Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech (Original Video by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner)

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RayneOfLyte888 : I have this set as my alarm clock every morning. Not even joking.

Jesus Christ : Don’t let your dreams be memes

75flash : All jokes aside, I truly get what he was trying to do

Lukology : They made the mistake of using a green background

Timothyth _Bday : who still watching this in 2018?

Christian : wanted to inspire people became a meme instead....

Abhiram P Lal : 0:59 what does he mean by this posture?

I have a unhealthy addiction to frogs : Me: hi mo- Mom: did you do your homework Me: i literally just got hom- Mom: DO IT! Me: ok ok.... Mom: JUST DO IT!! Me: I SAID OK WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING

프란츠 아부야 : Sponsored By Nike 😂

Jonathan Huang : Do it, just do your homework don't let your grades go down, just do it.

Çağatay Nazım Akçay : I tried to fly. Now I am in hospital.

Do not read my profile picture : Don't listen to this if you're suicidal.

Fouad Gabrosellasi : If your tired of starting over... Then STOP giving up..

ZaneKross : This is probably the most iconic moment of the 21st Centuryy

ReXia : whoever in 2015 was smart enough to make this green screen knew this would become such a big meme

Thanos The king galaxy : RIP TRANSFORMERS

Im A Mistake : Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. ✅Just do it.

MISTER EVERYTHING SCHOOL : Me: Mom, I wanna quit school Mom: DON'T DO IT Me: But the guy on the internet said.... Mom: DON'T DO IT Me: it's JUST DO IT, you must've heard wrong

TwentyØneBeansEatingTacøBell _ : 0:58 and I was just about to take this seriously

Boss : When I cannot develop telekinesis and you motivate me

billy -NaruTard- willy : people are laughing at this? I just launched a new business using this moto, and had my 1st customer today. It took me 9 months of development work on my own, but I decide that if I'm ever going to do it I may as well just do it!

Bernoulli : This video is sponsored by Nike...

Karli Frances : i accidently had the volume on my headphones all they way up 😱😱

Tech Superman : October 2018 ?

Christos Tube : 0:59 Shia LaBuff

Daniel Mendez : GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW

Luminosity Bunny : Me: Dare Friend: I dare you to run into the soccer field... Me: NO!, I'll get arrested Friend: DO IT! Friend: JUST DO IT! Crowd: DO IT! Me: ok, ok, I'll do it Friend & Crowd: DO IT! *Runs around the soccer field*

10,000 subs because im desperate : I actually think this is motivational

Candy Wolfi : This legit motivates me

llama ajol : dude, I can't stop laughing

KnightRider : Chiill, I don't need help at the toilet

Karla Ramirez Galicia : When i heard it, i thought it was the nike catchphrase😂😱😂😱😂😱😂

MR. JOY : motivation

MikMakSky : I have lumpy poop, this really helps me.

Justin Thornton : Just Do It. Nothing Is Impossible. Don't Give Up. *Remember That.*

Maki Roll : 0:59


LegitEdit : Category: *Education*

harun farah : This should’ve been the 2018 Nike just do it commercial instead of Colin capernick lol.

Pitchutchu : I like his poses

Bacxaber : I love how he knew people would abuse this, so he added a greenscreen to make it easier for us to edit.

lonesome default : 🌈INSPARATION🌈

Joni Hand : When you try yelling like this but you cut the cheese instead.


Magma Admin Photon : When you buy a new pair of nike shoes and you are going to open the box

pai-yay : ugh okay i'll get out of bed.

Dr Fox3456778 : No you do it

Noob : 0:59 Illuminati Confirmed

iCU Trooper : cant belive the main character of transformers would do this xd

R3ckless Em3r0r : Stanley, the camp and Mr Sir had quite an affect on u!