Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech (Original Video by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner)

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RayneOfLyte888 : I have this set as my alarm clock every morning. Not even joking.

Eseiche Ohimai : December 2018? Anyone?

Davin gaming : Don't let your dreams be memes

Flamer : He believed in me more than i believed in myself.

Jake the Signer : Don't tap read more . . . . You took Shia LaBeouf's advice. Nice job 👊🏻

Çağatay Nazım Akçay : I tried to fly. Now I am in hospital.

Joe : This shit got me through college

Trash Can : 100 LIKES AND I’LL ASK MY CRUSH OUT. THIS IS GIVING ME CONFIDENCE Update: Yes, I asked him out. He likes me back and we’ve been together for one week now :)

sᴀʀᴅs : 0:59 what was this squat at the end lmao

iyana campbell : Anybody still watching this in 2018

Christian : wanted to inspire people became a meme instead....

rtm00s : Put this as ur alarm. The DO IT at the start will have you jumping out of bed

Danielle Hunt : Anyone else just now realizing that his hair is braided??

Golden Phoenix : Most valuable 1 min speech on the internet!

Withered Bonnie : When my sister won't stop asking for help with her math

billy -NaruTard- willy : people are laughing at this? I just launched a new business using this moto, and had my 1st customer today. It took me 9 months of development work on my own, but I decide that if I'm ever going to do it I may as well just do it!

The Reprehensible : I love the hand gestures.

Andrea Ilene : Anyone else watching this for motivation to do well on finals?

DarkNiSan : Лайкните чтобы англичане думали что я что-то умное написал

captaingreek : 10.000 people will never do it.

Shidqi Nafis Ammar : RIP TRANSFORMERS

darknight307 Pagán : My suicidal friend watched this because I looked up his history and I can’t find him.

TheVesylum : L E G E N D A R Y

RelaxAlex : many people are going to say "this is a dead meme". And yes it is but it's still a great speech for people who don't have all that much motivation

Pand0rai : Concise, but effective.

Maki Roll : 0:59

Joseph Komarnicki : Best Nike Ad ever!!!

Mayur Karanth : I'm taking a dump now.

Mon'Tager viO : İ listen to it Tried to fly Now my doctors listening it

#LearnWithIt# : I just pooped.

Ten-Ten Nattaphat : When I am lazy I will watch this video

Queen Vee : i watch this everytime i am depressed and unmotivated.

GE User110505 : Producer: how much screaming u want Shia:YES

Jan Sery : JUST DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Miriam Castaneda : Maybe I could do it I'll do it! I will ask my crush on a date! Support me pls it will make me happy.

pai-yay : ugh okay i'll get out of bed.

Big Sam : The speech and the way he says it is motivational yes, but the physical expressions are so laughable.

Random randoms : i needed to take pills.. i watched this to do it!! I FORKING DID IT BBYYYYYYY!! =DDDDD

Beraat Tekin : my favorite past is the last part where he chucks a tense for the last time

KOSTYA EXPRAY : Перевод:дует, щас дует! Так закрой окно!

KnightRider : Chiill, I don't need help at the toilet


Reza H.H.B : January 2019 ???

Just Some Random Youtuber Guy : 0:52 rage confirmed

Shivam Bansal : Sponsored by Nike.

StickguyMB : He believed in me when no one else did.

Annabelle Lea : My friend telling me to jump off the swing in a cool way.

DJGAMER YT : Когда написал сообшение другу неделю назад а он не заметил

RedConcrate3 Gamers : *JUST DO IT!!!*

Fake Rake : I needed this honestly and truely *and that makes it even funnier*