Jurassic Park arcade 2 player 60fps

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Super Duty 455 : Chuck E. Cheese got a LOT of tokens from me because of this game.

Aaron Samuels : I remember this game very well man

sheenufilms : The graphics are amazing

Richard Klosterman : LOL, yeah...those automatic assault rifles filled with infinite ammo were just loaded with tranquilizers, and they put all those dinosaurs to sleep....sure they did.

Jeremy James Prutchick : How did you manage to record this? I've been trying to use MAME's built in recording, but all I get are mng files and the tutorials online are rocket science to me...

yemanyaaa : This game is just impossible to beat with 1 credit

dekoldrick : I remember this game. Start you off with a boss battle with the freaking T-Rex!

edfreak9001 : This game is cool but it's also really mean if you stop to examine it. The first threat in the game is guarenteed damage unless you've gone so far as to memorize the movements the T-Rex's head will make to stun it before it can bite.

sting swampert : This was the best gsme at Chuck E. Cheese. Like if you agree.

TheGrayMysterious : -first boss is a T-rex -constant barrage of pterosaurs and raptors at every corner -uses a Brachiosaur as a ramp over a river -driving across a wooden bridge over a lava pit shooting at a velociraptor army -Visitor Center is in the middle of a lake for some reason -T-rex moon jumps across a chasm -AREA 3's mid-boss is the rolling ball from Raiders of the Lost Ark -weapons ostensibly designed to pacify and tranquilize dinosaurs (I assume) are powerful enough to make cars explode -music sounds like a carnival ride done by GWAR *CONCLUSION:* this game is on fucking crack

HaZE Taipan : "Shoot at the head" . Serious...that head is taking up 90% of the screen.....there is nothing else to shoot at.....

Nero X The Madman : Ahhh, the days of playing this with my cousin at chuck e cheese

Gold Wolf : It's a good game and all but there's something that I have been meaning to ask... "How much gasoline does that Jeep Your riding in actually have?"

Carlos alvarado : 10:07 this game predicted the plot of Jurassic world fallen kingdom

Tokyo/Rin : The fights were bullshit. The game was rigged to where you can’t play through on one credit

Blueboy0 : That T-Rex is high off of her mind from the few hundred tranquilizer darts pumped into her.

Canon Gogeta [Vegeta Controlling] : WHO DESIGNED THOSE DAMN PATHS?!

Gizmo Hibiki : What made this game special is that if your were lucky, you can find the arcade cabinet with a wide seat meant for two that would shake and simulate the ride of the jeep, making you feel as if you were in the jurassic park game. IT was the shit and the only reason I went the the nearest Chuckie Cheese until they decided to get rid of the good games and nobody came there anymore.

SUPER FISHER : Is it a gun or a flamethrower? Either or those weapons have an endless stream of ammunition.

Annie Mood : This game is mesmerizing; the way the environment you're driving on looks, all these 2D images on the 3D environment, the fast music, it all makes for a surreal watch.

CountKilroy Graf : I didn't realize Triceratops made turkey noises when injured.

DGneoseeker1 : So what exactly did "we" come back "again" to the island FOR? If it's dinosaur genocide the napalm option from the novel is easier.

Nick Zotixx : As many times I've seen people play this at chucky cheeses I've never seen someone get as far as the triceratops chase that's it lol

M. Winston Fujita : Aww!! This is the very first arcade game I played!!

Ratsuterra48 : Not gonna lie, seeing the T-Rex just immediately run towards the screen is scary af

Tyrannosaurus Rex Angelo : What a cult classic arcade

TheSwillMan : there's something about that T-rex, made totally out of 2D sprites carefully layered on top of each other with perfectly fluid animation, for some reason it really looks scarier than a T-rex in a modern 3D game

ArcTrooperMaize : This game scared the shit outta me when was only 5 at a Chuck E.Cheese

B.Raddicus : I forgot how much this game wanted to deprive you of credits. Good times.

diamondtron01 : A wooden bridge/road over a lava area in the 3rd section......do you see the irony?

Joe Sanders : Played this in a Chuck E Cheese.

Tounushi : I remember playing this game with my mom.

B4.DA.$$ : Was scared to play this alone when I was a little kid. But I always found the mix of 2D and 3D objects in this game to look so fascinating, and how fast paced of the game was, and the amount of dinosaurs attacking you at once, if only the difficulty was much easier.

i_Am_Dementia : Pretty much the opposite of jurassic world 2. Killing all dinosaurs during an active volcano

TheSwillMan : "well, we already had a T-rex as the first boss, can't top that for the final boss. just make it TWO T-rex's, that works"

cybersbe : This game scared the s*** out of me as a kid.

TheHalfLife2Nerd : Still better than Jurassic World...

rsw0103 : Lol I like that extra shot you got in there at 15:42 just to make sure the t-rex is knocked out.

Willy Diaz : That t rex some times scares me 😨

byron 918 : I love the pseudo 3d look

Jose : 15:45... Dr. Grant: "After shooting Rexy with 100000000000 Darts we finally Put him down"

beast of heroes 獣オフ広末 : those two tyrannosaurus jump like frogs

Osvaldo Diaz : It’s a good thing that the trex can’t swim

King X : 60fps Now THIS is how I remember the game being at Chuck E Cheese's~ Now if only I could find, a 60fps of House of the Dead 1 & 2 and Virtua Cop 1 & 2(Ahhh, the arcade games of my childhood...)

SpyWhoLovedHimself : And this is how the dinosaurs ACTUALLY went extinct.

Douglas Baldan - O Ilusionista : What an amazing game

Real Awesome Network : I use to pretend that the Huge Piles in the road were Triceratops Shits 💩

Playerbravo 99 : 0:33 Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good Good luck

Rokkie Teller : In all my years of seeing many playthroughs of this game. I have never seen theT Rex trip over during the second time you encounter it. I just thought it was another chase segment where it’s so hard that makes you run out of quarters.

impofstpete727 : I remember this game as being exceedingly difficult to play in single player mode.Edit: And the sounds the dinosaurs made, what a cacophony.