could watch these videos all day?

Dan : Genuinely have no idea what this guy is talking about 90% of the time but it’s so cool to watch

SquidwardAF : Erik, what movie has good Russian accent? I'm Russian and all of them sound comical and unrealistic. The worst example is Cate Blanchett in Indiana Jones 4.

N M : I didn't know Tom was british until after watching Homecoming and I was so surprised.

new. : I wish you had went more into detail for what makes Letitia Wright's isiXhosa accent great, it could have been a nice opportunity to teach on how there's no one all-encompassing "African accent" like so many ppl seem to believe. Great video otherwise

Luisa : This is like my favourite series on YouTube. This guy is so charming and witty and his humour is subtle and smart and I love the way he delivers jokes. I could listen to him explain accents for days.

Omar Delawer : Holy~moly dude explains linguistics with a tactfulness of a rocket scientist explaining chicken breeding.

lukas203 : Let's just say that D.D Lewis is just an amazing actor, performer and accent decoder; and we all honestly and geniunely agree to that.

Nur Aina : I know this is an english language accent video. I just wanted to point out that the Korean Lady in Black Panther did not excel speaking Busan dialect at all. Just wanna let it out. Lmao

Uncle Creepy : I was watching Stargate SG-1 and the chick who played Troi on Star Trek. She did a Russian accent and I wished an expert could tell me how bad (or good) it was. I couldn’t tell if it was her bad acting that made her accent sound wrong or she just did a terrible accent.

TRUETOILETTENPAPIER : I think I might be in love with this man

Lexa Holt : Can you comment on Tatiana Maslany accents in Orphan Black

Butter_NUT : As a South African 'that' isn't pronounced correctly in the xhosa accent. It sounds too British

JamesBond2608 : I wonder if he could identify Tommy Wiseau's accent. Either way, I think he should've commented on it, and/or James Franco's impression

bobmcbill100 : How about that Canadian accent, eh?

Sal Mance : Good job people, now Erik is bearded, skinnier and tattoed in his forearm because he's tired of listening at your bad accents!