triple breach edited to 57 sec this version from edmond Giroux

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Andy F : Somebody throw that screeching kid overboard.

gemeyes2 : Brings tears to my eyes in the sheer magnificence of beauty here.. Folks, quit poisoning the waters that house these beautiful creatures.

Maritime Grime : One of the most amazing things I've ever seen ruined by some stupid kid screeching at the top of their lungs.

James Owen : Fantastic! To quell the misguided responses of some to this fantastic video I would like to add my two cents worth. I have spent a fair amount of time free diving and spear fishing Nova Scotia waters. I actually appreciate the childish screaming on the boat as one who has heard those acoustic sounds emitted from underwater. When you hear high pitched voices from a hundred or so meters away while underwater it sounds very much similar to whale vocalizations. I can truly understand why such highly intelligent and inquisitive creatures would be drawn to and exhibit such a display. They hear the sounds and in turn put on a display which brings more sounds, to their delight. A little understanding of the aquatic world would go a long way. What a marvellous creation it is!

Benek : I was ready for a triple breach! Beautiful.

Daniel Horst : Though I have respect and awe for both, I'll always prefer the Triple Breach to the Double Rainbow.

V. Pasbrig : Shit, I'm an adult male - but I had tears in my eyes!

Angela Zeleneski : That guy was all KNOWING so beautiful!!!

Karen Wesley : That was simply magnificent. I have great admiration for these Cetaceans the most beautiful mammal of the Ocean.

Zxphyr : Literally missed all 3 coming out of the water lool

PayrollTips : Oh Baby A Triple!

Derek Thurber : Ocean Explorations Tiverton Long Island. Off Digby Neck, Nova Scotia, Canada

GT Lees : Outstanding! Absolutely awe inspiring, thank for sharing this footage.

Deborah Matwhews : That was the most beautiful exhibition of nature I've ever seen. Thank you so much for sharing. Very emotional to watch. Loved it. Thanks Tom

George Goertzen : Yeah, I could have enjoyed it more with the screech not being there, but I have not doubt that, that kid will always remember this experience, and the taste of sea air will bring that memory vividly rushing back in old age. Such great insight into humpback behaviour, to know that all three were going to breach after rushing off. Thanks for sharing.

WimmelJimmel : good question… how did he know that…?

misscool1987 : How DID you know that?!

sicfrynut : that should win unique experience of the day award easily. thanks for sharing it!

Ty Savoy : Seaworld and Marineland Eat Your Hearts Out !

Tubular : Okay damn it's just some whales stop screaming

Ebony R. : Thank you for this video!!!!

bscutajar : why do children shriek? do they think it will make the experience better?

lillli : Oh this is FANTASTIC !!!!!😋😁🐳 Are they not the most beautiful whales!!! I love them.

Omoye Cooper : This was Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Ballet of the Whales.....I think these 3 are a performing group....they even gave each other diving cues lol!

Fay N : Where was this! AMAZING

chris griffin : They need to capture these things and train them in big tanks to do it so we can see it all the time.

henri maerky : Magnifique

John Doe : Tom: your incessant commentary is wa disturbing. A double warning of the triple breach would have been sufficient.

Natalia Shershukova : Невероятно !!!!!!!!!!!! Уливительно!!!!!!!!! 😍🤣🧡 Thank You!

MysteryGirl Smith : Tom, thanks for this video! It’s almost like being there and experiencing the excitement and joy! The whales were definitely as excited to show off and play as the child screaming with joy. They’re just responding in their own way and from the way they’re breaching, they’re also having fun!

James Edwards : The way they waited there right next to the boat before taking off, it certainly seemed intentional. They must know/feel the excitement it causes for the people on the boat when they breach like that. I don't think that was an accident.

Hannah Elizabeth : I cried. Every time I've watched iy gives me shivers. Breathtaking.

Neal W : It's going to be a triple breach! It's going to be a triple breach! It's going to be a triple breach!

Миша Шевченко : Holy shit it's a triple breach!

Neil Larson : Wow that was so cool!

Alex B : wait, what am i getting ready for?

Michael Martinussen : Awesome :)

Mathijs : And japan stil wants to hunt them

pete mitchell : Soooooo hot!

Sharon Mah-Gin : Thank you so much for sharing Captain Tom! Magnificent! Everyone book with this company as this guy knows what he is talking about! Maybe second time lucky!

Patricia Sullivan : Joy.


yang Wang : 这视频已经上新闻了

dwaynema : Aren’t you suppose to keep a 100 meter distance from whales ?

Thanos Bobotas : A triple breach is the whale's way of saying: "That's all folks! You 've been a wonderfull audience. Goodnight!"

blajndOo : 🔝💩

Rodisflawless : When can we see the quadruple breach?

John Critch : Never has this happened before ?

Dave : Old lady at the end of video "How did you know?"

George Goertzen : Where were you?