Borat - Make My Day Jew (Gun Store Clip)

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tyler G : Come on and make my day Jew lmao

pantherleal : Lmao dirty harold

gabrielbonfi : Movie star Dirty Harold. That always cracks me up!

taxiuniversum : "Come on and make my day, Jew!" - that was hilarious. LOL

Menace Man : ahaha "Dirty Harold"

52xcdrable : Picks up jewish gun

Alba Productions : What is best gun to defend from Jew, Man behind counter answers like he is asked this everyday.

Faschistische Aktion : Make my day Jew

Michael Hayden : This man was a living meme way ahead of his time

littlebigsociety : Jokes on borat, he got handed an israeli gun.

Nega-Venom : Cartman would be so proud.

mrwolfie88 : The irony is that the Desert Eagle was invented by Israel

paranormalcro : Dirty Harrold hahahahhaha

Iff TV : ░░░░░░░░░░░░▄▐ ░░░░░░▄▄▄░░▄██▄ ░░░░░▐▀█▀▌░░░░▀█▄ ░░░░░▐█▄█▌░░░░░░▀█▄ Wow! You clicked the spooky read more button.

kill nurse ratchet : Best defence from a Jew is have no money

samozafudbal cudaginem : Hehehhehe jewish comedians are the best

Adam O'Nan : Thats a desert eagle and its Israeli made lol.

Old Money Entertainment : "I would recommend either a 9mm or a .45" *Hands Borat a Desert Eagle* wat

Bash Gang : Wowawooah

zamp6969 : 😂 dirty herald

ntme9 : WAWAWOWA!

juggafette : A israeli gun*

Jeff Drums : Gun Owner: ah-Ha,, ah-huh-huu

117vids : dirty Harold xD

djolivierastro : brilliant in his auto-derision

Kjell Olofsson : The gun store guy trolled Cohen back on this one: -"What's the best gun for defending against a Jew?" *gun store owner hands him an Israeli pistol*

dorgesh : He gives him an Israeli made gun

Bob Sacamano : Anybody see that new jewish car? Stops on a dime and then picks it up.

DaRkHunTer0125 : The best part of this movie is him exposing and how he exposes some of the homophobia, racism, and just plain stupidity that goes on in the US.

Paul Kersey : (((Sasha Cohen))) decides to make fun of he filthy goyim. Smh. Can't wait to turn his kids into bars of soap.

SoleKawaii : I love his nervous laugh

Anonymous User : Mauser 98K

robbie Sharp : what's a Jew?

Patrick Onofre : lmao didn't he mean Dirty Harry?

Purple Bull3tz : Best 30 seconds ever

webnetinternet : Lol very fuuny and ironic how the people that Sasha Cohen is making fun of, are those who watch and comment the most under all those videos, while jews are working. Probably that was his point, i dunno

bmattNJ1211 : I like that the first firearm he shows Borat is an Israeli Desert Eagle

benyamin bakhtiyari : That gun is made by Jews xd

Oriana Fallaci : As if the shopkeeper didn't know a camera was on him and that this was Borat. Borat is Jewish, and this humor is supposed to disarm anti semites and show them how ridiculous they are, yet they continue as you can see in the comments in this thread.

Turbukolos McTurbukolos : yeah the Movie star Dirty Harlad

Mushroomstamp : Good advice .45 is a proven Jew stopper

mcaddicts : Dirty Harold almost sounds like a jew.

M A : wtf "Dirty Harold" is my favourite movie.

Arthur Dayne : funny if he said oven

Komet163B : He hands him an Israeli made gun, the Desert Eagle, to defend himself against Jews..  A gold plated Desert Eagle, no less, which costs about $2100. A gun that only a wealthy Jew would buy..

FREEMEN OWNRIFLES : boy ya gonna need to get you an oven..... bigger the better!

yes : wawa wi wa

brett sharog : Like dirty Harold 😂😂😂

TruthSeeker4Life : Do you know how the Grand Canyon was formed? A Jew dropped a nickle.

God guns glory : Jews have been kicked out of every European country at least once.