Motor W-32. Miniatura.W-32 Engine

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5dmkiii60 : I can't believe how many people miss the concept here. Who cares if it's a working internal combustion or compressed air run engine. It's a video about a mechanical masterpiece and the man that designed, fabricated and built it on his own. Just thinking of the time and skill that went into making this mechanical work of art is mind blowing. As usual, for any online forum, there's always gotta be the, "thumbs down" crowd. Those that have accomplished nothing in life that need to find something....anything to criticize. Only then do they feel better about their own lack of accomplishment. There's that old saying that fits here. Those that Those that can't become critics. For all you critics here...get a life, shed the onesie jammies and venture out from your parent's basement. Try to create something meaningful and see what it's like to have other "onesie jammy" types rip apart your idea or creation before you yourself once again feel the need to criticize the work and creativity of others. Do everyone a favor. Shut the Hell up, get a friggen life and find the balls to create something better than this man did. Then, just maybe, your criticism of his work MIGHT be worth something. Until then...grow the f*** up and shut the F*** up too!

Armando Barlotti : This is a true masterpiece, worth more than a big diamond! Congratulations even the small, poor, big engine. Armando Barlotti

LightningFast Rc : This is not just an engine, it's a freaking work of art!

12thpanzer : As a machinist of 30 years, I am thoroughly impressed with the fact that you made this engine without a milling machine. You sir, are a true craftsman.

Yo Amo El Fútbol : Cuanto amor, dedicación y pasión veo en este vídeo. Tremenda obra de arte!

Ethan Chau : I need this except with dual-overhead cams and 4 valves per cylinder and 4 turbochargers and 2 superchargers and a rotary engine connected in there somewhere because fuck it we made it this far.

VanDodger : Is this what clock makers build on their spare time?

MuhLogan : If I could afford one, I would buy one. But at 2500 hours, Id imagine it would be worth $60 000

Wiseguy7 : This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen.

kapil busawah : I never knew art could be so beautiful. This is pioneering engineering and art together

roywhiteo5 : Just watch the video, shut up about definitions, and appreciate the craftsmanship. whats the point of arguing about what the source is of the pressure pushing down on the piston? the air is doing the same thing that an air/fuel ignition would do

madmat2001 : Be amazing to see it running on fuel and not off of compressed air.

Ronit Singh : you sir, are a master precision machinist! hats off to you!

Eli-MLT : Gracias Patelo por tu pasión y por regalarnos tu arte.

Barba Sou Eu : eu teria preguiça de montar =x

Jhonatan Jesus : Eu sou mecânico e coloco motores em funcionamento. Isso não é simples mecânica ou engenharia. É uma obra de arte feita por um artesão! inacreditável trabalho que apenas parabéns não demonstrariam a admiração!

Marcelo Leal : That is so fucking beautiful, it looks more like a piece of art than an engine. AWESOME work 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

DANILO TOP NO GÁS : Admiro a capacidade do ser humano para fazer algo tão bem feito. Parabéns...

WASDxMerceless : I want to put that in a RC car, that would be amazing

Hamdan Alharbi : I also dreamed of buliding a small engine when i was young..... I want do the same as him but where should i start?

bigcatdaddy76016 : Too bad these fantastic engines aren't for sale.

Pip Moore : It astounds me that there are 121 thumbs down to this outstanding video'' one could only guess that they were really looking for playing with Barby doll video's'' but somehow ended up here lol: As for this engine'' amazing craftsmanship ''WOW''

Bigtruckseriesreview Motorsports : I need a W32 with QUAD TURBOCHARGERS

Norbert Kowalski : Maybe soneone knowy where you can buy /Miniature v 32 engine/ please

Testaneticaband : Omg. I NEED this in my life. I really do.

Titanis2000 : Unbelievable workmanship.....I strive to posses those skills one day

PhunkDumpOfficial : This guy got golden hands... Imagine him being one of the madmen at bugatti hand building fully exotic engines, pieces of art to itself that would accually move a car...

Jose Luis Gomez Azpicueta :  Hay una gran discusión montada sobre lo que estamos viendo aquí: No es un motor de combustíón interna, no, claro que no...esto es  solo un convertidor neumático que  transforma aire comprimido en par de giro..y con un rendimiento seguramente muy bajo (demasiado rozamiento), pero eso no le quita ningún mérito, porque  ese  "juguetito" precioso y admirable   es una obra maestra de la mecánica,  y es digna de estar en un museo , por tanto una GRAN enhorabuena a su autor.  ( A parte de esto y vistos algunos rifi-rafes de comentaristas anteriores mal educados , me veo en el deber de aconsejarles que  gasten su tiempo en visitar urgentemente a sus psiquiatras...y se abstengan de ensuciar este blog.) .

Richard Grosser : This should be in a Museum. It is truly one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen.

Ola H : Pure art

J.C. Denton : Add 4 mini turbos!

lazaglider : The singularly most impressive piece of engineering I have ever seen.

Yiliang Yuan : a piece of art!

biohazard512 : For people looking for the song, it is the trailer music for the film "Unbroken". It is "Unashamed" by "Confidential Music".

SebNysa : For everybody who try to find title of music... Just simple watch movie to the end... Confidential Music - Unashamed

Skoda130 : A lot of work, just to run it on compressed air.

SergeantTJ : Someone named ENNTY & Crafts & EnnBuzz stole this video

Jonatan ashley Edwardes : most engineers think an engine is basically an air pump with combustion going on inside it, this has the refinement of a swiss watch and a quality of machine work of that only a master of true workmanship can achieve... this shows how much one person can persist on achieveing something incredible on such a small scale

Liam Carroll : It is an engine, just not an internal combustion engine.....

Crobular I : I had 2 friends who were brilliant machinists !. You have now given me a shock. Excellent and very well done. You take 1st prize.

Dave Osbun : Videos like this is what makes YouTube so good.  This engine is incredible!  I wish he would make a second video that shows how he sets the cam timing (and his thinking on designing the camshaft durations, timing & lift, as well as the injection system.  Since there's no spark plugs I wonder if he's using diesel fuel or some other fuel source, like hydrogen peroxide.

[UZI] : Muy buenos videos ¿podria hacer un motor rotativo?

wildcoyote34 : of all the miniature engines i have yet seen this one is the most impressive a 32 cylinder working model engine a beautiful work of art ,, congrats on this accomplishment

giampiero proh : Impressionante! Mai visto niente del genere , meccanica perfetta grandissimo meccanico unico nel suo genere..complimenti!

Wasatch Range Railway : There is not one single word that could be uttered that would describe this man and his machines--the Ultimate!

Speeding Engineered : what is the firing order on that

Victor Czar : Eu sinceramente vendo todo o projeto deste do inicio nunca me encantei tanto , com tantos detalhes e tanto amor dado à um projeto desse "tipo" , perfeito não sei e nem quero saber como pode ser tão engenhoso , para não perder a "magia" que isso passa para nós ! PARABÉNS !

PointyTailofSatan : Here is the final word from me, a physics major. This IS an engine/motor. An engine/motor is defined as a device designed to create mechanical energy from another energy form. In this case, it's a "pneumatic motor". The input energy is that used to compress the air, external to the motor. Even muscles are motors, which create mechanical energy from electrochemical reactions. What this motor is NOT, strictly speaking, is a heat engine, although some heat is created when the air is compressed, and heat is absorbed when the gas expands in the cylinders. All mechanical systems must pay their entropy tax. lol

ZERO SSJ BALL : ESO ES UN VERGAJASO DE PERFECCION, no se me pudo pasar otra frase por la mente. Eres un idolo. Algun dia espero poder conocerte de verdad maestro.

KaylaBee : Is this... a thing into which you could actually put fuel and burn it to get work out? Does it have a means of ignition, or is it a diesel or what (I can't tell by looking)?