Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It" Motivational Speech (Original Video by LaBeouf, Rönkkö & Turner)

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RayneOfLyte888 : I have this set as my alarm clock every morning. Not even joking.

Rendy Adriansyah : finally I can open the sauce bottle, thanks for your motivation

Dirk Diggler : I wasn't motivated at all until that move at 0:59

Ram Tech : This 1 minute video better than any motivation videos/lessons/etc. thank you Shia.

Hayden Benesh : *Suicide rate drops to 0%* edit: this man might have helped us during bird box.

Çağatay Nazım Akçay : I tried to fly. Now I am in hospital.

Risora BF : At least 10k of these views are me trying to start studying.

馬龍ファン/欅坂46 : ブライアンから 🙋‍♂️

Smile ! : Just Do It 👇

秀和井内 : ブライアンからの人👍 やってみたかった!😋

Christian : wanted to inspire people became a meme instead....

Here comes the chase : 4 years later & I'm still not doing shit.

Mike Hunt : I have an exam tomorrow.... so you know why I’m here.

Just Matt : Roses are red, I had a job I blew it, I fell into depression,and Shia said just do it.

〈その他〉零games : コーヒー豆から来た 第一号

billy -NaruTard- willy : people are laughing at this? I just launched a new business using this moto, and had my 1st customer today. It took me 9 months of development work on my own, but I decide that if I'm ever going to do it I may as well just do it!

Jimmy Gill : Finally built up the courage to ask out my cousin. Thanks Shia!! 🤠

Miku Mayana : Violently motivating me since 2015.

バトルフィールド : 増えないことへの違和感

Mega Clip : Who is laughing while watching ???

なななみ : ブライアンから飛んできた人👍 いないかな、、

毎日がエブリデイ : ブライアンからと言うコメントを見るためにわざわざコメントを新しい順にしていくスタイル

Dead Shot 055 : Category: education

おさかな チンパンジー : ブライアンからきた人✋

Shidqi Nafis Ammar : RIP TRANSFORMERS

TF StopMotionator Productions : Shia LaBeouf is telling Michael bay to just do it..To press the " Stop making transfomers movies " button and his dreams was to stop making more of these films..

てくてく : ブライアンから思い出して来た人いる?

レックウザの風評被害 : ブライアンから来た

登録者一人につき消費税2%下げる : ブライアンから来た人👋

Ten-Ten Nattaphat : When I am lazy I will watch this video

dwight Phoenix : 2 Questions: 1. What if you don't know what "it" is. 2. Or you don't know how to "do it". You've provided the motivation. Thanks. But now, some direction is needed. :|

Sylwiiah : When you try to take a crap, but nothing is happening 😂‼️

TheBillyHuntyShow : Post Malone on crack

tamukunたむくん : ブライアンのコメ欄から来た

Maki Roll : 0:59

Alexpf7 : I am prepared for my exam tomorrow I wasn't

Ted Piatowicz : Set speed on 0.25x and he sound like have hard time on toilet :p

Iliana : Ok damn! I will eat that freakin' donut! Don't let your dreams be dreams folks!

Santiago jose : It works, WOW!!!

pai-yay : ugh okay i'll get out of bed.

Jalu Zendra : Everybody have many like for the comment but i have only one

りにあ : ブライアンより

Iris Blaauw : Did his fingers crack? 0.44

lina :3 : This Video is my motivation

Daniel Mendez : GET OUT OF MY CAR NOW

the rambuncular : 👇just do it

RaphMonsterz : do it,just do it make your dreams come trueJUST DO ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

LonelyPianist : Why this is the only video of shia? I need more of you

ԁєрядѵєԁ ѕєядрн : is it motivation ?? i came from meme's i searched for just do it meme and then i got this

Tristan Wintle : Nice motivational speech!